Forgotten But Good Christian Bale Movies to Watch in 2024


Bale is one of the most popular and versatile actors in Hollywood. We all know him for his role of Bruce Wayne slash the Batman in The Dark Knight trilogy but he is much more than that. He has acted in more than 50 movies and he has even gotten one Academy Award amongst hundreds of other wins and nominations. Here we are not going to talk about his most famous pieces and we are not going to talk about films that everyone knows instead we are going to talk about some pieces that may be forgotten but there are definitely good and even masterful movies. Keep on reading to find out which Christian Bale movies you need to watch in 2024.


Older generations probably know this piece and if you have never heard of equilibrium that means that you have to sit down and watch it. This is arguably one of the best movies ever made that is not just a cinematic masterpiece but it is also a film where the message is so deep that it’s going to leave you wondering what you just saw for weeks after you see it.

This piece was first presented to the public in 2002 and the short plot line is that everything happens in a society where feelings are illegal. Christian Bale takes the role of John Preston, and in this movie, we can see the struggle of a law-abiding citizen who takes the pill every day that will stop him from feeling all of the emotions and his desire to find out what happens if he misses one dose.

Alongside him, we can see extremely great names including Sean Bean, Dominic Purcell, Emily Watson, and Taye Diggs. In the cinematic world, this film is considered a masterpiece and unfortunately, it has been forgotten since it came out two decades ago. If you have not given it a chance and if you are a fan of Christian Bale then you should sit down and explore a world in which there is no jealousy, anger, love, and compassion. Would you take the pill and be free of emotions?



If you are looking for a film that is going to make you feel all the emotions possible and that is going to make you laugh, cry, feel anger and just be at the edge of your seat throughout it then you should give Hostiles a chance.

This film is not as old as some of the other ones on this list and you probably remember it if you have seen it but if you did not have a chance to check it out then you should definitely give it a go.

It is a story about an army captain, set in the late 1800s, that agrees to help a Cheyenne chef pass a territory with his family where they will be put at extreme risk and possibly even lose their lives. You will learn a lot about history in this movie and you will realize that things are much more than just skin deep. You can check out the Scott Cooper Florida article if you want to find out more about this piece and why you need to give it a go

In this cinematic masterpiece, we can see Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, and Wes Studi taking the leading roles of the people that are going to make you love them as much as you hate their decisions sometimes.

The Prestige


If you are looking for a film that combines all the best actors and a beautiful story that will make you wonder, guess, and just leave you speechless after the movie is over, then you should definitely watch The Prestige.

The plot line is set in the late 1800s in England and we followed the story of magicians who are trying to create the ultimate illusion. They are rivals, they try to best each other at every set, and they’re willing to sacrifice everything they have to be the best illusionist the world has ever seen.

Alongside Bale, in this film, we can see Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, and Michael Caine among many other top-notch stars.

This film came out in 2006 and even though it made the boom when it came out and it’s still one of the best-rated movies in the world many of us have forgotten it. If you have never seen it or if you don’t remember the last time you checked it out, you should sit down and watch Christian Bale in this beautiful story and even better execution.

The Fighter


The last piece we are going to talk about is another movie that is going to make you sad, happy, and definitely angry. This piece is based on the story of a rising boxer who is best known for his brother. In this family there are two amazing boxers, one is pretty troubled and is definitely going on the wrong way, and the other one is trying to escape the shadow of a family member who does not deserve the fame that he has gotten.

This movie was first released in 2010 and it still has some of the best scores that you can find. It is based on a true story so if you know anything about boxing or if you know anything about Micky Ward, then you have to see this film.

In the leading roles, we can see Mark Wahlberg, Amy Adams, and of course the star of the show, Christian Bale. If you are looking for amazing acting skills and if you’re looking for a movie that is far different than most of the pieces that are coming out these years, then you should give The Fighter a fighting chance.

You may love these movies, or you may hate them, but one thing is for sure, you are never going to forget them. Each and every piece that is in this article is going to leave a mark on you and you will want to rewatch them at least once every few years. Christian Bale is one of the most diverse actors the world has ever seen and if you want to watch a great movie that you have not seen before then just open the list of the pieces he has acted in and find the genre that you’re going to enjoy the most.