Will CBD Gummies Make You Feel Weird?

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A few years ago, products based on industrial hemp overflowed the market, slowly making hemp consumables normal among those who were suspicious whether it was one of the ways for people to get high. At first, they were consumed as edible oils, protein, and then several foods based on their seeds began to appear on the shelves of health food stores.

Like any novelty with controversial connotations, cannabis has attracted the attention of many health and environmental awareness activists, but also the concerns of part of the population, as it is the “sister” of the plant commonly known as marijuana. And to all of you who still think these two are the same, here is something you should know. The thing most have prejudice about is not the same as industrial hemp, as it is not used as a narcotic drug but mainly for industrial purposes. Hence the name industrial hemp. Although related, these two plants differ in one very important thing – the one commonly known as “pot” has a psychoactive substance because of which people choose to consume it while the industrial one has no psychoactive effects.

Nowadays, many unconventional vegetable oils are attracting the attention of consumers including hemp oil. It has a favorable nutritional composition, and some research has shown that it has a beneficial effect on health.

As for the beneficial effects… here’s a more detailed explanation

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It is used to treat skin ailments, calm and relax nerves, anxiety, bone and muscle pain, digestive ailments, and restore hormones to balance. It is also used to prevent oxidative cell damage, i.e. to prevent the risk of tumors.

Although it does not contain any psychoactive substances or has the intoxicating effect of “light drugs”, it is becoming increasingly popular due to its relaxing effect. You’ve probably noticed how professional sportsmen use it in their everyday routine, massage it into the skin to relieve pain after the training.

In the USA, consumers see it as a magic elixir added to scented baths, dog treats, and medicines, but there’s one more form people find very appealing as well. It’s the gummy bears. In fact, they are among the top 10 most googled foods in 2018. Yes, we’re talking Haribo-like gummy bears kids love to consume, only these are intended for adults.

If you’re interested in trying, you must be wondering whether it will have some funny effect on you, or will it make you feel weird?

Scientists have done some research on the effect CBD generally has on treating people suffering from anxiety, since many write about its beneficial effect making those who suffer from it hope for a solution for permanently treating this condition. What they have found out, though, is that it takes a larger dose than the one consumables contain, to treat the condition, emphasizing how those who claim gummy bears have a relaxing effect are in fact lying. Or they are experiencing a placebo effect.  Moreover, they claim that this oil can have a negative effect when consumed in combination with other drugs. Thus, it is important not to combine it without consulting a doctor, first.

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That’s what scientists say, but let’s see what is the experience of those who tried gummy bears… What is the effect, and how fast does it appear?

Surely, they do have an effect on the body of the consumer, but how fast does it take place? They work at different speeds, depending on the reason you use them for. The speed of action also depends on your body weight, gender, and life habits. It is very important to emphasize, first of all, that if you suffer from a condition for months or years, you cannot expect to solve that condition in one day. So, consistency is something you have to be prepared for.

According to vapingvibe.com, the experiences of users are different. The onset of action from the moment of eating one varies from 30 minutes to 15 days, in rare cases up to 30 days.

In general, most users feel a slight relaxation after 30 minutes, both mentally and physically. Thus, begins the overall regeneration of the organism. It helps the body return to homeostasis.

Every organism has a certain amount of cannabinoids in it. The lack of these elements in the body leads to pathological conditions.

If your body needs a large number of cannabinoids, it will take you a long time to take gummy bears to feel better. Longer time means from 3 to 15 days.

How do you take them, then?

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Knowing all the above mentioned, it is safe to conclude that they work individually. The only way to know the effect is to try and see. As for the recommended dose, start with the daily dose of approximately 20 mg, and be patient. If this dose of gummy bears makes you sleepy all day, reduce the dose and take only one gummy a day. This is a sign that your body needs fewer cannabinoids to return to balance. If you do not feel better after ten days, it could be because of the following reasons:

  • You have been suffering from a condition for too long, therefore it may take you some time to experience their effect, i.e. a month.
  • You may need a larger dose. Here, it’s important to know that gummy bears come in different strengths, so try some that contain larger doses of oil.
  • There are people who are immune to such consumables. Believe it or not, approximately 3% of the population is entirely immune to their effect. Taking these gummy bears is useless for them.

Final word

To return to the question we have asked in the title… If you think that feeling of relaxation is weird, then don’t eat these gummy bears. They simply do not contain the substance that has any other effect on your body than relaxing. Moreover, many have said that as opposed to taking medications, these do not have any side-effect.