7 Interior Design Influencers That You Should Be Following in 2024

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For many people, creating their living space is something special and private and they are doing their best to figure out every single detail. Beautiful interiors have become very popular in the last few days. We are not talking about the usual, but seen molds that are repeated over and over again, just like in the fashion world, but from spaces that take your breath away. Whether you lean towards minimalist expression, adore retro, or feel best in kitsch, interior design is a great way to crack excess creative energy and express your own personality. Still, sometimes it happens that we are not sure how to decorate certain space so we ask for the advice of interior designers.

Social networks have become one of the primary platforms for generating creative ideas and finding inspiration. Instagram has skyrocketed its popularity precisely because it is very clear and easy to use. It is enough to type in #interiordesign and you will get many ideas. Some of them became really famous and recognizable thanks to Instagram and in the text below you can find some of them.

Justina Blakenei

Source: architecturaldigest.com

This artist is inspired by jungle and bungalows. So, if you are a nature lover and would like to decorate your space in bohemian style, Jungalow is the right place for you. On her profile, you will find many ideas on how to arrange a space with a smaller budget.

Mirjana Mikulec

This Croatian interior designer is very famous in the region for low-budget interior design. With it, you will learn how to make ultra-modern furniture from an old chair. It even has its own TV show that follows the entire editing process, from start to finish.

Scott Brothers

If you’re even the youngest fan, then you’ve probably heard of the famous brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott and their show The property brothers. They are also happy to share their projects with their Instagram followers. The charming and likable twin brothers have won us over since the first episode because they know their job very well but approach it in a fun way.

With them, you will learn that chrome details bring elegance to the space and that if your room is dominated by pastel colors, details such as pillows or chairs should be in vivid colors such as orange or yellow. You will see how you will simply give the room a whole new dimension and charm.

Meg Cassidy

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If you are a fan of minimalism and prefer cool tones like gray, you are in the right place. Meg will show you that gray is not boring at all and that it brings elegance to any space. In addition, it is easy to combine with any other color. You can find more about famous interior designers if you visit foyr.com.

Emily Henderson

Another interior designer is followed by about 800,000 followers on Instagram. On her profile, you can find bright, colorful spaces that will make you want a change in your home even if you didn’t plan to.

Marcel Wanders

Opinions about this designer are divided, some believe that he has no place in the world of design, and others are inspired by his work, but in any case, he always manages to surprise and provoke a lot of comments. The brands he has collaborated with are, among others, Puma, Swarovski, Alessi, Flos, Target, Mark & Spencer, Baccarat, Cose Decorte, Kartell, and he has also collaborated with Jasper Morrison and Jurgen Bey. In any case, his inspirational ideas will certainly not leave you indifferent.

Tamsin Johnson

Source: melbourneartfair.com

Interior designer Tamsin Johnson is a trademark a unique, eclectic, and well-balanced style. Her works combine contrast in scale, and in Instagram photos, you can see how she combines antiques, colors, and unusualness and thus creates a special, unique, and refined space – which is truly a delight for inspiration. If you are looking for an inexhaustible source of inspiration – you have found it!

As you can see, it’s not hard to find a profile with good decorating ideas. Still, what each of us would love is to see the final look right after the idea is worked out. The solution to this is offered to you by interior designers, but of course, for a fee that is not negligible. Of course, if you know certain drawing and design programs well, you can do the job yourself. But we believe that there are still more who can’t do it, so various landscaping applications are emerging as a solution.

Help in planning and organizing the home is always welcome so that we do not overestimate the actual size of the space and ignore how much space a particular piece of furniture really takes up. Before you get down to business, it’s helpful to have an idea of what your space should look like after all the planned changes, and the perfect tool to create the ideal room are apps where you can play around by combining colors, styles, and furniture before calling masters and moving on in the purchase.

Fans of interior design, whether they are professionals or creative amateurs, today can more easily than ever play with the possibilities of decorating their home thanks to 3D applications. The application offers 3D models in real size so you can get the right impression and suit your interior.

Final Thoughts

Interior design, like any other type of design, is not a static occupation: styles are evolving, technologies are advancing, challenges are different, and social networks are there to help us stay up to date with trends. Interior designers do one of the most creative jobs, which is also extremely well paid. Of course, if it is not enough for you to enjoy the ideas and you want to make the interior more seriously, you can always enroll in a course and learn more, and even use it in the future. Who knows, maybe this is your new calling?