How to Tell Real from Fake Prada Sunglasses

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Each of us has at least one pair of sunglasses that are a must-have accessory and without them, we can not leave home. They are great for people who are too sensitive to light and are a special fashion detail that fits perfectly in our outfit. Sunglasses help protect our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, which can lead to poor eyesight. So it would be advisable if you have not worn them before, this should become a habit for you and you should start wearing them right away, as this can prevent you from having an impaired vision in the future.

We can see thousands of types of sunglasses on the market. They can vary in price, brand, quality, color, style, and more. But of course, just as there are original brands of sunglasses that can cost thousands of dollars, there are copies of them that you can find quite cheaply. Although there are products that you can see from afar that are fake, there are still those that you can recognize that is not original in some small details. Today we will show you how to find out if the glasses are authentic or just another copy made in China. If you are a fan of Prada glasses, it would be good if you continue reading, because you will find out what are the details according to which you can distinguish fake sunglasses from the original ones.

The packaging itself

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Prada is a luxury brand that cares about its loyal customers. So they make sure that the products they offer are properly packaged in appropriate boxed. When it comes to sunglasses, you need to know one very important thing, and that is that they have perhaps the best and safest packaging in which such a fashion accessory can be placed. They are first wrapped neatly in a suitable glasses case and then packed in a box.

Therefore, if you are shopping online, pay special attention to this detail, after which you will first notice if it is original. But that’s not all, you can also find a care label in the box with the glasses. On these few pages, you can find instructions on how to maintain your sunglasses. The instructions are printed on a black background with white letters indicating that it is an authentic product.

The logo

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Brand logos can be easily copied, but brands to protect themselves from fake copies insert something in their logo that can be easily identified whether it is an original or a copy. Here for example the Prada logo is quite easy to be copied to another fake product.

However, there is a downside, if you take a closer look at the logo you will notice that the letter R has a curvature that is difficult to copy. This logo can not be copied so easily, so when shopping from dubious places like online sites and stalls on the main streets, take a look at the letter R, will you notice anything suspicious or still think it becomes an original Prada product for $ 20?

The inside of the temples

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You must have noticed by now that on the left side of the plastic temple there is a series of letters and numbers printed that did not have any special meaning for you. However, they are there for a reason and indicate the authenticity of the product. If you start from left to right, first you get the letter S for sunglasses, then PR and that is the brand name, and finally the abbreviation of the model.

Furthermore, the numbers are measures in millimeters for the length of the lenses and nose bridge, you will further notice the color code, the length of the temples, and finally the category and the strength of the lenses. On the right side, you will notice the Prada logo, made in Italy, and of course, the CE emblem which is a sign of a standard that fake glasses do not have.

The lenses

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The lenses made in Prada factories are quite unique and can not be confused with a plain copy from China. If you look at the inside of the right lens, under the frame you will see a serial number that is engraved on the glass and is easy to read. This serial number is unique and cannot be copied by counterfeits.

On the other side of the left lens, you will also be able to notice a sign engraved in the glass that is easily visible from which you got up and look at the sunglasses. Of course, this is the recognizable Prada logo which, although engraved, you will easily see the small roundness of the letter R.

The material they are made of

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Apart from these few indicators that can show you the difference between a cheap copy and an original product, there are other things that you can see if the sunglasses are authentic, and that is of course the material from which they are made. Inexpensive Chinese replicas use very bad materials to make, and you can see that as soon as you look at them or take your sunglasses in hand.

The very texture, as well as the weight of the glasses, will let you know if a product is original or fake. The original glasses are a bit heavier because they are made of quality plastic or metal that can last a long time. Their texture seems smoother to the touch and there are no bumps on the parts where the glasses join.

Our advice is to discard the cheap copies offered by dubious online stores and set aside funds from the budget and invest in an original product that will serve you for a long time. You can see all the original models of sunglasses if you click here. In the offer, you have a choice of hundreds of different models in different colors, shapes, styles. No matter what part of the world you come from, your order will be realized and delivered to your address, even if you do not like the way you look, you have the opportunity to return them and replace them with another model. Choose the model that best suits your taste and get ready to shine in the sunny days ahead.