How WordPress Can Help Students


WordPress is the world’s most trusted and popular CMS (content management system) platform. According to stats, it already powers more than 40% of all sites available on the web. So, one way or another, WP is affecting our lives. And it seems like it has the most to offer to students.

How can WordPress help young people in different spheres of their lives? Thanks to its versatility, this platform has many viable uses. In this article, we are going to tell you about a few ways how WP can help your success in college and in life in general.

Launch a Student Business

Many students are living on a tight budget and have no possibility of landing a full-time job because of a hefty academic load. Luckily, thanks to the Internet, young people can start making money for a living online, and WordPress can help you with this.

With the help of this tool, young people can easily create cool websites for business purposes. For example, you could build your own term paper writing service like PaperWriter to provide fellow students with academic assistance or build a site for other startup ideas. WP has many great themes and plugins that can be used for selling products and services and earning a side income.


Start a Blog

Another great way to use WordPress as a student is to choose it for creating your own blog. It is not a secret that launching and running a blog with this tool is easy and intuitive. Thus, even beginners can handle this task.

And what are the perks of it for you? First of all, it is a great opportunity for personal expression. By starting a blog, young people can unleash their creativity and share their ideas with a large audience. At the same time, being a blogger develops one’s analytical thinking and learning abilities. And, it could become an additional source of income for you too.

Discover Your Interests

According to the most recent statistics, out of 1.7 billion websites existing today, there were over 600 million blogs in 2024, and their number keeps growing rapidly. In this huge amount of blogs, there are resources on literally any topic. Tech, culinary, travel, crafts – these and many other topics are widely covered in popular blogs, and students can use this as an opportunity to discover their interests.

By browsing the web for interesting blogs and subscribing to them, you can understand your real passions and foster them. And it’s also an opportunity to discover many new fields and mediums to become a more rounded personality.

Communicate With Others

Even if you are not planning to build a business website or blog, WordPress can still be useful for you. Namely, it is a great means of communication. By following blogs on topics you are interested in, you can meet many same-minded people and make new friends.

If your school or teachers use WP to have a virtual space for your class, it will also give plenty of opportunities for communication. This way, you can share information, class schedules, and tasks and communicate with your classmates and teachers seamlessly.

Create a Portfolio for a Future Career


You might still be in school or college right now, but just in a few years, you will graduate and enter the labor market. And this is something you want to be prepared for well in advance.

In case you have chosen a creative career for yourself, let’s say, arts, web design, writing, or similar, WordPress can give you an opportunity to start crafting your portfolio. This platform provides many ready-made themes for digital portfolios. With its help, you can start collecting the best samples of your work right now to have a solid competitive advantage when you start looking for your first job.

Research Valuable Information

A big part of students’ daily activities is taken up by research. Young people do research to prepare for classes and exams, learn new topics, and find enough materials for their academic papers and projects. These days, the biggest part of students’ research is taking place online. And this is one more area where WordPress comes in handy.

According to stats, as many as 455 million websites out there are built on WordPress. This includes many large blogs and personal and corporate websites. Some of them could be used in your research. So, it is fair to say that without WP researching valuable information on the web would be much harder than it is now.

Study Online

Due to the Covid-19 and global pandemic, millions of students were forced to shift their studies to the digital landscape. Although it was challenging for many young people, shifting to online classrooms has made it possible for us to ensure the continuity of education. And you may not know this yet, but WordPress also played its role here.

WP enables users to build all kinds of websites. With its help, one can even build a site designed to imitate a virtual classroom and let students study online. Thanks to its intuitiveness, many schools and teachers actually used this opportunity. Thus, building virtual classrooms became another common way to use WordPress for educational purposes.

Actually, with this tool, you can even build your own virtual classroom for group studies with your friends.


The Bottom Line

WordPress has been around for a pretty long time. It launched in 2003 as a very basic CMS and grew into the largest, most universal, and most widely-used platform for building websites. After many years of improvement and upgrades, today’s WP offers almost limitless opportunities to businesses, professionals, and even students.

Now, after reading this article, you know about the key ways this platform can help students. From building a personal blog or starting a business website to accessing lots of valuable information for free – WP has a lot to offer you. So, if you are still not making the most of it, it might be the best time to start!