8 Tips for Training your Betta Fish – 2024 Guide

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Betta fish is known for its beautiful and vibrant color and is one of the most popular fish pets across the world. It is not very difficult to train them, all you need is a few tips and tricks and your fish will master all the tricks in a matter of a few weeks.

If you are also looking forward to buying a betta fish, check out bktfish. In this article, you will learn about 8 tips that will help you train your betta easily.

Img source: istockphoto.com

Get to know your fish!

As soon as you bring it home, it becomes inseparable from you. When you spend a lot of time with a fish, it begins to recognise you. In training them, this will be a huge assistance.

For new fish, you should give it at least a week to become used to you before you begin feeding it. As soon as it begins swimming towards you, you know it’s finally noticed you.

Make sure your fish is in good health.

Check the fish’s color and the smoothness of its scales before purchasing it. Check there aren’t any openings in the fins at all. That being said, make sure that it doesn’t move too slowly, but rather that it moves quickly and effortlessly.

When bubbles appear on the water’s surface, know that this fish is sexually mature.

Snacks Time

You should stock up on fish food. These may be used as a reward for training. Worms are like potato chips for your pet.

Daphnia, mosquito larvae, and tubifex worms are among foods that they may consume. Overfeeding your pet with worms is a bad idea since they are small and may get ill. It may be detrimental, even if the food and qualities are wonderful. You must give two to three pellets or bloodworms for each meal for a well mature male.

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Wash Your Hands

Hands should be washed with lukewarm water before you touch the water in the tank or engage in any other activity. Soap is hazardous to fish, so avoid using it. Wash your hands with soap after you are done interacting with your fish.

Get your betta’s attention with this trick

Tap gently on the glass to see whether it is ready for training; if it glances at your palm and starts moving its gills swiftly, it is ready. It’s best to give it half a worm if it doesn’t respond to your hand. As long as you’re careful not to tap too forcefully or repeatedly, you won’t harm your fish.

Make Him Follow Your Finger

If it successfully follows your finger, reward it. However, if they’ve ignored you, shake your finger till they do. Also, remember you should never keep your pet in under five gallons as it is cruel and unethical.

To get your pet’s attention, try a variety of motions with your finger. The first step is to move your finger to the tank’s opposing sides. Afterwards, move your finger in both horizontal and vertical directions at once.

Each time your fish follows you, give it a treat. At the very least, spend three to five minutes a day working with them on this. Other techniques may be taught to your fish if they follow your finger regularly. Teaching new tricks to your pet will be much simpler now that it can follow your finger.

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Teach Your Pet To Flare

When a male betta sees another male betta, he pounces on it. Flaring occurs when the fish’s gills are fully opened and its fins are stretched to their greatest length. Flaring enlarges them by a factor of two. Female and male bettas may be trained by their owners to flake when they are told to. Aside from providing your betta with some much-needed physical activity, flaring also stimulates them to build bubble nests.

When male bettas begin blowing little bubbles in clusters on the surface of the water, they are beginning the process of creating a bubble nest. To avoid stressing your betta, use the flare method for just 3-5 minutes every day. Take a red or black-capped pen and a tiny mirror if you want your betta to shine. If you want your betta to recognise the pen, don’t alter the color of the pen between training sessions.

Once your betta begins to flare, lay your pen close to the little mirror in front of the tank. Ideally, you should repeat the procedure at least twice more. Even if your betta shows signs of fear and retreats, you should persist in your efforts.

Remove the mirror but leave the pen until the betta begins to flare up. Every time your betta starts to act up, reward him with a tasty gift. Your betta should start flaring up when you show it merely the pen.

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Your betta should be taught to jump around.

Jumping is a normal part of the betta fish’s daily routine. Place half of the bloodworms on a feeding stick. Start by placing the stick in the water and watch the fish swim towards it. If you want to catch a fish, move your stick closer to the water’s surface and let it swim toward you.

The betta will leap to collect its food if you pull the stick away from the surface of the water as soon as the fish starts swimming toward you. The stick may be replaced with your finger after they’ve been taught to leap when they see it.

Final Word

Bettas are beautiful creatures that make amazing pets. They like to live alone in their fish jars, but they enjoy being the center of attention of their owners, so training them isn’t tough.

The only thing you need to do is make sure they are healthy and fed on time. If the betta is not in excellent health, it may not listen to your directions. Because of this, you must always keep an eye on its well-being and maintain the tank properly.