7 Benefits of Using Slipcovers for your Furniture

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Everyone wants to protect their furniture and prolong its lifespan. When on the hunt for the perfect sofa most of us consider and look at style and comfort as the most important factors. However, do not put functionality aside. This is where slipcovers could come in handy. Slipcovers have many inherent advantages that could be important for your coziness factor, practicality, as well as durability. Keep on reading and understand why these may come in handy.

7 Benefits of Using Slipcovers for your furniture

1. You protect it from your pets

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Many pet owners believe that furniture covers are not necessary and that they will easily enjoy and have fresh furniture, despite their furry pals. However, once your dog bites through the foam, sheds on it, or goes to pee you will realize that making a slight adjustment was a better call (but now it will be too late).

You can preserve your furniture from damages and extend its lifespan by using covers for any type of couch, furniture item, or fabric. You will thank yourself later for saving your freshly new item and prolonging its lifespan while keeping your wallet in check, with no needs to pay for repairs, deep-clean, etc.

2. It is easy to clean

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No matter what fabrics or colors are used, slipcovers are remarkably easy to clean and will take you only a couple of minutes to do the cleaning process at home. You won’t have to worry about any type of spills ruining your furniture, but you’ll need to clean them from time to time. You can vacuum on top of them twice a month and this way you will prevent dirt from getting into or on the couch. If you end up finding a high-quality and sturdy model you will be able to wash it and machine-dry it. Just be gentle with their maintenance and approach (use a mild detergent and dry it on a low heat setting) for perfect maintenance.

3. You protect it from your kids

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Kids can be trouble makers and can make your home-cleaning impossible, but they can also ruin your fresh new couch. There’s no excuse to leave your couch exposed, especially if you are dealing with a toddler. Kids love to draw, make a mess, and spill food everywhere they go. This is why most parents aim for children-proof, water-resistant, and stain-resistant furniture (or covers at least) to keep it safe and tidy. If your child makes a mess you should toss the slipcover in your machine and change up a new one. Rotate a couple of items and models every here and there for practical and clean reasons! It is quick and easy for everyone, as well as convenient.

4. Gives your home a new look

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Many people believe that decorating their homes is possible through slipcovers. You don’t have to choose some old and worn-out kinds, but try out eco-friendly sofa covers that are stylish yet not too pricey. You can play a mini makeover at home and give your old couch or chair a new look without breaking a bank! Couch covers are simple to fit over your current upholstery and will let you play with new colors, shades, patterns, and mini makeovers that you will fancy, along with your guests who will spot and love this change. No reason to keep everything looking old-school or monotonous, right?

5. Keeps your sofa new

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Your sofa or furniture, in general, will always look and feel brand new. Your pet, kids, or clumsy guests will not make a significant change to it and they will not get it looking or feeling dirty. You can protect your items from any type of debris, external contaminants, and damage. You will see that your new cover holds up over time. You will also enjoy that ”brand new feel”, soft fabric to touch, and tidy look for months to come, who wouldn’t want that?! Your investment and final purchase will be justified, safe, and protected, perfect for those who went out of their budget to furnish their house.

6. Easy to remove

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Slipcovered couches are a better choice for high-traffic homes where the atmosphere is always rushed and hectic. If you live in a home where there are 5+ of you constantly running around and spending time on that couch, why not ensure it?! If your household gets frequent spills, rips, or tears, it is up to you to act upon it. Luckily, a slipcover is something that will make a major difference and will help you avoid any type of permanent damage. You can always replace your cover in 2-3 minutes and enjoy the practicality of this one item.

7. Affordable solution

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Last but not least, for a variety of reasons, slipcovered sofas are frequently more economical and affordable than any other furniture or type of item. Most manufacturers sell them online and in-store, which makes your search fast and convenient, no reason to worry about it. You will find your perfect model, color, or size in a couple of clicks! You can also eliminate the need for more intensive upholstery and specific fabrics as time goes on. It is just up to you to get a hang of things before you start to clean or set up a cover.

Where to find great covers for your home?

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