Creating Your Own Personal Oasis: Designing the Perfect Outdoor Retreat


The world is extremely fast and barely gives people any time to relax. This is where it is important to have your own place where you can destress and calm yourself. Every house should have its own oasis. Oasis is basically a body of water in the middle of a desert with some trees and coolness. It is a relief for stranded people. Similarly, an oasis for the house is a place to soothe yourself in an outdoor living space.


  • Whenever you have to choose which location you should convert into your oasis, the backyard and rooftop pops up.
  • People with enough space in their backyard can easily design ergonomically and have an excellent place for relaxation.
  • People with a lack of a backyard can opt for their rooftop. If it is well covered, it can be an evergreen oasis.
  • A retreat can either be in an outdoor living space or an indoor living space depending upon the available area.


  • The lighting of the retreat plays a crucial role in understanding what kind of setting you want.
  • If the lighting is lowkey, you will always receive an evening mood in an enclosed space.
  • Well lit retreats will provide a fresh and happy atmosphere resembling the summer.
  • Lighting can include a combination of modern lighting using LEDs and other traditional lamps.
  • You can simply opt for the daylight option if you want to use the retreat in the daytime.


  • The seating has to be decided to keep in mind that it will be an outdoor living space.
  • Boucle and bamboo mesh seating are pretty typical for retreats.
  • Other standard seating options include bean bags and couches so that people can feel free to relax.
  • Sometimes, you may simply opt for a poolside seat that provides for the choice of lying down.


  • An oasis is typically green and has a water body.
  • Your retreat may have some greenery to induce freshness and vibrancy.
  • The primary option to add greenery is, of course, the genuine bushes, plants and shrubs around the retreat.
  • Another option which may seem less effort requiring is using artificial turf for the flooring. It provides a similar feeling as that of a backyard but does not need watering or weeding.
  • It is always preferred to have some low maintenance plants to keep the air fresh too.

Add Elements

  • You can always add elements like a barbecue or a kitchen and even a bar.
  • The retreat is meant to be relaxing, and you should add every element that you want to.
  • Another element to add is a gaming setup where you and your family or friends can enjoy some quality time.
  • There can be a dedicated dining area in the outdoor living space to facilitate casual eating and even fine dining.


Irrespective of which design you opt for, there will always be many more that you can look at. Combining various designs and elements can help you create the perfect retreat for yourself.