How to Achieve and Maintain Your Ideal Weight After Having a Baby  


You’re a mom! Congratulations! Newsflash: you’re going to be running up and down. And we don’t mean just for the next few months while that baby is small! You’ll stay busy for years to come as he or she turns into a toddler, a child and a teenager. But in between all of that you’ll need some self-care and for many women weight management is a major priority. So, we’re here to help.

Of course, the running around to fetch diapers or pick up toys will already serve as exercise. But to properly manage your physical and emotional health along with your weight, a structured approach may be necessary. And yes, it’s possible while being a mom. Will group fitness classes Sydney moms tend to join work for you too? Or do you simply need to reassess your diet? Let’s discuss it all.

Have the Right Approach

First of all, don’t be too hard on yourself for gaining the extra weight. It’s normal because your body prepares for breastfeeding by storing some fat. So, weight gain is something most mothers face.

Especially if you’re a first-time mom, having a baby will change your life completely—even your outlook on life. So, plans you make before the baby comes may not work out the way you expect them to.

Before you plan anything or make weight loss a priority, ensure you have a realistic approach to your weight management goals. For one thing, start slow and work towards weight milestones systematically. Don’t commit to a diet plan and exercise routine on one day, expecting to have the energy to maintain it all from the start. There will be days where you’re too exhausted to go for a walk or your baby may get sick on the day you wanted to start yoga. Be prepared to adjust plans on the go.

If You Diet—Don’t Crash!


If you’re desperate to fit into your favourite pants again, you may consider crash dieting, but that’s risky. For one thing, not eating enough will leave you without enough energy to enjoy your baby. After all, exhaustion will already be a new way of life for you if your baby wakes at all times of the night. Don’t make it even more difficult on yourself.

Also, crash dieting often leads to regaining the weight when you resume a normal diet. So, rather just follow healthy meal plans, as we discuss below.

Try Breastfeeding for You and the Baby’s Benefit

As mentioned above, one of the reasons your body is looking a little different than nine months ago, is because of fat reserves. Your body already knows it needs to feed a little person and it will use that fat in coming months. So, you have a perfectly natural way to lose some of the weight at least.

For this reason, consider breastfeeding from the very start. The benefits of breastfeeding for infants are numerous, ranging from impacting the relationship between mother and child, to providing excellent nutrition.

Did you know this process of supplying your baby with nutritious liquid can burn up to 500 calories every day? So, even without intensive exercise, if you simply combine your new life as a breastfeeding mom with a healthy diet, you may see those kilograms fall off faster than you expect!

Boost the Fibre Intake


Now let’s talk about the meal plan!

A wise option is to increase the fibre in your diet. For one thing, with more fibre, you’ll feel full for longer and reduce the chances of unhealthy snacking in between mealtimes. Also, fibre helps regulate sugar levels in such a way that your body won’t be as likely to store more fat.

Avoid refined and processed items and drink lots of water. And if you’re too tired to cook healthy meals daily, prepare in bulk and freeze, so it’s easy to stick to your preferred menu. Also, only keep healthy snacks—think dried fruit—in the pantry, so if you do need some comfort food, you can’t overindulge.

Plan Exercise Options that Work for YOU

If the doctor gives you the go ahead, you can start exercising—usually soon after the birth, even if it’s just walking at first. But if you feel up to it, implement a planned and more rigorous routine. We suggest you get support, whether from other moms or a gym with personal trainer sessions that can help you do the right type of exercises to reach your goal. You’ll enjoy some time with other adults after hours at home with the baby.

Also consider exercise types that you love, so you feel more inclined to stay committed to the plan. Do you like the gym? Dancing? Jogging?

There’s an exercise routine out there for every type of mom hoping to lose some weight and feel like their old selves again. And if you’re too scared to leave Baby with someone else yet, jog with a pram!

Final Thoughts—Keep the Balance


It’s wisest to start slow and ease yourself into the new routines. Take your time to figure out how you can best incorporate the me-time and fitness plans between Baby’s naps and feeding times. Taking on too much too early could be overwhelming, which will affect both you and the little one.

If you have tips for other moms, please share below.