How To Choose The Right Lipstick Color For Your Skin Tone


Cosmetics are natural or artificial compounds are in use since time immemorial to increase standards of charm. However, as days passed, manufacturing and cosmetics practices underwent a sea change.

For example, there are thousands of hues of lipsticks available presently on the market. The materials are well researched and well-marketed, and wide varieties are available to consumers. Modern lipsticks not only help in improving your personality but also have ingredients that may improve your health.

For instance, the Salmon pink 121 lipstick from goes beyond our simplistic understanding of salmon lipstick. It is enriched with anti-aging ingredients and Vitamin E, which keeps the lips moisturized.

Today’s Cosmetics are meant for the smart consumer – A consumer aware of her skin type.

What Is Skin Tone?


If we were to simplify, skin tone would mean skin color. An American dermatologist Thomas B Fitzpatrick generated a palette of varying skin tones, which came to be known as the Fitzpatrick scale. Today this scale, which includes skin colors like white, light brown, dark brown, and olive, is used by cosmetic companies all over the world to design products for all skin tones.

Growing Consciousness About Skin Tone

In the 21st century, there has been a growing consciousness about skin tones. The rise of anti-racist sentiments has compelled cosmetic companies of the world to take cognizance of the needs of their non-European consumers. Hence cosmetic products like lipsticks, foundations, or primers are now available and suitable for people of Asian or African origin.

Challenges In Finding Cosmetics Suiting The Complexion

Lack Of Awareness

In spite of growing consciousness about skin tones and undertones, the knowledge is still limited to very few persons.

Lack Of Expert Knowledge

People are aware of the existence of many skin tones; in many cases do not know their skin color or what color combination would suit their complexion.

Forced Ignorance

The preference for a fair complexion is so much that people continue buying lipsticks matching a fair complexion irrespective of their skin hue.

Finding The Right Lipstick Suitable For Your Skin Hue

The very first thing you do is find out what your complexion and skin undertone is. Generally, the complexions may be warm, neutral, or cool.

You can check your skin tone by seeking advice from experts usually available in high-end cosmetic stores. By wearing a white t-shirt, if your skin looks yellowish, it indicates that your skin tone is cool. Apart from this, your vein color also indicates your undertone. For instance, if the veins appear greenish, it indicates your warm undertone.

Choosing The Lipstick That Is Best Suited For Your Skin Tone


If we broadly divide skin colors into fair, whitish, or dusky, some generic tips might help you determine the kind of lipstick compatible with each skin type.

Fair Complexion

  • Bold shades: For people with a fair complexion, bold shades look stunning. So, shades like cherry-red, flamenco, or bright red, look attractive on such people.
  • Nudes: People with creamy hues can wear varieties of nudes. Shades like beige and pink are the preferred choices for them.
  • Glossy finish- for people with golden color, glossy makes the lips fuller, brighter and charming.
  • Matt shades: Peach and coral with a matt texture look wonderful on the fair complexion.

Whitish Complexion

  • Bold shades: For this complexion, shades of Fuschia and burgundy look impressive.
  • Nudes: Shades like sepia and mahogany can do wonders for the wheatish complexion.
  • Matte: Coffee tinted, Mocha, shades of wine or magenta look splendid on a wheatish complexion.

Dusky Complexion

  • Bold shades: Shades such as chocolate brown and crimson red appear good on a dusky complexion.
  • Nudes: People with a dusky complexion have lesser options when in the case of nude shades, yet now there are shades like peach, salmon, or pinkish beige that match perfectly with a dusky complexion.
  • Matte: Lipsticks with cherry red, sienna, sand nude, and caramel complement the dusky complexion perfectly well.

Basic Tricks That Can Help Determine Which Shade Suits Your Particular Skin Type

By trying and experimenting with different shades of lipsticks and putting a shade a little lighter or a shade a little darker than your complexion, you can ultimately determine which color matches best for you.

However, finding out your skin tone in itself will not do any wonders for getting the perfect lipstick that is best suited for you. It is because other than skin color; several other factors determine how an individual may look.

Factors Influencing Your Looks

  • How plump your lips are: On the lips that are already plum and heavy, a glossy and bold shade will not enhance the look any further. In fact, in such cases, individuals should go for a darker shade that makes the lips look smaller. Again, lips can be top-heavy or bottom-heavy, which will impact the shades and the texture that will suit the lips.
  • The symmetry of the lips- whether a shade of color suits an individual depends upon the symmetry and asymmetry of the lips.


There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to choosing a shade of lipstick. Every individual is different, and so is every lip-type; hence feel free to experiment. Sometimes using a lip liner that is somewhat darker or lighter than the actual lipstick does wonder to enhance the overall look.

But leaving aside all this, you must remember that there is a right or wrong way or a limit when experimenting with your appearance. You should feel free to choose, experiment, and see for yourself what works for you and what does not.

Lastly, you should always wear what makes you feel confident irrespective of anybody’s judgments and opinions.