How Do You Make Custom Acrylic Keychains – 2024 Guide


Being creative comes in many different ways and it can be expressed through so many means that may seem strange or unorthodox. Someone who is creative and artsy may use a wide variety of solutions to make the art they care about and it is not up to anyone to tell them that it is less worthy than what may be perceived as true art. As long as it makes the artist/creator feel good and as long as it does not hurt anybody in the process, who is to say which type of art and creativity is real and which is not?

All of this is especially true in modern times when there are so many novelty materials and ways to shape them. Art has come a long way from what used to be considered artistic. Back in the day it was all about the big works of art like architecture, painting, drawing, and literature. Then came theater and the movies and everything in between. But what about small-scale art made by independent, amateur artists who simply want to express who they are and what they enjoy through something beautiful and unique?

Doing things for your own pleasure and being creative in the process may one day lead to a small private business. Especially now when there are easy ways to promote something free using the internet, it is very likely for an artistic individual to find their audience and perhaps customers. One of the most popular art techniques where millions have found their artistic side deals with acrylic art. In this article we talk about one such example, making custom acrylic keychains. Read on to find out more about this and be sure to check out for more about acrylic and epoxy creations.

Everyone Needs Keychains


Before talking about making custom acrylic keychains, let us turn to keychains as a whole and discuss why they are a great way to make a business around. First of all, everyone needs keychains. They are nifty, useful, they serve an important purpose, and best of all, they are fun. You probably have many of them just lying at home. Some are regular keychains without much value. Others are souvenirs from your travels, and some may even be more along the line of collectibles and merchandise that are too pretty and detailed to actually use as keychains. Keys are small, they are often hard to notice and we usually have many of them to bring along. Getting a keychain and having a bunch of keys together tied with a neat little figure is far better. Therefore, making custom acrylic keychains will always make sense since people always need keychains. If you want to customize a fancy keychain, you can go to There are not only acrylic keychains on the website, but also leather keychains, plastic keychains, wooden keychains, etc. You can customize the keychains you want and find the best event keychains for as long as you need them. Come and get your custom keychains at

A DIY Dream

DIY (Do It Yourself) projects are very popular these days. They have been for decades. Whenever one can make something completely on their own and no longer depend on others for help, they become a more capable person. There are many DIY projects to do around the house instead of calling professionals, but when it can also be a hobby and a creative business, things are even better. With acrylic hobbies things are a breeze because it is a material that can offer so much and with which you can do all sorts of artsy things. It is actually very easy to make acrylic keychains these days because it has grown popular enough that people came up with easy ways to get started. You only need a few things before you can get started.

Things to Get and What to Do


First of all, you will need a set of acrylic keychain supplies. These premade sets come in boxes filled with brim with everything you may need to create amazing keychains. You can find them anywhere right now, on the internet, at your local stores, wherever. A typical set contains keychain blanks, tassels, rings, and all sorts of ornaments that you can use to express your creative side and make beautiful, unique keychains to sell or give as gifts to the people you care about. The more unique the set you find, the better. You can even combine multiple sets and create something very unique that cannot be found anywhere else.

Next up, you will need a circuit machine. This will be your main tool for creating the keychains and something that will be very hard to work without. It is an investment, and by far the most expensive thing you will have to get. Entry- and mid-tier circuit machines cost a few hundred bucks, anywhere from $150 to as much as $500. You may be wondering why you need this and what it even is. A circuit machine is an electronic cutting machine that can work with all sorts of materials. From paper and vinyl to card stock and iron-on transfers, it can offer so much for an artsy person to work with. Some can even cut leather, or wood. For purposes like keychain making where you will have all sorts of designs, you will definitely need a circuit cutter.

You will then need various colors of permanent vinyl that will be the actual designs that come out of the circuit machine. When the designs come out, you will have to cut them which can be hard and time consuming with regular solutions. Pick smart vinyl if you can to ease the process. Finally, you will need transfer tape as you have to use it to tape your designs onto the acrylic keychain blanks. Doing this requires a careful and patient approach since the keychain needs to be smooth and fit the blank properly. For the best effect, you can palace the background color on one side of the blank, and the main monogram design on the other.


Conclusion and Taekawyas

This is it, now you have a great, personalized, custom acrylic keychain. You can keep it, gift it to someone you care about, or start a small business of personalized, custom keychains that the customers will order from you. Over time you will get better at it and faster as it is something that becomes second nature once you do it long enough. It is a fun hobby that you can make money from so be sure to try it if you are interested!