Why Natural Makeup is Better for Your Skin

Whenever we are talking about makeup, we somehow tend to mix environment and health. As you all know we are all up for bringing health back to our environment and easing the pollution, but what about our health? Are we taking care of it and are we doing it enough?

The beauty industry, makeup, in particular, has always been under a huge spyglass. From controlling what substances go into what to controlling the testing stages and on what or who are particular things are being tested. Makeup isn’t that easy to produce and healthier makeup is even more difficult. There is a lot of trial and error and there are plenty of tests to be done to achieve your desired results. At some point, this industry has been shaken by animal testing and animal rights watches which made the companies change their ways.

Nowadays we have different types of concerns and mostly we care about our health and the health of the environment. As you know to create something there are huge amounts of different products being mixed with the use of some sort of chemicals and a lot of energy. Most of these are bad for the environment which is why the industry, again, had to make certain changes to reduce pollution and bad chemicals going into the air, water and land.

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The last thing we have to worry about and the topic of our article is natural makeup, which has been long forgotten, and why exactly is it better for your skin and overall health? To find out more keep reading, and if you want to find some true natural makeup made like the good old days, try The NATIVES Co.

Natural makeup is not about saving the environment anymore, it is a demand for health and better and safer consumer products. So, what do natural makeup producers trying to sell you? Well, the fact is that they are concerned with the chemicals like phthalates and parabens which are so-called endocrine disruptors. These are so bad and so powerful over time that they may end up altering your hormones and several leading scientific organizations have tied these to issues with diabetes, infertility, neurological issues, cancers and much more. What is even worse than this is the fact that they are in almost anything from cleansers to moisturizers.

Whether you knew it or not, parabens and other chemicals are something you can find in every skincare product and makeup product. They are used to make these feel better, smell better or last longer. According to FDA, there is no extensive research or any results for that matter that show the bad side of palates or parabens or that they have any harmful effects on consumers. FDA also claims that cosmetic manufacturers can use any ingredient they choose.

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The times are gone when we were uninformed, uninterested, and unable to find the right information. The times are when we are turning over packages of anything and deciphering what we bought, what are we eating, and what has been added or subtracted from anything from food to our healthcare. What we also know, but somehow choose to not know, is the fact that whatever you put on your skin also gets absorbed into your organism, just like anything you would eat or drink. It is a bit slower but it eventually gets in there and makes a lot of issues. Our skin is pretty much the largest organ of our body and we must always keep that in mind. This is the reason why we all should start paying more attention to what we put on our skin and always strive for really natural products.

What we all forgot, or were unaware of until now, there were some sorts and forms of makeup hundreds of years back. Then there were no chemicals, there were no additives, and no questionable ingredients were being added to these. Back in those days, makeup couldn’t be bought and owned by everyone. Only royal families or those that had a bigger position in society. This was the reason why these skin and healthcare products were purely natural and why they never had anything bad or synthetic in them.

Herbs, plants, spring water and other things were the main ingredients and certain leaves, grass plants and flowers were added for colours, smells, consistencies etc…there were a handful of plants that were thought to have some sort of medicinal benefits and they were used abundantly. As times progressed the knowledge and usages of these cremes and pomades were broadened and over the years we came to mass consumerism, where you cut all corners possible to make as much of the product needed, as diverse as needed and for the best price possible.

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In those far-gone years all you needed are several herbs like arnica, meadowsweet, borage, calendula, alfalfa and some others to mix with natural oils obtained from olives, elderberry or any other plant, and what you ended up with was a full healthcare/makeup product that was 100% all-natural.

We tend to forget that we were all, at one point, one with nature and that we came from nature, came to from the caves, tents and forests to where we were now. We forget that nature was our co-operator and that it provided anything we needed as long as we looked for help. Humans, animals and nature are built to work together and live together and have everything they need without issues. During evolution and our strive for perfection, technology, and ease of life we forgot that we were a piece in that puzzle and made an offset that is now slowly suffocating the other two pieces.

This is why we all must return to our roots, must question what we eat, drink and put on our skin and bodies even more. We all need to turn back to nature and the natural way of maintaining our health. Nature will respond in the only way it knows – with nothing but benefits.