Is it Safe to Sleep With a Weighted Blanket Every Night?

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There are things that keep us awake during the night. But they are not problems every time. Sleepless nights have various reasons. Some people suffer from insomnia and cannot sleep at all. Others have a tough routine and because they are too tired from all the work, they cannot fall asleep. Likewise, our world is becoming extremely stressful and all those worries result in overthinking.

All these people depend on sleeping pills or they try hard to put themselves to sleep. Either way, falling asleep has become a problem for most of us. Considering this, psychologists suggested the option of using weighted blankets. They put some weight on us and we fall asleep quickly.

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But there arises a question about the safety of these things.

Are these blankets really safe?

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Why would people worry about their safety in a blanket? It is because of the weight of these blankets. But don’t worry, they are completely safe for use. There is nothing wrong with these blankets and if you are worried about being under the weight every night, you can change it. It depends on you.

If you are in a good mood and you can sleep well, you can change into your lightweight throw. But if you are feeling down and it is difficult for you to sleep, you can use the weighted one.

Furthermore, you will have the option of deciding the weight. These blankets are available in different weight ranges. You can get them in weight from 10 to 30 pounds. You can try them before buying. So if you think a 30 pound is too much for you, you can opt for a lighter one.

Makes you feel cozy

The benefit of using these blankets is that they make you feel cozy. Unlike others, their covers are filled with small pellets made from plastic or glass beads. Or some of them might have small chains in them. These beads and chains make the blanket heavier so you can feel the weight.

And do not worry, the beads won’t accumulate in a corner. These blankets have smaller sections where there are beads. Thus, the weight will be evenly divided in the whole throw. You won’t feel the weight at one point only.

How they work and the science behind their function

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The science behind these throws is Pressure Stimulation Therapy. This therapy works by putting some pressure on our whole body that relaxes our nervous system. The idea possibly originated from the “swaddling babies” thing. We swaddle the babies and they fall asleep quickly because they feel safe.

This is similar to how massages and hugs work. Hugs are not just the sense of touch but the slight pressure that we feel from the other person. The pressure application in massage relaxes our body and thus, relaxes the nervous system.

Thus, through various experiments and studies, scientists came to the decision of pressure application. Therefore, not only doctors but psychologists and therapeutics also use pressure stimulation therapy to relax their patients. The same goes for massage centres. Whenever we feel tired and want some relaxation, we visit spas and massage centres.

These weighted blankets work the same way. That is why their use is increasing at a rapid speed in the previous years. People are replacing their regular throws and shifting towards these latest ones.

Who should use it?

Although there is no rule for its use, usually, people who have sleeping problems prefer it. So if there is something going on in your life and you feel agitated and nervous all the time, you will suffer from sleep problems. So here are some groups that should give a try to this blanket.

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1. Insomnia

If you are suffering from insomnia, sleeping pills, scented candles, special lights and calming voices are some of the options. However, these are not the only ones. You can set your room temperature, ensure proper lighting and use scented candles and still won’t fall asleep.

Therefore, if you have been dependent upon these pills and see no other way around, try this blanket. Studies suggest a better and quality sleep time with the use of a weighted blanket. Furthermore, users woke up feeling relaxed and had a better sleep.

2. No quality sleep

Sometimes our brain is so stressed out that we sleep all night but still wake up feeling tired. There are such times in everyone’s life. So if you are having such a dark period in your life, you should try this. There is nothing wrong to give it a try because it won’t cause you any harm. Moreover, you are already well aware of the effectiveness of pressure therapy that we get in massage centres.

3. Attention disorders

Children and adults who are suffering from attention disorders can also give it a try. because it gives a sense of security and relaxes our minds.


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If you are feeling worried about the regular use of a weighted blanket, it is completely safe. Instead, your body will feel relaxed and your nervous system will bring calmness.

For your peace of mind, there was a research study conducted to confirm the effectiveness among the users.

According to the results, 68 percent of users said that they feel better after using them. Moreover, it was also observed that their anxiety levels dropped down.

In addition to this, the users woke up less during their sleep time. Furthermore, they had a calm sleep.

All these results clearly show that this new blanket is really effective. So if you are stressed out and you feel difficult to fall asleep, give it a try. It will bring a calmer and peaceful sleep with lowering your stress levels. Furthermore, they boost your mood and make you feel energized.