7 Questions to Ask a Contractor When Finishing a Basement

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The basement is an important part of your house. Without a basement, you won’t have a place to store your old memories, work, or do something useful. Basements are located underground hence, you must ensure that the construction is solid and will last for a long period.

In this article, you will get insights into the major questions you must ask your contractor when finishing the basement.

1. How much work experience do you have in this business?

Constructing a basement requires some exceptional skills and a lot of work. A contractor must have workers who have years of work experience in performing this daunting task skillfully. Hiring a contractor with experience might cost you some extra dollars but you will be completely satisfied with the end result.

You won’t spend money remodelling the basement again and again, so it’s better to construct a basement that will last for a longer period without worrying about maintenance. A contractor with work experience will know how to finish a project within the allocated time. Ask for some sample work to ensure that you will get the desired finished product.

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2. Do you have a licence and insurance?

Ask the contractor if they have a licence and insurance in performing this work. They must fulfil certain requirements stated by the government. If someone gets injured due to the construction of the basement, the company will be held responsible if they have a licence.

Having a licence means they know all the rules and regulations related to the project they are working on. Also, check if the workers employed to construct your basement are protected by insurance. This helps them to get medical treatment in case they get injured at work.

Also, insurance of workers is important because if anything goes sideways while working it will be their responsibility to pay for the expenses.

3. Can you provide details of your references?

It’s always better to ask for details of their past clients who can assure about the quality of work and the reliability of the contractor. Call some references and enquire about their experience while working with the company, and if the budget was worth it in comparison to the end result.

Ask if the project was completed on time or it got delayed, ask about the problems they had with the workers and how the contractor managed to handle it. Don’t take most of their time and ask questions that actually bothers you and you feel relevant for the project.

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4. How much will be the estimated time to finish the basement?

From their experience, a contractor must be able to tell you an estimated time to finish your basement. Discuss the number of hours the workers will be working each day. You must be aware of the estimated time so you can keep your schedule clear to check the progress of the project.

Also, be prepared for delays in the completion of the project due to unexpected circumstances. Ensure that necessary measures are taken to resolve any issues while working. Ensure that quality of work is maintained even if the project is delayed for a few days.

5. Do you offer any warranty period?

Several construction companies offer a warranty of their work that ensures their reliability in delivering a quality output. Ask about the things covered under the warranty so you can get it fixed free of cost. Any company will agree to provide you with the warranty of their work if they know their work is top-notch in the market.

Hire a contractor who is ready to provide you with a written warranty so you don’t have to worry about any damages or construction at least for some years until the warranty period is not over. It also builds trust between you and the company for future projects.

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6. Do you require subcontractors?

There are many contractors who hire subcontractors to complete different parts of the project. Ask your contractor if the company can handle the project themselves or they require subcontractors. You must be aware of the company that is going to work on your property.

Try to look for a construction company that can finish all the work by themselves. You might have to research your subcontractors as well to ensure their reliability. But if they require subcontractors then ensure that they are reliable, have years of experience, and will complete your work delivering a quality output.

7. What will be the budget for this project?

Once you are done asking other queries the last question must be about the budget for constructing your basement. There are companies who charge hourly rates based on the number of hours worked by the workers whereas nowadays most of the companies charge an estimated amount of the overall project.

Don’t forget to negotiate your prices and if you agree to the cost of finishing your basement fits within your budget then you can make the deal. Don’t forget to discuss the payment criteria. Ask them if they provide you with the option to pay in installments.

There are companies that demand a certain percentage of the total amount before starting the project and the rest after completion. Stay updated with all the options.

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The Bottom-line

Looking for a construction company to construct or remodel your basement requires a lot of research and judgement. You have to consider a lot of factors before hiring a contractor. Ensure that they can deliver quality output that fits well within your budget.

Do proper research of all the construction companies and enquire about all your queries and then select the one that can meet all your requirements. These are a few questions that you must ask your contractor when finishing your basement.