How to Plan a Memorable Corporate Event


Now that people are returning to in-person events, it’s the perfect time to make one on your own. It’s the perfect way to grow your company’s reputation and meet industry leaders.

That’s not the only benefit, either. An estimated 83% of brands say events help grow their sales.

Launching a corporate event is a big deal, so you must understand how to do it right. Follow the guide below to plan a successful business event.

Define Your Purpose

Your purpose is the number one thing you need to get right when you plan a corporate event. Without one, you won’t be able to plan the rest of your event correctly.

Here are some common event purposes:

The type of event and purpose will tell you who to invite and the people who will attend.

Determine Your Audience


Now that you understand your event’s purpose, the next step is determining who will attend. This will vary heavily based on what your event goals are.

For instance, educational events may be more appealing to average workers. They attend events to learn industry trends, so they’ll be the most likely attendees.

But networking events and leadership conferences may be tailored to executives. They’re there to learn more managerial skills and network with other company owners.

Build a Budget

Once you understand your goal and who will attend your event, you need to start the planning stage. To do this, you’ll need a budget.

Think about who will attend and the things they would like to do. This will help you determine your event venue, snack options, speaker budget, and much more.

Try to lay out costs in detail to see how they fit your ideal cost. From there, you can add and cut event features to get a realistic budget.

Book Venues and Vendors

It’s time to pick your event location once you create a budget. Ideally, find a location that is easy to access to ensure people don’t have to travel far from the airport.

Many organizers use hotels for events since people don’t have to travel far from their accommodations.

Once you finish this, get food and swag ready. People expect great refreshments and things to do during downtime, so be sure your attendees are well-fed and entertained.


Line Up Speakers

The speakers you line up to speak at your event will make or break it. When deciding, you want to consider your event’s goal and what people expect.

Take a company event, for instance. You may want to motivate your employees, so a motivational speaker works great. You can find a motivational speaker here.

Educational content and leadership events will need industry leaders. See who the most prominent names are and invite them to speak.

You’re Ready to Launch Your Corporate Event

It’s not easy to put on an event. You have to find the perfect venue, get refreshments, invite the right people, and bring in entertainment. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes, and the chance you won’t be successful is there.

But no matter if you throw a holiday event or company event, there are things you can do to increase your chance of success. Follow the event advice above when holding a corporate event to do things right.

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