6 Reasons Why Men Love Oral Sex? Enjoy Giving More Than Receiving

For unexplained reasons, the world remains at the conception that men are selfish in bed, only interested in receiving, not offering. In fact, things are not like that at all. Especially when it comes to the woman they love, men want to know that they satisfy their partner and even pride in the fact that they can give her pleasure.

So do not be afraid to tell your lover that you want oral sex. He loves to know that he has brought you to the peaks of ecstasy. Besides, there are some advantages for both of you. Here are the reasons why your man loves to have oral sex.

1. Extend Pleasure

First of all, it is important to know that most men date professional escorts simply because they want to experience oral sex to another level. Some of them are not receiving this type of sex from their partners.

Others simply want to try a new and intense experience. If you also want this, then date a professional escort. Check our escorts in Belfast so that you can be sure that you choose the perfect girl for your needs.

The sexual act itself (that is, starting from the moment he penetrated you) lasts a few minutes. Therefore, if he wants the game to last more, he will be happy to dedicate more time. In fact, any man can learn many useful tips from an escort. These tips can help them have a fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

2. Increases Chances of Having Orgasm Simultaneously

If you were to imagine the touch of orgasm as a competition, men would win every time. However, sex is a team sport, and if your partner is in charge of you before the “main test”, this increases the chances to finish the “race” at the same time.

The sexy massage you make with your fingers in his hair makes him go crazy and makes him even more excited. The scalp is covered with sensitive nerve endings, which do not receive much attention. So, any touch in this area is welcome. In addition, you will feel absolutely great as well.

3. Can Enjoy Your Body

Each man has some favorite areas he admires in the body of his partner. And it’s not just breasts. There are small hidden rounds and angles, which in his mind get a strong air of sexuality (even if you do not notice them).

It can be the curvature of the waist, the back of the back, the very fine skin under the belly, or the naughty way in which you move your hips. While having oral sex, he can enjoy everything, tasting, kissing, and handling everything he likes.

If you haven’t had this type of experience so far, then go for it. Confidently offer your partner the best oral sex ever. You will soon see that the connection between you will highly improve.

Moreover, your relationship will become stronger and more durable. Do not underestimate the importance and power of a satisfying sex life. Also, don’t forget that communication is also very important.

4. Loves the View of Your Breasts from This Position

Do you need extra words? It is at the height of happiness when he can give you an orgasm and he likes to make you feel good. Plus, he will enjoy the most amazing view of your breasts.

No matter what you ask, he will be happy to satisfy you, whether it is a relaxing massage or oral sex. All men like to see their partners happy and satisfied. Therefore, they will do everything they can to achieve this goal.

Oral sex is the perfect opportunity to pay attention to the clitoris-a bit ignored during normal parties. Now there is nothing to distract him and he can focus on himself when you are offering him oral sex. Nothing is more intimate than oral sex, not even penetration. At such times, the connection between you is stronger than ever. You are connected both physically and emotionally.

5. Offer… and You Will Receive!

It is not as if you were waiting to return his favor, but it is very true that-especially in sex-the more generous you are, the more you receive. Whether you choose to reward him immediately, the next night, over a week, or … not at all, he will still be glad that he can give you pleasure.

In addition, when you are so excited during oral sex, there are many chances that the evening will not stop there. A wonderful perspective, isn’t it?

Although oral sex is a taboo subject in the lives of many couples, most men reach the peak of pleasure practicing this type of sex. For women, it is incomprehensible why men love oral sex, just as men are unworthy why women are so emotional and cry from any trifle.

In some aspects, men are very different than women. Yet, we should all accept just the way we are. Moreover, sex life plays a very important role in any couple. So, you should never ignore it.

6. Men Like to Feel Superior to Women

The visual aspect during oral sex gives them this superiority. For example, if a woman kneels in front of a man it means that she becomes vulnerable and obeys the man and allows him to dominate her.

Another signification is that oral sex for men gets identified with the need for admiration. In fact, this is one of the main needs of men. Subconsciously I see this erotic act as being very close to what manhood means.

For men, oral sex differs significantly from the usual sex. First of all, because it is not practiced very often. Second of all, when the partner accepts to give him oral sex, this brings her greater pleasure and satisfaction.

For most women, this practice is by no means a pleasant one. This is because, according to sexologists, women have uncertainty about the relationship, to the partner’s feelings, and resort to oral sex only for the fear of possible deception.

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