Tips on How to Tell if Your Crocodile Wallet is Real or Fake – 2024 Guide

If you’ve been browsing different brick-and-mortar and online stores to find and purchase a crocodile wallet, one of the most important things that you could do before buying it is to check and decide whether or not the skin is real. After all, it could be quite costly, and guaranteeing that the skin is real will protect your investment.

However, how can you check if the skin is real or fake? Can you check even if you want to make an online purchase? Fortunately for all individuals that are asking themselves the same question, our list below will shed some light on the entire topic. Here is what you need to do before making a purchase:

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  1. Check Whether The Skin is Embossed or Imprinted

The first thing that you must be careful about is a sudden change in the form and/or size of the scales on the wallet. If you look at a picture of a crocodile, you’ll see that its scales shift from big, square shapes on its stomach to little, round shapes on its sides. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that looking at the shapes and sizes of the scales on the wallet can tell you whether it’s real or fake.

For example, if the changes are abrupt and if they switch more than two times in one panel, it’s most likely a fake. Additionally, if you cannot see any transitions, the skin the wallet is made of is most likely stamped, meaning that it isn’t genuine. So, before you do anything else we mention on this list, ensure that you check the scales on the wallet, mostly because it’s the first sign of it being real or fake.

  1. Checking The Grain Patterns is Also Important

Most online stores have a ‘zoom in’ option, and you must utilize it to fully and closely check the grain pattern on the wallet. The ornaments on genuine products will always be irregular, mostly because each of the scales is different in scope and form. There may even be short lines at the base of them. Hence, if the grain patterns are precise and without any irregularities, you shouldn’t purchase it, mostly because it’s probably fake.

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  1. If Possible, Feel The Product

Another thing that you could do to make sure that the wallet is authentic is to feel the texture and elasticity of the product. Now, this won’t be possible if you’re browsing online stores, however, if you’re at a brick and mortar business, touch the wallet and focus on how soft and flexible it is. Most genuine wallets will be smooth and soft, but if it isn’t real, it’ll feel tougher and less flexible. So, if possible, feel the product you’re thinking about buying.

  1. The Scales Should All Be Different

Just like people don’t have identical fingerprints or ears, crocodiles don’t have identical scales.  This means that natural crocodile skin won’t have a similar size and shape for all scales. When looking at fakes, patterns are most commonly repeated over and over again, hence, if this is something you notice, you shouldn’t purchase the wallet. The texture will also be different from a stamped wallet, thus, be careful about it too.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that every single item manufactured from real crocodile skin cannot be the same because of the scales, hence, if you think about it, you won’t have the same wallet as another person, even if both of you purchased them from the same store. If you want to see how each of them is different, you can click here and see some perfect examples of genuine crocodile wallets.

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  1. It Needs to Be Flexible And Elastic

All, I repeat, all products manufactured from genuine crocodile skin will have natural elasticity and flexibility. This means that it won’t crack or crease easily, even if you do apply pressure to or bend it. Although real products will be elastic, fake ones will be quite tough and difficult to bend. Hence, if you cannot bend the wallet or if it cracks or creases while you’re applying pressure to it, it’s possible that you’re looking at a fake.

  1. It Needs to Be Thick

Every reptile has thick and ‘thorny’ skin and the same goes for crocodiles. And when their skin is sent to a factory to get transformed into various goods, there is absolutely no way that the manufacturing company can work on it without losing a little bit of thickness. So, when you’re browsing through your options, you should check and see how thick the wallet actually is since this will tell you more about the product.

For example, if it resembles cowhide or if it’s extremely thin – no matter how many layers have been added or padded – they won’t have the thickness natural skin does. Also, it’s worth mentioning that all crocodile skin products will look thicker than some other leather options on the market, and it’ll also look deeper and not as flat as fake crocodile skin, hence, be extra careful about the thickness levels.

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  1. It Should Also Be Glossy

Last on our list of tips, but equally as helpful as everything else is the fact that fake crocodile leather will look quite glossy, similar to pressed plastic. Genuine skin will always be matter or retain its natural shine. How can you check the gloss? Well, you can bring the wallet to direct light, which will reveal whether it’s an imitation or real. Also, the more you use a genuine crocodile skin wallet, the shinier it’ll be, while fake ones will lose the shine.


Whether you want to buy a crocodile wallet for yourself or as a gift for someone special, the most important thing that you can ensure is that it’s actually manufactured from genuine materials. And, if you choose to follow our guide from above, you’ll be capable of doing just that!

Since you now understand how you can tell the difference between real and fake crocodile skin wallets, you really shouldn’t waste your time. Instead, while keeping all of our tips in mind, start browsing different online and brick-and-mortar businesses and check if they offer genuine products!