What to Do if Your Business is Damaging Your Eye Health

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Even if you have previously enjoyed relatively good eyesight, this does not mean that you will have 20/20 vision forever. When you start up a business, you may notice that your eyesight begins to decline, especially if you are working in an office all day long. If that is the case, here are some of the top steps to take to prevent your business from damaging your eye health.

Get Reading Glasses

Sometimes, you may find that your eyesight is poor enough to need aid but not bad enough that you need to wear spectacles all the time. You may find that you start to get a headache when reading or looking at a screen or that your eyes feel tired and look red. You might also find that you struggle to see small text. If this is the case, you may need reading glasses that you can wear at work while you are performing close-up work or when you are at a computer.

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Take Breaks

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Although you might believe that you need to constantly be working between the hours of 9 and 5 if you run a business, doing so can be bad for your health. Not only might you find that your posture suffers and that you begin to lead a lifestyle that is too sedentary, but you might also start to notice issues with your eyes. As such, it is important that you take breaks throughout the day and stay away from screens and give your eyes a rest during these breaks. You should also take small vision breaks every twenty minutes and use this time to look at your surroundings and train your eyes to focus on objects that are further away.

Do Eye Exercises

Eye exercises can often help to prevent eye strain and ensure that your vision remains healthy by ensuring that you do not train your eyes to focus only on short distances. Eye exercises can include massaging the area around your eyes, looking at different distances and in different directions, and blinking, as you often blink less when you are using a computer or doing close-up work. These eye exercises may then allow you to go home at the end of the working day without noticing any strain and without your eyes hurting or watering. Eye exercises are also quick and easy to do, meaning that you can do them wherever and whenever you need them, such as at your desk.

Use Eye Drops and Gels

Many people produce fewer tears than they need to, or their tears dry up quickly, and this can lead to dry eyes. Using your computer for a long period of time can also lead to your eyes drying up. Rather than suffering from dry eyes and simply trying to ignore the symptoms, you should instead consider using eye drops and gels that can act as artificial tears and that can wet your eyes and prevent them from getting so dry. Some drops and gels may last longer and be more effective than others, and you might need to look for preservative-free options if your eyes react poorly to original formulas. These drops and gels can be important as, when your eyes are dry, they are more prone to infection and damage, such as eye scratches and corneal abrasions, as your eye will not have the protective layer that it needs.

Look for Non-Screen Work

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If you need to work but your eyes are starting to get tired and hurt, you should consider trying to find tasks at work that do not involve screens. You might also try to adapt some tasks to allow you to avoid screens. For instance, you might host internal meetings and use paper notes rather than a digital presentation. This can give your eyes a break and can mean that you do not have to end up giving up your business simply because you are struggling to run it and stay on screens for as long as you currently are. You might also consider delegating screen-related work if you have employees and if you are struggling with strained eyes on a certain day.

Get the Right Screen

You should also look out for the right screen for you. For instance, some screens have blue light filter settings that can allow you to turn down the amount of blue light that is emitted from your computer. This blue light is often what makes your eyes feel dry and gritty. Not only can these blue light filters help your vision, but they can also help you to sleep better if you are working late at night, as blue light can keep you awake for longer.

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See at Optometrist

You should always see an optometrist regularly if you are working on a screen and not only when you believe that you might have an issue with your vision. An optometrist can ensure that your prescription is correct and can check for eye health issues by performing certain tests and taking photographs of your eye. These tests can make sure that issues are caught before it is too late and will allow you to work for longer at your business without vision problems impeding your success.

It is important to find an optometrist that you trust, though, and you should look around until you find one that has a lot of experience and is reliable, or you should consider getting recommendations from a friend or even off the internet. This will increase the chances of you being happy with the service that they offer you.