Glazing Robots: Are They Really Worth It?


It said that it’s always good to invest in new machinery, technology, software, and things that are going to make your job easier and your clients more satisfied. The issue with new technology is that every single day there are new models and types of equipment that tend to cost a lot. If we try and invest in all of them, we are going to end up spending all our profits and we may even end up in debt four-star because of this we need to be extremely careful about the equipment that we actually need and we need to know which are things worth having and which are the ones that we can cross from our list. In this article, we are going to talk about glazing robots and we are going to tell you if they are really worth it.

Why do you need them?

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Finishing a glass installation project efficiently and safely is a pretty difficult thing. We are all aware of how difficult this process is, first and foremost because the risks involved in it are pretty high. Glass is a pretty heavy material, and special equipment is needed to transport it and install it. If it breaks the risks of injury are pretty high and if you try to do it all with just your human crew, chances are, there are going to be some injuries on the job.

This is where the glazing robots come into play and they are a type of equipment that can help you with the whole project and they’re going to support your human crew every step of the way. The capacity of these lifting devices varies from model to model, and they are made to help you lift and install the glass even when it comes to working on tight and small surfaces.

One of the biggest concerns that owners have is eve these devices are going to be able to fit in the allotted space, and if they will be able to help with the installation in both outside spaces and indoor ones.

These models can cost between a few thousand dollars and for some of them the prices can go up to 6 digits, and not every company is able to invest in equipment like this. Most of the popular models that are mostly chosen by customers nowadays cost anywhere between 20 and 30 thousand dollars. This is still a huge investment and even if the brand can afford it, the owners are worried if the investment is actually worried.

Now let’s explore some of the advantages that come with these models and see how these devices can help you, your brand, and your clients.


Now let’s talk about some of the reasons why you should choose to invest in a glazing robot instead of continuing your current method of finishing the projects. First and foremost, with this type of machinery, you’re going to be able to avoid and prevent many injuries that come with the glass installation process. Your crew will not have to carry everything on their own and they will not have to lift any of the extremely heavy models of glass that you have. Overall, this will significantly reduce the mishaps that happen and ultimately it will protect your business and your workers.

As you can see on CPSLift, there are a lot of different models that are available and they vary in lifting capacity, size, and type, so you’re free to choose the model that will help you out the most with your projects.


Another advantage that comes with the glazing robots is the fact that you have so many options and you have so many choices. This does not mean that you have to have dozens of different models to be able to get the job done it just means that if you are looking for something that’s site-specific, you will have no issue finding it. No matter if the glass that you are moving is extremely heavy, bigger, or smaller than usual, or if you need to work in a specific narrow space or at heights, you will be able to find a device that will help you out with all of that. There are almost no limitations to what these robots can do and you don’t have to put your crew at risk to be able to finish even the most demanding projects.

When you choose to work with this machinery, you will be much more efficient and that type of work will lead to faster-finished contracts and you will ultimately make a lot more profit. Even though you will initially be investing a bit more in these devices, they will pay themselves in a pretty short time and you will be able to start making additional profits and more money than you were when you were just utilizing the skills of your workers.

You will be able to finish the job is that you have easier and faster, everything will be done properly and you will be able to finish more jobs at the same time.

A concern that many owners have is that these machines are pretty difficult to use and that you will need to invest in a lot of training for your crew. Even though it is always better to invest in the development and skills of your workers you should know that you will not have to pay for excessive training when it comes to handling and using these devices. They are pretty easy to handle and use and you will be able to figure it out pretty quickly. Keep in mind that when you choose to go with them you will boost the productivity of your employees and you will increase their morale by giving them the proper tools to finish the job.

It is always good to invest in quality tools that are going to save you time, and money and that are going to help you make more profits and have more satisfied clients.


Are they worth it?

The final say is that yes, they are worth it and you should invest in glazing robots if you are part of the industry. You will not make a mistake if you choose to get them and the main thing you need to do is choose the right device and model for your needs.

The best thing you can do is list all of your needs and the preferred features for this equipment and collaborate with the service that manufactures and sells them so that you can make the right choice and let your crew finish everything without any risks of injuries.