How to Choose the Best Nile Cruise in Egypt


The Nile is one of the longest rivers in the world, and it is considered the lifeline of Egypt.

It extends along the country from the south in the city of Aswan to the north, where it divides into two branches that flow to the Mediterranean.

Nile river Cruise is one of the most interesting ways to explore Egypt and the monuments of the Nile valley.

Types of Nile cruises


Actually, there are many types of Nile cruises in Egypt.

For example, You can cruise the Nile by the traditional small boat called “felucca”, it is a short and calm cruise where you can enjoy the nature and the scenery of the river for a few hours.

But, the most famous type is the long cruises along the Nile valley, especially from Luxor to Aswan or vice-versa.

There are two types of vessels used for those voyages: Dahabiya and Nile cruisers.

The Dahabiya is a word that refers to the riverboat in Egypt, it is more suitable for the seekers of privacy and calmness because it comprises only 10 cabins.

Furthermore, it moves slowly, allowing you to relax and enjoy each moment of your voyage.

It is to be mentioned that the Dahabiya Nile cruise is the most expensive way to cruise the Nile River.

The most popular type is the large Nile cruisers or the so-called floating hotels.

The floating hotel is a huge ship that is very similar to any regular hotel. But it can move on water.

There are many floating hotel classes in Egypt, although they may have the same five-star classification.

Commonly, floating hotels in Egypt are classified into three categories: luxurious, deluxe, and standard.

The luxury Nile cruisers are the best, they are provided with all the facilities you may find in any hotel.

Their cabins are spacious and lavishly decorated, with large balconies or windows overlooking the Nile river.

On the sun deck, there are a pool, Jacuzzi, bar, sun lounges, comfy sofas, and swings.

Also, you can find a luxury restaurant, bazaar, spa, and fitness center.

Nile cruise lines in Egypt


Cairo to Aswan Nile cruise

It is the longest one, which lasts for 15 days, it allows you to explore the Nile valley from the north in Cairo to the South in Aswan.

Cruise from Luxor to Aswan

It is the best Nile cruise package that enables you to see the magnificent antiquities of Luxor and Aswan and enjoy the natural beauty of Upper Egypt while cruising the Nile.

This voyage starts from Luxor heading towards Aswan in the south, typically it lasts for 4 nights and 5 days.

Aswan to Luxor

The attractions you will see in this program are almost the same as the Luxor-Aswan program, but it starts from Aswan in the south, sailing up to Luxor.

This Nile cruise lasts for 3 Nights and 4 days.

Luxor to Luxor 

It is an eight-day program that starts from Luxor and heads to Aswan, then returns to Luxor.

The Nile cruise of Lake Nasser

It starts from Aswan to Abu Simbel in the southernmost part of Egypt, the voyage lasts for 5 days.

The itinerary of the cruise along the Nile valley

From Cairo to Luxor

The Cairo tour includes visiting the Egyptian museum of antiquities, the old churches, the Islamic Cairo, and the Giza pyramids.

Then the ship sails towards the south, passing by Beni suef and Minya where you will visit the historical sites of Tuna El-Gebel and Beni Hassan tombs.

45 km to the south of Beni Hassan tombs, there is another important site of “Tell El-Amarna” which is the ruins of the ancient city of king Akhenaten.

After that the ship will resume moving to Asyut, then Sohag where it stops for a visit to the temple of Abydos.

Before arriving at Luxor, there is another stop to visit the temple of Dendera.

From Luxor to Aswan


In Luxor, you will spend an interesting time visiting its beautiful monuments.

On the east bank of the Nile, there are two of the most prominent temples in Egypt: the temple of Karnak and the temple of Luxor.

While the western bank is the site of mortuary temples and tombs of the new Kingdom.

Riding a hot air balloon is one of the exciting things you can do in Luxor, it is not included in the package, but it is an optional tour.

Between Luxor and Aswan, there is a stopping point in the city of Edfu, where you will make a tour of the temple of Edfu which is considered the best-preserved temple in Egypt.

The temple of Kom Ombo is your Next destination in Aswan, it is a unique double temple dedicated to two gods Horus and Sobek.

Visiting the high dam is also a major part of the Aswan tour.

Another imposing site in Aswan is the unfinished obelisk, which plays a big role in knowing the techniques of cutting and building huge obelisks in Ancient Egypt.

Then you will visit the temple of Philae, where you can enjoy seeing the impressive monuments along with charming nature.

Usually, a tour of the temple of Abu Simbel south of Aswan is optional in the Luxor-Aswan package.

From Aswan to Abu Simbel

After the construction of the high dam, a large reservoir was formed behind it, known as “the lake of Nasser”.

This site was the house of many ancient Nubian monuments that became threatened by the flood water after building the dam.

But most of them were relocated during the rescue of Nubian monuments campaign.

The Nile cruise of lake Nasser typically lasts for 5 days, during which the ship sails from Aswan down to Abu Simbel.

During the voyage, you will see most of the Nubian temples such as the temple of Kalabsha, Wadi El-Sebou, the temple of Qasr Ibrim, and the Dakkah temple.

Finally, the most important site to visit is the temple of Abu Simbel.

It was built by the great pharaoh Ramses II, it is a rock-cut temple that was relocated to a higher level to avoid its submersion.

Also, Ramses II built another rock-cut temple beside this for his wife.