Valente Rodriguez Net Worth 2024


Valente Rodriguez was born on February 14th, 1961, in Edcouch, Texas. He is an actor, producer, and director, famous for his role of Ernie in George Lopez and principal Camillo in McFarland. Coming from migrant parents, he was the youngest of 8 siblings.

After he graduated from Texas-Pan American, he moved to Los Angeles with the financial help of Marian Monta, the head of the theatre department at the university.  He was awarded Alumni Award in 2006 for his successful career on television and film. 

Body Measurement

valente rodriguez UTPA

The actor’s hair and eyes are brown colored. He is 5.5 feet tall and weighs around 85 kilograms.  

Relationship status

Although there are various pieces of information about his professional career as an actor and director, Valente Rodriguez is pretty withdrawn when it comes to his private life. It is unclear if he had previous relationships.

He does not have any children and is not in a relationship at this point. Even though we searched through his social network profiles about his private life, we could not find any information related to his relationship status.


valennte rodriguez office of graduate studies

Valente Rodriguez attended Edcouch Elsa High School. Reportedly he was the first child in his family that graduate from high school.

Later on, he went to college at the University of Texas-Pan American, where he graduated. He was part of a commercial that promoted his college. When he graduated, the head of Texas-Pan American university gave Valente 2000 dollars to help him move to Los Angeles, California.

First acting role

After graduation, Rodriguez moved to Los Angeles, where he landed his first leading role in the film. He acted as Chuey in the movie Salsa, which was his first success in his acting career.

Acting career

valente rodriguez as Ernie

Valente has acted in various theatre shows, movies, and TV shows with different production budgets. His most famous movie roles were in McFarland, Countdown, and The Big Squeeze.

He found much more success acting in TV shows, especially in the renowned sitcom George Lopez where he took on the role of Ernie.

Net Worth

The main source of Valete Rodriguez comes from his acting, producing, and directing. His current net worth is between 1 and 1.5 million dollars. In the section below, you can find more information about the incomes of his best-grossing movies.

Salsa – 7.7 million dollars

Blood in, Blood out – 4 million dollars

The Big Squeeze – 23.6 thousand dollars

Ed – 4 million dollars

McFarland – 44.5 million dollars

Countdown – 25.6 million dollars

Social network

Valente Rodriguez can be found online on Instagram, Facebook, and Wikipedia. His Instagram profile currently has 3653 followers and 60 posts, while his Facebook profile has 8026 followers. For more information, you can follow him @vguez or at valenteez.