10 Fashionable Ways To Wear A Bangle Bracelet

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Testing out new methods for putting on bangles is considered the most ideal way to liven up your look. The most frequently favoured wearables are the interchangeable bangle bracelets. They can be easily found in a huge variety of colors and shapes.

People undoubtedly love trying out new and different ways to wear these bracelets that could go in perfect harmony with your attire. They can be whatever you want them to be, small or big, silver or gold, circular or square-shaped. You can also make them shiny, glossy, traditional, and numerous other things to complement your style.

This versatility is what makes them so popular today in every fashion enthusiast’s wardrobe. You can also look more fashionable by wearing them in some of the ways listed below. But before that, check out BuDhaGirl.com’s bangles bracelets collections for some of the best collections.

10 Fashionable Ways To Wear A Bangle Bracelet

1. Try Different Shapes

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There is no written rule for bangles to be only circular. A differently shaped piece can quickly become your signature style. Try mixing two different shaped bangles and wear them together.

You can also try wearing two or more different shaped bracelet. You might like how it turns out.

2. You Can Use Mixed Colors

You can also experiment with different colored bangles without sticking strictly to one similar shade. There’s no need to hold back with one simple shade when you can look just as elegant with different colored ones.

You will especially love mixed-colored ornaments if you like experimenting with different colored clothes too. Mixing two or more separate colored bangles of brighter shades with a solid-colored outfit gives you a splendid look.

3. Try Out Bangles Of Different Sizes

Just like in the case of shapes, your wristlets don’t need to be proportionate when it comes to their sizes. You could wear small and large-sized pieces and still look uniquely elegant in them.

Even so, small and medium-width bangles complement each other the most. You can create a fun textured theme by adding small bangles between slightly wider bangles. Just keep in mind that the bigger bangles don’t overshadow the smaller ones. You can also throw in different colored bangles to make them look stylish.

4. Test Out Different Textures

Stop being held back by one consistent look only. Instead, try adding more texture by wearing bracelets with different finishes. Unique textured bangles can add so much more to your wrists and bring out their true beauty.

Different textures not only divert the eyes to your wrists but also enhance the beauty of the clothes you wear. Different accents of bangles include ones with beads, cuts, and engravings. Mixing engraved ornaments with solid ones is another pleasant choice.

5. They Are Not Just For Your Wrists

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What makes bangle bracelets so versatile is that they can be worn not just on your wrist but also on your ankles. These ornaments on your ankles can bring out the most stylish look on your outfit and also your shoes.

Stretchy ones are suggested to be worn on the ankles for a more elegant vibe. Even wearing more than one can enhance your whole look for the day.

6. All That Glitters Is Silver

Wearing two-toned metallic bangles brings out a glossy and clean look on your hands. Silver bangles can bring to life even a plain union of a simple t-shirt with jeans. Finger accessories also are an amazing choice to complement your bangles.

Heap them with each other for a funky look. Heels or vintage shoes go best with these bangles if you want them to be eye-catching. You can wear normal or low-level or short shoes to tone the bangles down if you want your outfit to stand out.

7. Cuff Bangles That Don’t Disappoint

The cuff style bangle bracelets are indeed a very unique new variation of the bangle. These elongated bangles can give an expensive clean look with decorated ornaments or a plain look too.

These pieces usually go very well with formal coats and short dresses. They are also easy to deal with since you won’t need any other extra elements when wearing these. Oversized tops along with denim and mules complement them best.

8. Best For Every Occasion

With so many bangles to pick from, it’s quite possible to get overwhelmed and overlook how important it is to match your jewelery to the event. You at least don’t want to find yourself looking silly thanks to your bangle selection.

Examine the occasion’s venue and schedule to choose the bangle color, width, and accent that will be most appropriate. Tiny ones that match your dress go best with ceremonious gatherings. If you have a casual meeting, you can try a stronger looking model.

9. Don’t Let Sleeves Get In The Way

It’s difficult to go out somewhere, not wearing a bangle if you’ve grown accustomed to having them on. If your tshirt’s sleeves are long enough to engulf you whole arm, you might have to consider leaving these wearables at home.

It does not make sense to wear a bangle if it is hidden under your long sleeves. Wearing accessories that don’t contribute anything to your attire will make you look silly. If they bring value to your appearance, always wear them.

10. Bracelet Bangles With A Watch

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Combining your bracelets with a watch is a brilliant way to wear them on one hand. That’s right, you read that correctly. Taking this risky action can help you capture the attention of the people for the best of reasons.

Choose a slim bracelet if you wish to wear your bangle and wristwatch on the same hand without trying too hard.


Provided that you are someone who adores bangles, you might now use them for every occasion all the while being elegant. You also don’t have to be concerned about stumbling upon a styling blunder with these helpful hints.

Mix and match your bangle bracelets to look more fashionable, but don’t go overboard with a high count of them crowding over the hand. Be certain that each item is comfortable and think of the theme of where you’re going while selecting bangle bracelets to wear.