How Much Does A UK Fiancé Visa Cost – 2024 Guide


Are you looking to get the cost of a UK fiancé visa for 2024? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll be providing you with all the information and answers you need to make your partner’s move to the UK a smooth process. So sit back, relax, and let us do the work for you!

Eligibility Requirements for UK Fiancé Visa

To be eligible for a spouse Visa for the UK and to be allowed to enter the country, you must meet certain minimum requirements. Firstly, you must have met your partner in person and both be aged 18 or over. You also need to have enough money to support both of you during your stay in the UK, or the ability to show evidence that another family member or friend will do so.

In addition, you need to have adequate accommodation either provided by yourself or someone else and it is expected that both parties will not rely on public funds while they are in the UK. Please note that if you are already married when applying for this visa then you should instead apply for a family of a settled person visa.

Furthermore, there is an English language requirement for applicants coming from outside of the European Economic Area, Switzerland and Turkey who must demonstrate their proficiency in English prior to travelling (specific proficiency criteria will depend on nationality). Finally, it is important that the necessary documents are obtained from your home country and supplied upon application submission, including proof of identity such as a passport copy.

Cost of UK Fiancé Visa


The fee for a UK fiancé visa in 2024 is £1,538 which covers both the application and the Immigration Health Surcharge.

Remember that this fee does not include any expenses for dependents – additional charges will apply for dependents. Additionally, you may want to consider obtaining a certificate of approval from an immigration lawyer to support your application. This service can cost a few hundred pounds depending on who you use.

Once your application has been submitted and processed by UK Visas and Immigration, there may be additional costs for things such as:

  • Getting visas endorsed into passports
  • Further applications related to settlement in the UK

Speak with your immigration lawyer on potential costs prior to submitting your application.

Other Costs Associated with UK Fiancé Visa


In addition to the price of submitting your own application and supporting documents, fiancé visas also have associated costs with medical exams, certified translations, travel costs for your fiancé, visa interview fees and Attorney’s fees.

  • Medical Exam Costs: In order to complete your fiancé visa application you must arrange for a medical exam. You will need to make an appointment with an approved doctor in the country where your partner lives. The exact cost of this examination can vary from country to country, but it will typically be at least 100 GBP ($135 USD). Any necessary vaccinations or medical tests required for the exam may add additional costs as well.
  • Certified Translation Costs: All documents that you intend to provide as part of your application should be provided in English. If any are not written in English (including passports), they must be accompanied by a certified translation. These translations can cost anywhere from 70 GBP ($95 USD) and up depending on the size of the document that needs translating.
  • Travel Costs for Fiancé: Your fiancé may need to travel with you when you come to the UK if there are no special circumstances preventing them from doing so (e.g., visa restrictions). The cost of planning this kind of trip is difficult to estimate since it can vary significantly depending on the locations being traveled between, how far in advance tickets are purchased and how many people will be traveling together etc. However, it would typically involve airfare costs and other associated travel expenses such as hotels or ground transportation while they are in transit or taking care of any necessary business (e.g., attending a visa interview) while they are visiting Britain etc.
  • Visa Interview Fees: Depending on the location where your applicant’s interview takes place there may also additional charges assessed for attending the actual process that include room rentals or administrative fees—for example if applying at an overseas Embassy or Consulate there could be more expensive processing charges incurred by them related directly related to their visit there as well. The exact amount is hard to predict since these arrangements can vary significantly between locations—but some form of fee or payment will usually apply here too so expect some cost associated as part of this process here too if one is present at all.
  • Attorney’s Fees: You may wish to hire an experienced immigration attorney who has experience working with UK visas applications like these; if so then it would add even more expense onto this already costly endeavor– usually around £100 – 500 + Vat per hour—so budgeting extra money just for advice from these kinds professional services should also taken into consideration when undertaking all these steps together–given they could provide valuable assistance navigating complex bureaucracy involved here too albeit potentially at very own significant expenses, especially considering most lawyers specializing in this field do not work cheaply—so do plan wisely here before committing fully beforehand!


In conclusion, the cost of a UK fiancé visa in 2024 is a combination of the immigration health surcharge and the visa application fee. The total application fee for a fiancé visa in 2024 is £1,538 (GBP). It’s important to remember that this is just the cost of applying for the visa and not all other costs associated with living and working in the UK, such as housing, transportation, medical insurance or other necessary expenses.

The immigration health surcharge must be paid before you submit your online application or send it through the post. You don’t need to pay it with your application form but make sure you have paid beforehand as they can’t accept blank payments or payments made after you submit your form.

We hope this guide has helped to clarify how much a UK fiancé visa costs in 2024. If you need more information about how to apply for a fiancé visa, please contact us for more help. Good luck and best wishes with your preparations!