Ambergris Caye Real Estate 2024: A Guide to Buying Property in Belize


Home to vast jungles, pristine beaches, and ancient Mayan cities, Belize didn’t use to be as popular as it is today. Currently, this mesmerizing tropical paradise isn’t only becoming popular with tourists that want to explore everything this wonderful place has to offer, but it’s also becoming a popular destination for people looking to invest in a house.

If you’re thinking about purchasing real estate there, you might be wondering whether or not you could actually do so as a foreigner. Fortunately for all people that found themselves in this situation, our guide below can help. Here is what you have to know about the process of buying real estate in this wonderful place:

1. Why is it Increasingly Popular With Investors?


The first thing that you should know is that this location offers a really good quality of life. Thus, no matter if you’re an investor, a family person looking to start fresh, or someone who is just about to retire, purchasing Belize and Ambergris Caye real estate might be the best decision you’ll ever make. Besides offering you access to the ocean 24/7, there are other factors that make Belize attractive to both tourists and investors.

For starters, if you’re like me, you’ll most likely appreciate the hot climate, and during most years, the skies are going to be sunny and clear. Second, if you’re an outdoorsy person that enjoys spending their time on water hobbies such as surfing and diving, Belize will be the most suitable place for you to be. Lastly, there are no fast food chain eateries or tall buildings that’ll take the views away, nor is there a lot of traffic, meaning that you could lead a pretty peaceful and pollution-free life.

2. Is it Connected to The United States?


Another thing that makes this location so popular with people is that it’s only 2 to 3 hours away from Canada and the United States. Hence, even if you don’t want to spend your entire year, you could hop on an airplane whenever you want and head to your summer home. It’s worth mentioning that there are daily departures from the island to US and Canada, thus, even if you have to return due to a crisis, you’ll be capable of doing so.

3. What Are The Popular Locations For Buying Houses?


Belize is truly mesmerizing, which is why it’s pretty safe to say that it’s incredibly popular with investors, tourists, and retirees. However, like all places, there seem to be a few areas that attract more individuals. Thus, if you’re thinking about purchasing real estate there – no matter if you’ll live there, visit the property during holidays, or rent it – you might want to look into the more popular locations, which are the subsequent locations:

– Ambergris Caye – this particular location is located on the west shore and it’s the most popular location for people. The capital is designed pretty well, and don’t worry, there is a wide range of things that it’ll offer you and you’ll definitely not be bored if you opt for obtaining real estate there. It offers various property types, from luxurious penthouses to condos, all the way to villas and traditional homes that might be appealing to you.

Placencia – if white sand and pristine beaches are what you’re looking for, white sand and pristine beaches are what you’ll find in Placencia. The entire location is truly stunning and although it has a somewhat slower pace than the aforementioned island, it still offers some amazing properties that you might want to look into. It’s quiet, which is why it’s perfect for retirees looking to spend their days in peace.

– Caye Caulker – if you love the great outdoors and if you’re someone that loves hiking, camping, backpacking, and diving, you shouldn’t look further than Caye Caulker. Although it isn’t as bustling as Ambergris Caye, it still has its own businesses, hotels, motels, and airstrips, thus, if you’re looking for a place that’ll offer you a chance to explore and enjoy your hobbies, look at the properties there.

4. Will it Be More Challenging to Obtain Land as a Foreigner?


This is, perhaps, the most frequently asked question about obtaining parcels on this island and the answer is quite clear – no, it won’t be, mostly because it is one of several nations on the entire planet where outsiders have identical property ownership and parcel privileges as locals! This means that you won’t be required to go through a daunting and complicated process of obtaining land like you would in other foreign places such as Mexico!

Hence, if you’re thinking about buying real estate, you can do it just like you would in your nation. Depending on what you’re searching for, you could obtain a property to reside in, you could obtain and then lease it to locals or tourists, and you’ll also be able to get properties for business, industries, as well as law land. Thus, no matter what type of estate you’re searching for, you’ll be able to find and buy it.

There are only 2 things that we must mention and that you must remember at all times. First, if you wish to obtain land and open a company, you’ll be required by law to hire local people. Second, each piece of property that you buy is subjected to a tax which is approximately five percent of the entire asset cost. The rest of the process is relatively easy and the steps are almost the same as in any other country.



No matter why you’re thinking about buying real estate in Belize, you’ll be capable of doing so, even if you’re an outsider. You should remember, there are various locations in Belize, all of which will provide you with different things, thus, before choosing a property, ensure that you do some digging and take some time to determine what place you’ll enjoy the most.

Since you’ve now learned more about purchasing property in Belize, you really shouldn’t waste any more of your time reading purchasing guides similar to this one. Instead, if you’ve decided to purchase real estate there, start researching so that you can see what locations suit your needs best.