Which Is Better California Shutters or Zebra Blinds?

Source: avashutters.ca

If you are planning to install new windows in Toronto, be sure to consider such an important point as choosing the right type of blinds.

This article is intended to help homeowners make an informed decision by comparing the two types of blinds –  California Shutters or Zebra blinds in Toronto – based on factors such as location, material, functionality and style.

While both options provide excellent privacy and the ability to adjust the luminous flux, they differ in appearance and functionality.

Source: avashutters.ca

Things To Know About Zebra Blinds

Thinking about acquiring Zebra blinds in Toronto? They are a combination of solid and transparent fabrics in a single design that allows homeowners to get 2 in 1: the functionality of the modern blinds and elegance of fabric curtains.

Top 5 advantages you need to know about the «zebra» blinds:

1. Material

These blinds are available in a wide range of fabrics including polyester, cotton, linen and silk. Each fabric has its own unique texture, color and pattern, allowing you to customize the blinds according to your home interior.

2. Functionality

This model is made of two-layer fabric, which can be adjusted to control the amount of light entering the room.

Simply pull the cord or use the remote to adjust the desired level of lighting and privacy!

3. Insulation

This decorative element of your windows will also contribute to their thermal insulation. When closed, multilayer «zebra» blinds can block up to 99% of UV radiation. Using these blinds, you can reduce your electricity costs by preventing the sun from heating your home in the summer and adding another level of weather protection in the winter.

4. Mounting

This model can be mounted in different ways: inside or outside the window frame or on the ceiling.

Installation on the crawler system is also possible for ease of use and maximum functionality.

5. Maintenance

To remove dust and debris from the fabric, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush nozzle.

Stubborn stains can be cleaned with a soft detergent and water.

Source: avashutters.ca

California Shutters and Its Characteristics

California Shutters are also known as plantation shutters. They are named after old plantation houses in the southern United States, where these blinds were particularly sought after for their utility and aesthetic look.

Here are some features of this model:

  • Design and functionality

One of the main characteristics that distinguish these blinds from other types is their style. They consist of large wide blinds (lamellas), which have a width of 2.5 to 4.5 inches.

Lamellas are very easy to set up: you can easily adjust the amount of light and air that you want to let into your home. Perfect solution for those who want better ventilation!

  • Material

The California Shutters are made of various materials including hardwood, MDF, vinyl and composite wood.

  • Customization Features

California blinds can be customized to fit almost any shape or style of window, including arched and triangular windows. They are versatile and can be installed both inside and outside your home. They can also be used in different types of rooms: bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens or bathrooms.

  • Cleaning

From a maintenance point of view, these blinds are very durable and require minimal maintenance. They can be cleaned with a simple microfibre napkin or vacuumed with a brush nozzle. In addition, they are easy to repair or replace if any blinds or other parts have failed.

Source: avashutters.ca

Still don’t know what to choose?

Canada’s leading window installation company – Vinyl Light Windows and Doors, advises you to base on your preferences. If you need high privacy, energy efficiency and stylish appearance, then your home in Toronto will need Zebra blinds.

If ventilation is a priority, then you should buy California Shutters. Contact Vinyl Light for a more detailed discussion of your project: here you are guaranteed to find the perfect option for your home!