What is CS:GO Gambling?

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Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) is currently one of the most played online shooter games and can also be played for free. However, the cosmetic content, the skins, are not free of charge. Here, high sums can be achieved for a skin through a sale. No wonder that it is possible to earn money on the Internet. One of these possibilities is CS:GO Gambling, but what is it anyway?

What is CS:GO Gambling anyway?

If you translate the English word gambling into German, this question is quite clear by itself. Gambling means gambling and CS:GO Gambling is nothing else. This is a form of gambling, where you don’t play with real money, but you bet game content from CS:GO (in this case the skins) as prizes. On the Internet, you can find rows and rows of online casinos that offer games of chance of this kind.

Other forms of CS:GO gambling

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In the CS:GO online casinos, classic forms of gambling can be played. But also so-called CSGO Betting is possible. This involves betting on the outcome of a CS:GO match. The classic Wheel of Luck is of course also available. Here, similar to roulette, you bet on a winning field. The different winning fields offer different high winnings and in the end the Wheel of Luck decides which field is the winning field.

Other games such as HiLo Gamble, which is a card game, or CS:GO Crash Gambling are widely used ways to play skins. But also a classic CS:GO Roulette is available, at Raffles a certain skin is offered for raffle and of course jackpot games may not be missing.

How do CS:GO gambling games work?

Apart from the classic rules of gambling, which are also followed here, CS:GO games of chance naturally differ in the winnings that can be obtained. Here it is possible to play without real money and bet only virtual game content, win, but also lose. With a little luck, very valuable skins can be obtained here by betting little. In addition to the games of chance, members of these casinos can also participate in raffles in which skins can be won.

The skins that can be wagered in such casinos can either be transferred from your own Steam account to the casino or purchased directly from the casino with real money. In order to use these functions, however, you should make sure in advance that this is a reputable casino.

How reputable are CS:GO casinos?

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As a rule, operators of CS:GO casinos must adhere to guidelines that provide players with a fair gaming experience. This is “Provably Fair System“, so every player has the chance to check the results and randomness with the help of a checksum. Another indication of a reputable casino is the possibility of a refund if there are any difficulties with the shipping of the skins.

Of course, there are some casinos that try to circumvent the rules and try to get money by cheating. However, their number is significantly lower than the reputable providers, where you can try your luck with a clear conscience.

If one is unsure, the targeted CS:GO casino should simply be googled. On the Internet, some test players offer lists on which such scam casinos are enumerated. With this, the player is on the safe side and can try his luck in a CS:GO gambling. Who knows, maybe one of the most valuable CS:GO skins is waiting in the next match?