Which Is a Better and Easier Exam – IELTS or PTE?

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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) & PTE (Pearson Test of English) are the most widely-accepted tests to migrate or study overseas. Both tests evaluate the English language skill through various sections reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

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Are you confused, about which test is better IELTS or PTE? The difficulty level of both tests is the same. Neither test is easier than the other. Both required fundamental skill building along with the knowledge of the test format. With practice and hard work, anybody can clear both exams. For additional information check https://ptemocktests.com/real-pte.

You should be clear in which country you want to go to study or for PR and if that country accepts PTE or IELTS. It totally depends on your choice and decision.

IELTS is jointly owned by British Council, IDP Australia, and Cambridge English Language Assessment. It is accepted in many universities, schools, and immigration bodies in so many countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, etc. PTE test run by Pearson PLC, the world’s leading British MNC. The PTE test is also widely recognized as an English language proficiency test for student visa and immigration purposes across the world. It is accepted across 150 countries like UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, etc. So, both tests have their own value and acceptance.

PTE exam can only be given on a computer but on the contrary, IELTS is paper-based but also offers computer-based tests. The evaluation processes for both tests are different. PTE uses artificial intelligence to give scores while IELTS is evaluated manually.

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PTE tests have 20 different types of questions, as it consists of 20 different tasks like Multiple choice questions, highlighting incorrect words, Summarizing the text, essay writing, etc., so, the test taker practices the different types of questions without getting bored whereas the IELTS has 5 longer tasks. PTE test is slightly shorter than the IELTS.

If you need the result quickly then go for the PTE test. The PTE declares the result within 2-5 working days, while the IELTS paper test takes 13 days from the day of your exam, and the IELTS computer test takes 5-7 days to declare the result.

In PTE in the speaking section, you have to speak in the microphone on the computer. But in IELTS, you have to speak in front of the human examiner whether you have chosen the paper-based test or computer-based test. It depends on each person’s choice, whether he is comfortable on a computer or speaking face to face with a human being. There are no chances of nervousness in the PTE Test because you are attempting your question paper on the computer, not in front of any human but In IELTS you have to face the examiner while giving the answer, so there is a chance of nervousness.

Some students try IELTS first but after two-or-three attempts, when they do not get a good score then they apply for PTE and got the desired score. They assumed that the PTE test is easy but in actuality, with more and more practice it becomes easy for them to clear it.

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Someone truly said, “Practice makes a man perfect”. If you want to get perfection in any area of life, then you have to practice it. A person can learn anything with persistence, punctuality, and hard work but it should be on the right way to achieve the goal.

You should practice Mock Tests of both exams IELTS & PTE to check the difficulty level and your easiness while attempting the test. Then you can decide, which test you are more comfortable with and start preparation accordingly.

PTE is a language test to get more opportunities at the international level. This test is compulsory in some countries. Without it, you are not eligible for their jobs. To secure good marks in PTE, Practice Mock Tests are very important. There are so many websites that provide free mock tests as well as paid. They support you in every step to get good marks.

Practice Mock Tests give the feel of an actual test. These tests are conducted only for the purpose to evaluate the knowledge of the students. It reduces the nervousness of the student before attempting the actual test.

PTE consists of four sections: Reading, Speaking, Writing, and Listening. You have to focus on every section. It provides section-wise practice. You can work on the individual section and mold your practice as per your requirement and get a good result.

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Practice Mock Tests allow you to analyze where you stand. By the practice of mock tests, you get to know about your weaknesses. You learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them for ex. If you are good at reading and writing but you are a little behind in speaking and listening, so you can improve it by practicing with the help of various sources. You can check it from Practice Mock Tests regularly to know your improvement. The student gets the chance to work on your problem and turns it into strength.

You know your doubts while attempting these tests and get them cleared by your teacher. You can attempt Practice Mock Test as many times as you want to do before the actual exam.

It is a wake-up call for those students, who do not work hard and motivate them to do more practice to clear it.

Practice mock tests give good practice to the students. Practice increases the speed of answering the questions and enhances problem-solving ability and analytical thinking. Practice increases the level of confidence to get a good result. Confidence encourages more to work hard and practice.

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You can learn Time Management, which is very important to clear this test. Each section is equally important while doing preparation. You should know the exact time which you have to devote in each section to answer the questions. You cannot be stuck up at one question and ignore the rest.

Practice Mock Tests allow you to know the format of the examination. When you know which type of questions you have to answer within the stipulated time. You can prepare it with full devotion and concentration. You can identify areas of improvement and work on them before taking the actual test.

So, you should regularly take part in Practice Mock Tests for improvement and to get a good score on your test. Today’s work hard will bring a sure bright future for you.