6 Natural Ways to Slow Down the Appearance of Wrinkles

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Wrinkles. No one wants them, wants to look at them or in most cases even talk about them. However, they are a part of natural ageing and are inevitable. That said, many of us spend a lot of time trying to slow down the arrival of those dreaded fine lines.

You may consider using a drawer full of anti-wrinkle creams. Perhaps you have decided to opt for the dermal fillers Perth residents are relying on to keep them looking young. Or you may be trying natural ways to reduce the appearance of fine lines. If that’s the case, this article is a must-read.

Why Do You Get Wrinkles?

Essentially, wrinkles, or rhytides as they’re also known, are folds in your skin. When you’re younger, your skin has a sufficient amount of proteins, elastin and collagen. These three components keep your skin supple and wrinkle-free.

However, as you age your body produces less of these three key enzymes. As a result, your skin becomes thinner and less resilient to damage from everyday elements.

The top factors that influence the onset of wrinkles include:

  • Dehydration
  • Environmental exposure to elements such as UV rays
  • Toxins

Natural Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

Source: beezzly.com

While wrinkles are a natural part of ageing, there are some natural ways to slow down the signs of ageing on your face. Our experts have highlighted a few of the more common ways to take care of your skin.

1. Always Wear Sunscreen

It’s no secret that sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) over 30 goes a long way to preventing skin cancer. Additionally, sunscreen also delays the signs of ageing.

To slow down the appearance of wrinkles, opt for putting moisturising sunscreen on your face every day. Make this part of your daily skincare routine rather than only on beach visits.

2. Add Coconut Oil to Your Skincare Routine

Coconut oil has a wide range of beneficial uses. As a natural emollient, it fills the gaps in your skin’s epidermis, making your skin feel smoother. Furthermore, coconut oil also helps your skin hold moisture which gives it a much fuller appearance.

3. Avoid UV Light

Aside from investing in the wrinkle relaxers Perth beauticians recommend, one of the best ways to slow down the onset of wrinkles is to avoid UV light as much as possible. This is because ultraviolet light is one of the primary causes of early wrinkles.

It’s not possible to avoid the sun altogether because it does after all provide your body with vitamin D. You can however make a few small changes to your outdoor habits to lessen the exposure:

  • Always wear sunscreen and a hat during long periods outside
  • If possible, wear long pants and shirts to protect your arms and legs – opt for lighter clothing fabrics so that you don’t get too hot
  • Use an umbrella for beach visits or picnics

4. Give Your Antioxidants a Boost

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Of all the organs in your body, the skin is most exposed to oxidative stress. That means your skin suffers the most damage from exposure to the elements in your daily life. Instances of oxidative stress can include sand against your skin, sun, wind and more.

Antioxidants make it easier for your skin to deal with all the oxidative stresses in your daily environment. Some ways to increase your antioxidant intake include:

  • Opt for sunscreens
  • Use moisturisers that contain antioxidants
  • Eat a diet rich in spinach, grapes, kale, kidney beans and kale

5. Don’t Skip On the Skincare

A little-known fact is that the harsh chemicals and toxins in makeup also contribute to oxidative stress. If you want to delay the onset of wrinkles, one of the top ways is by having a thorough skincare routine twice a day.

Some effective skincare routine tips include:

  • Always wash your makeup off in the evening to avoid your skin absorbing the toxins
  • Where possible, use natural makeup and skin creams
  • Avoid forcefully scrubbing your face
  • Don’t use harsh face masks
  • Opt for water-based wipes or make-up removers
  • Splash some cold water on your face before applying toner and moisturiser
  • Pat your face dry rather than vigorously rubbing it dry

6. Change Your Sleeping Position

Source: beezzly.com

People who sleep on their sides are more susceptible to fine wrinkles on their faces. This is more commonly known as compression and refers to your face being continuously pressed against a mattress, blanket or pillow.

Continued compression leaves your skin weaker in some places, making it more likely to develop wrinkles in that area. Changing your sleeping position will reduce the wrinkles created by compression.

Final Thought

There’s no stopping the ageing process. But with our tips, you can certainly reduce the rate at which wrinkles creep across your face.

Making two short skin care sessions a priority twice a day is a good place to start. Improving your diet will not only make your skin look better but will make you feel better too!