How Much Does a Professional Mover Cost Montreal – 2024 Guide


Making a decision to move to an entirely new place is not easy, but sometimes it is a necessary decision we need to make. There are just so many mixed feelings about such a move, as there are many things to keep in mind and many things you need to do before you embark on your journey. Of course, when we leave emotions aside for a second, we get stuck in tons of paperwork, regardless of whether it’s about filing the necessary paperwork, or extending the driver’s license, for example.

All of this can get even more complicated when you plan to move to an entirely different country or continent. Now, in order to avoid any complications and possible unpleasant situations, it’s much better to leave certain things to the professionals, and yes, we are talking about certified moving companies with vast experience in this field.

How to find reliable movers?


Okay, let’s start with the basics, as regardless of how much we emphasize the importance of doing proper research, many people neglect this, which in most situations leads to bad experiences. Of course, one can get lucky, and even without doing any homework, they can find the best company, but it’s much better to set some time aside and browse the net while drinking coffee or while on a break.

On the other hand, most people leave everything for the last minute, and in all that hurry, they simply don’t have enough time to check which services are better and compare prices. Now, this can get tricky as there are many factors that affect the overall costs, and depending on which type of service, along with which company you go with, can be a determinative point not just about the overall experience and how satisfied with moving services you will be, but also how much will you have to pay for such services.

In order to help you with this issue, let’s check some factors that affect the price so that you can get a better insight into how much hiring movers or moving companies in Montreal would cost and help you pick the best one.

Different types of pricing

Professional movers are here to help people for a reasonable price, and because of that, they have different types of pricing, so everybody can choose the option that suits them the most. In most cases, they have a tariff for shorter and one for longer distances, so let’s see how these two differ.

Short distances


The best option to choose for short distances is fixed hourly rates, as you can easily calculate how much time they will need to move all the things to a new address. It is perfect for people who do not have a lot of things, and you can choose a truck with three or five people who will deal with your belongings and make sure everything is packed properly. People who own a truck can also lessen the costs by hiring only workers who will help them put their belongings in it, which will reduce the costs of hiring a truck, gasoline, and toll fees. In most cases, when hiring a truck, the gasoline charges are included too, but it is necessary to know that there can be extra charges for toll fees, so be prepared in time. The price is based on a whole hour, and every new one is priced at the beginning, so if the movers need an hour and a half to finish the job, you will need to pay for two hours.

Long distances

Fixed hourly rates are not a good choice for longer distances because you can end up paying more than necessary, so moving companies have another pricing tariff for these situations. In most cases, you can choose between paying by the total weight of your things or by cubic foot they occupy in the truck, but there can be some extra fees for too bulky or too fragile ones. If you choose this way of pricing, there is no need to worry about the distance and time necessary for the move, as the price is based on the number of items that should be transferred.

To pack or not to pack


No one wants to pay extra just because of a bit more commodity or responsibility, but that doesn’t mean how you shouldn’t know about all the options. Namely, professional moving services are called like that for a reason, and one of the perks of going with a reliable one is surely having much more options to choose from, and packing services are one of those extras. Now, before making any decision about this type of service, make sure to check how much they charge, and then, in case you simply don’t have enough time or resources to get it all done in time, pick the company that offers the best services at the lowest price.

Once again, you can do so only by doing at least a bit of research, and even though this is not a must, it’s good to know that in case you need to move quickly and don’t have enough time to pack, the movers can step in and do all the work. Besides this, dealing with fragile items and things and packing them in the right way can also be tricky and time-consuming, so when deciding whether to check this box or not, consider all the factors, including this one.

To Summarize

The best advice one can ever give is to always check all the info before signing any binding document or agreement, and the same is here, as only by knowing all the facts and factors can you make the best possible decision. As for the moving services, this guide should come in handy as these factors mentioned above should put a much better perspective into what to ask, which info to ask for, and what services to include. Read more and get detailed instructions best Montreal movers and how to find the best mover deals.