6 Benefits of IQ Testing for Adults

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IQ testing is an indicator of our intellectual capacity and how we manage in certain situations. There are different ways to test your intelligence.

Sometimes, these tests are used by teachers to assess the level of their students. In other situations, employers with the help of psychologists conduct IQ tests, for more efficient organization of employees’ work duties.

Although the results of such tests are only an assessment framework of intelligence, they can be useful in highlighting the cognitive abilities of workers and their competence for the job.

If you take the iq-global-test.com, you will have a nice image of how you stand, and what is your IQ. Surely, it’s an accurate way to estimate your capacities. Maybe you have a lot of questions about this, including the potential benefits of IQ testing as an adult.

But, don’t worry. Here we are to talk a little more about that and discover the pros of this way of determining your intelligence quotient.

1. You can understand how the brain works

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Intelligence tests usually do not have right and wrong answers. Each answer is correct, but the choice of the solution depends on how the brain and logic of the individual work. So, by comparing the pattern of answers, a general conclusion is reached about how a person processes information and how quickly he can memorize it.

Similar tests are used for adults, but also for students and even children whose cognitive abilities need to be reevaluated.

2. Proper distribution of tasks

Many smart people actually have different IQs. Someone can be really smart and successful but have really poor intelligence and logic. On the other hand, there are people whose high IQ makes up for not having a university degree or relevant work experience.

As we know, nowadays employers value skills more than formal education. So, based on various factors, including intelligence, they define work tasks for employees.

3. Gifted individuals are easily identified

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Intelligence tests are a great way to detect what talents certain individuals have. It will help to motivate and stimulate them in an appropriate way. Some of them easily face challenges, while others need additional stimulation.

It can also help in further learning and reasoning processes, but also in the development of a person as a professional in their field.

4. Easier candidate recruitment process

IQ tests are increasingly present in the modern way of interviewing and recruiting candidates. However, you must know that these are not classic tests, but are more ways through which the employer discovers how you manage in certain situations and how you behave in moments when you have to face a greater challenge.

In fact, the candidate will not even realize that the HR expert is conducting some kind of testing during the interview. Today’s HR specialists and recruiters have advanced methods to check a candidate’s resourcefulness and acumen, as well as certain talents and ways of solving problems.

5. They save time and money

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Recruiters with the help of an IQ test manage to save a lot of money for the company they work with. In fact, they make a precise selection of workers for a specific position, without wasting time on further recruitment.

For the candidates, this approach may not be fair enough, but on the other hand, it is always better for the position to get the right person. In this way, the company benefits as well as the candidate who may have a better chance elsewhere.

6. A clear assessment of the person’s personal limits

Intelligence is related to many processes that occur at the level of thinking. So, the employer and colleagues can adapt to the new employee’s boundaries, but also to each other. In this way, conflicts and misunderstandings are avoided, and the focus is on success.

Also, responsibilities can be managed and boundaries can be tested, without the risk of anything going wrong.

Are there any downsides to IQ testing for adults?

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In every process, there are positive and negative aspects. For example, some people do not feel comfortable being tested in this way. In fact, there is also evidence that relying on such a test alone can be unreliable. The results may depend on the current mood, health status, whether the person is well hydrated, hungry, thirsty, sleepy, etc.

Prejudice may also occur or workers may be labeled according to those tests. Therefore, they must be conducted discreetly in the recruitment process.

If someone is talented, gifted, and intelligent, it is easy to develop a higher value complex and feel superior to all colleagues. Intelligence is a wild card for many people who achieve exceptional results without much effort.

But if someone gets a lower score than expected, it can easily happen that these people feel less valuable and believe that. In fact, such a thing should be avoided at all costs, so that it does not happen that someone lacks confidence in himself and in what he does.

And most importantly, classical tests do not accurately assess all forms of intelligence. Some people are gifted with logical thinking and others with critical thinking. Some solve math problems easily but have difficulty with verbal communication. Therefore, intelligence tests should only be an additional indicator of the candidate’s competence, and not a key or decisive factor in their career development.


IQ tests have a number of benefits when it comes to the general assessment of job candidates or teamwork. They can also be useful for the person himself/herself so that they know what their strengths are and what aspects they need to work on more. Of course, the accuracy of the tests themselves is key, because there are too many different options, which can give different results.

Finally, we advise you not to be afraid of such tests. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. It is important to know how to use them to your advantage, instead of considering them as something that hinders your development as a person. In fact, you can test yourself online, so you have a clear picture of where you are and what you need to improve on yourself.