12 Things To Know Before Booking A Nile Cruise

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Many tourists who visit Egypt are so excited to do a cruise on its long river, the Nile, and it is a worthy experience since you can relax and visit ancient monuments along the Nile valley. If you are thinking about doing a Nile cruise, there are some tips you should know before booking.

Best time for Nile cruise in Egypt

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Upper Egypt has warm weather in winter, but it is very hot in summer since the temperature is almost exceeding 40c.

So the best time to do a Nile cruise in upper Egypt is from October to April.

During these months, the weather is not very hot during the day so your tours will be more comfortable and you will be able to explore all the places you want to see without being exhausted from the heat.

Although the weather is nice during the day, you still need a hat, an umbrella, and a sunblock to protect you from the sun’s heat, but be careful because the weather gets cold at night so bring some heavy clothes with you.

Tipping is not included

It is very important to know that tipping is not included in the Nile cruise package. So it will be expected of you to give tipping to the staff on the cruise and the guides. It is better to ask about the range of toppings on similar journeys before sailing to make sure that you have enough money.

Exchange money before sailing

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Before doing a Nile cruise make sure to exchange money, since it will not be available during the voyage. You may need to use the local currency of Egypt “the Egyptian pound” for tipping or buying from local markets.

Duration of the Nile cruise

If you are going to book a Nile cruise in Luxor and Aswan, you will find a variety in the duration of the voyage. This difference does not affect the number of tours, but it usually impacts the spaces between tours. For example, if you do a 3-day Nile cruise, you will not have time to relax and enjoy spending some hours on the sundeck and the pool, but in the case of 4-day cruises, you will have more time to relax and stroll in the visited sites and do some extra excursions. So longer cruises are more suitable if you seek relaxation and entertainment along with visiting ancient antiquities.

Full board basis the Nile cruise

Most of the Nile cruises in Egypt have a full-board basis. Namely, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the fees, but beverages and snacks are not included, so you pay for them on the cruise. On some cruises also water bottles are not included. Though you are allowed to have your beverages and water from outside the ship, only use them inside your cabin.

Hence, it will be better to purchase your needs from water, beverages, and snacks from any local merchant before sailing. The food is served in a buffet style, but at set times, it is not available 24 hours.Benefits of Commercial Boat Insurance For Your Business

Choosing the Nile cruiser

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Although most floating hotels in Egypt are 5-star rated, they differ in facilities and services. So you should carefully ask about the amenities of the ship. Furthermore, it will be useful to see the reviews on it before booking.

Try to find a Nile cruiser that works all the year not only during tourist seasons, since it is a good sign for its maintenance and professionalism. Our best recommendation is Historia Boutique Nile Cruise.

How to choose a good cabin?

Choose a cabin on higher decks, because the cabins on low decks are close to the engines that cause noise. In addition, the motions in high cabins are less experienced than in lower levels, but you have to know that the price can differ, the cabins on lower decks are usually cheaper than higher ones.

Typically all the cabins look over the Nile, choose the ship which has balconies or at least large openable windows in the cabin since seeing the natural beauty of the Nile from your room is impressive.

What to wear during the Nile cruise?

During the tours, you visit ancient sites where you walk for some distances on unpaved roads with many rocks and ramps. So make sure to wear comfy sports shoes, and comfortable and light clothes to avoid exhaustion.

At night, you can wear any clothes you prefer, but there is no need to wear formal outfits.

The Wi-Fi internet

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The Wi-Fi internet is not free in some cruisers, so if you need an internet connection during your journey you have to check it with the agency before booking.

Don’t miss the optional tours

The schedule of the journey typically has extra optional tours, some of them are wonderful so never miss them. In Aswan, the tour of the Nubian village is not included in the main itinerary of the cruise, but it is worth visiting.

It is a small village with the Nubian style where you can integrate into the Nubian culture. In Luxor, you should try the hot air balloon tour. It is very exciting and allows you to see Luxor from the sky.


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After seeing historical sites, you can have a tour in the city of Luxor or Aswan. Both of them have a tourist market “Souq”, where you can buy all the souvenirs and gifts you need. The two markets are very similar, but the market of Aswan is larger, so if you have limited time visit the market of Aswan.

Choosing the tourist agency

When choosing the Nile cruise, take your time to compare its price with different tourist agencies to choose the best one. Besides, do not forget to read reviews about the tourist agency as it will be responsible for handling any problem during the trip.

In conclusion, we can say that the Nile cruise is one of the most amusing journeys to do in Egypt, but try to plan well for it, and choose a trusted agency to have an excellent experience.