4 Fashion Tips on How to Mix Formal & Streetwear Cloths

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Like everything else, fashion trends are changing rapidly. Long ago, the fashion rules were followed by everyone and you could have seen the line between the high and street fashion. As well we knew which kind of material and style is appropriate for which occasion. And then we decided to go beyond the box, to experiment and combine what was once impossible.

Nowadays, street fashion is so immersed in the world of high and formal fashion, that it is very difficult to make a border if borders need to be defined at all. Also, in the freedom of experimentation, the limits of taste are very often known. But in this modern time, where we have already seen everything, did we combine the incompatible to know when the limit of taste has been crossed ?! As much as you are free to explore and as much as it seems to you that there is no limit, you still know certain rules when it comes to mixing street and formal styles. Whether it is men’s or women’s fashion, new trends simply draw us to experiment. We want to be relaxed but never give up on our feminine style, or you just want to wear a relaxed T-shirt with the image of your favorite actor under your jacket.

Either way, in this little guide we will introduce you to the basic fashion tips and how to mix formal & streetwear clothes. Stay with us until the end of this text and be sure that your fashion experimentation will not exceed the limit of good taste.

1. Cotton T-shirt and Cardigans

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This combination used to be unthinkable in the fashion world. Today, it is more than acceptable if we follow certain rules. In certain business positions where the jersey code is exclusive: shirt and jacket, do not experiment too much, but follow the prescribed rules. You can wear a cotton T-shirt and suit in less formal situations, weekend gatherings or on evening walks. If you wear an old model of an unstructured jacket and baggy pants over a cotton T-shirt, you can look really funny.

If you decide on this variant, then let it be a wasted jacket whose color will go well with the color of the T-shirt you have chosen. When it comes to pants, this combination is best accompanied by those that follow the leg line, and are not too wide or narrow. If you have really thin legs, we suggest you avoid this combination because you will look too protruding.

If you really guess the colors and materials in this combination, no one will even notice that you don’t have a standard, expected shirt under the suit.

2. Suit and Sneakers

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Ok, a suit and sneakers may be nothing new in the fashion world. For a couple of seasons, their combination has been forced. However, we must be aware of certain rules. If you have decided that you want to combine your favorite sneakers and suit, then take good care of the suit material. It would be best if it is made of cotton or light wool. If the material is too rigid or there is too much lycra through it, you will really look ridiculous. This combination must be designed so that it does not visit the gym outfit at all, or, on the other hand, you must not look like a chubby daddy.

If you are not sure which sneakers to choose, white sneakers go best with any outfit. Even if your pants are longer or have a lowered waist, their color will dominate and give a relaxed style to your look. You can find a great selection of sneakers and T-shirts that exude street fashion on gstreet. As well if you’re sometimes unsecured about your fashion choice for the party you’re intending to go, you can always hear some pieces of advice from gstreet wear and clean all the doubts.

One thing that you shouldn’t even try to match with sneakers and a suit is definitely a tie. If you have decided on this style, then leave the tie to rest at home this time.

3. Shorts and Blazer

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There is always some fashion trend or combination that we adore to see in others but we would never decide on such a move. This is one of those combinations. Therefore, if you are not completely sure that you will bring any combination, especially this one, to the end and relaxed, you better not try.

When we talk about shorts, it is clear to us that in most companies you will not be able to start a business in shorts, no matter how cool it was. Therefore, leave this combination for weekends, walks or visits to your favorite club. When choosing garments for this combination, base yourself on one part to be dominant. If the jacket is in colors or one characteristic color, maybe with some extra urban accessories or similar, then choose simpler shorts, more neutral colors and again agree with the rest. If you want to emphasize your favorite shorts, which may be full of specific motifs or colorful colors, then opt for a simple jacket. It is best to be black, white or beige, depending on which colors dominate the shorts. No, this does not mean that you can pair surf shorts or something that looks like swimming shorts with a jacket. Have a limit and a measure.

4. Stripes Are Back in Fashion

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Once upon a time, stripes on a scarf or suit were a reflection of elegance, and then they fell into oblivion. Remember that fashion is cyclical, always returning to what was once in but with certain changes. So it is with railroads. They are back but in a slightly different edition.

Instead of striking and thick stripes, focus on the thinner ones. Remember that stripes can visually change the shape of your body line, so we recommend vertical stripes above and horizontal ones below. You mustn’t mix different striped pieces of clothing in the same.

A navy look can be a a great choice, with it you can have two in one. it can look quite formal and elegant while at the same time wearing a relaxed street fashion. Also, a formal striped shirt can go great with low-waisted jeans in Nike sneakers, what do you think?

However, before you decide on any of these or some similar combinations, ask yourself what you want to achieve with it. What impression do you want to leave and do you feel comfortable enough in that combination?