How to Use Modern Technology and Engage Your Customers

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If you are a business owner who works directly with consumers, you probably already know the importance of keeping them informed about the news, product inventory, and current special offers you have for them. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine a business without your own website or blog, but also profiles on social networks, where you communicate directly with consumers. It’s a perfectly normal part of accepting new technologies as part of the job, and indeed, everyone is incorporating that concept, and it works well.

What has become popular in recent years, and many companies are already applying it, is an interactive mobile application that will facilitate the use of the service. According to Softengi, the development of technological solutions does not stop here and the future is really bright for both business owners and users of their services.

Technology has helped us many times to make our lives easier in many ways. Above all, it is especially important for us to save time and money, given that we live in a very dynamic and rapid era of human development. Therefore, practicality is something we all need, and we could not have it without accepting technology in our lives.

Companies are well aware of this and strive to make their products available to all people, regardless of age and technology literacy. They cater to customers, optimize their services, and become more accessible than ever for both service and communication.

The great thing is that thanks to these innovations, you can always be available to customers and provide them with an amazing user experience, and here’s how you can do it:

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  1. Develop a digital community

This is a great way to encourage consumers to communicate with each other, share recommendations, but also to contact you if necessary. Sometimes it can be a special website, but also a group of social networks, a Twitter account, a Viber or a Telegram channel, or a platform that suits you better to use. In this community, you will be able to tell them the news, encourage them to criticize you if necessary, and learn for yourself how to improve your services. Many companies are already taking advantage of this and are here to listen to their most loyal customers whenever needed.

  1. Be recognizable everywhere

This is how you build brand awareness. Create something that is specific and unique just for you. Maybe it will be access to communication, mobile application, or interactive website. Maybe it will be the Instagram profile, with quality and informative content, thanks to which you will motivate your customers to come back to you and use your services again. Recognition is hard to build, but it is one of the most effective ways to maintain consistency in the market. And technology makes it more accessible than ever.

  1. Communicate through social networks

People today would rather write a message on Instagram or Facebook, instead of searching and finding the product on your website. Use it to improve direct communication. Many companies have employees who are strictly engaged in responding to messages and giving instant recommendations for products that the customer is interested in. Social networks today have almost replaced the classic search engines. If you are still thinking, we will tell you that there are giant brands that are already taking advantage of this and retaining customers, in a way that they are constantly open to communication and respond immediately to messages.

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  1. Do not be afraid to use AIs and bots

It is perfectly normal not to be available to answer questions at all times unless you are an international company covering all time zones. But if you’re a local business, surely your employees sometimes get some rest and sleep too, so you could not come up with answers overnight. But in such cases, chatbots can really do the job and give good answers. They work on the principle of keywords and are automated based on that to give a generic answer to a particular question. In such a case, the user receives information that there are no operators available, but also a list of useful links and tips, through which he will be able to find an answer or he will be patient until someone can respond live.

  1. Live customer support

This is something that users love – instant answers almost immediately after asking a question. However, this can be quite expensive and unsustainable, as it means more employees and a more payroll budget. Some companies can afford it, but such a thing cannot be expected from a small local business. In fact, you may be lucky enough to have one of the administrators wake up and respond immediately. Well, let’s go back to the previous paragraph and the convenience of chatbots in communicating with customers.

  1. Offer personalized service

Based on the activity of the user, you can personalize your address to him. You can always insert their name in the generic message, offer them interesting products, improve customer support and ask them for feedback after a while. This builds trust and increases the chance that the same user will contact you again and buy from you. And that is exactly the purpose of the existence of businesses and companies.

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Without technology, we cannot imagine a modern way of life. We need it to get the right services from both government agencies and online retailers and service providers. No matter the nature of your business, you must incorporate the most important technological aspects in order to be transparent and accessible to those who are most important to you, namely your customers and consumers.

Of course, choose the channels that are appropriate for your business, but also those that you can serve, without representing an unjustified cost to the company budget. In fact, with the right application of modern technologies, you can optimize your expenses and at the end of the year, save more money than you planned. And that is the purpose of the modern concept of work.