6 Wall Art Tips And Ideas That Add Style To Your New Home

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Whether you are the owner of a small apartment or a huge house, whether you like minimalist or maximalist style – when renovating or furnishing a living space, you will have to think about decorating the interior walls. Do you want your space to reflect your style? Then take a look at some of our wall art suggestions and concepts that will add a stylish touch to your new home.

Walls Are The Best Place To Express Your Creativity

Decorating walls can sometimes be very tricky. We have all faced with the situation when we stand in front of an empty, white wall. Should we change its color or maybe put some paintings on it? Do not be afraid, because countless ideas and possibilities will complete your interior and make the design of your walls more stylish.

Artistic paintings or stylish mirrors can always be a good choice – however, you can find so many other ways you can do this. Wall is like a blank canvas where you can express your creativity and style. Still, remember that not every wall needs to be decorated. For the decoration to be best expressed, you have to create a balance between empty and decorated walls. Here are some creative ideas that could inspire you.

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Creative Modes To Adorn Your Interior Walls

An empty, large wall can sometimes look even refreshing, especially when the room is equipped with massive furniture and carpets of various designs and patterns – or other decorative elements. However, if the wall is empty and there is not enough furniture and decorations in the large room – the whole space may look neglected and monotonous.

If you want to bring a little style to every square meter of your living space, including the walls – we suggest a few great ways to enrich the interior. From the use of natural stone to wallpaper, there are many solutions for decorating the walls in your home. It will reflect your style, and you can even give the space a touch of art. So let’s see what options we can choose!

1. Wall Painting

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Painting the walls is a quick and cheap way to give the old room a new look. Wall paints can be found in different colors and can be glossy oil or latex paint. The latter are mostly preferred by people because of their ease of application and durability.

Also, they are more resistant to mold, and the wall below “breathes” better – so it is recommended that if you already use paint, use the latex one. When it comes to color, you can play with different styles. Today, it often happens that three walls in a room are painted in a neutral color such as beige – while one wall is painted in a more intense color that will give the room character. If you are preparing the property for sale – it is best to paint the walls beige, white or off-white.

This will allow the next owner to easily paint the walls a different color if they wish – and will give your rooms a cleaner look. Cool colors such as blue, dark green, and purple will make small rooms look more spacious – while red, yellow, or orange will give a more vivid look to the room.

2. Your Personal Art Gallery

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Paintings are indispensable when it comes to wall decoration. There are so many ways you can combine them. If you want a minimalist look, let your pictures be black or white, with a dark and modest frame – while if you want liveliness in the home, choose bright colors, interesting and bulky frames.

According to diamondarthome, various themes in paintings are present everywhere today. Everything from pop art to minimalist style is modern – and today, we have increasingly popular and very unusual diamond art paintings that you can make so that they are personalized. This will add extra glamor and leave your personal stamp in the room. If you prefer a more reduced style – then let only one larger picture hang on your wall. While those more daring who like to experiment can fill the whole wall with paintings and thus create their gallery.

3. Wallpaper

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If you thought that wallpaper would never be relevant again – you were wrong. They are here again, but not like before, because now it is much more moderate. Therefore, wallpaper on just one wall will greatly refresh the look of every room in your home. If it is a living room, it would be best to place it on the wall where the TV is, while in the bedroom it will look best behind the headboard. Choose the design following the style of your furniture and the color of the other walls. In addition to classic wallpapers, you can now have beautiful photo wallpapers on your wall that you choose yourself. Therefore, consider this original idea.

4. Big Clock

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Clocks can also be very decorative. If you have an empty and one-color wall in your home, a great idea for its decoration is to place a large decorative clock on it. However, we do not mean an ordinary clock, but one that occupies almost the entire wall. You can make it yourself or buy it in big furniture stores. So it is necessary to stick the digits on the wall and add the clock hands with the mechanism. You have to admit this is a very original way to decorate the walls. Although if you don’t like the previous suggestion, a great idea is to combine several clocks on the wall that show different time zones.

5. Natural Stone For Wall Decoration

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Natural stone is also very popular when it comes to interior design. It can give your living space a rustic charm if you use it on interior pillars, fireplaces, and parts or entire walls. Stone bars made of scraper, yellow travertine, etc. – will provide a special look to the wall behind the TV and allow you to rest your eyes from time to time. In addition to the walls in the hallways, kitchen, and living room – the walls of the bathroom can also be covered with natural stone. This is something that many designers and architects even recommend – given that stone is a very durable material with high moisture resistance.

6. Interesting Shelves

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In addition to being practical and valuable because you put a bunch of things – shelves can also greatly refresh any room. If you are not a fan of large shelves – then let your choice be shelves in the form of boards, which are now very popular.

The Bottom Line

We hope that some of these ideas will come in handy if you are thinking about decorating your apartment right now. Whatever you decide on, be creative, relaxed, follow your feelings – and we are sure that the result will be fantastic.