What Are The Risks Of Renting A Car For Someone Else

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Renting a car is the oldest way for a few years and there are certain risks involved from both sides which is car owner and renters. In Europe, Canada and U.S it became common which also results in financial responsibility because of the fatal accidents that occur daily there in which one of them are the cases of car sharing every time.

There is a case of a 24 year old boy who rented a car from one of the leading car renting companies and drove to Boston in the year 2012 February and crashed the rented car which caused serious injuries of four other people and one death of a driver.

After which all the four survivors sued the car rental company named RelayRides and the boy who was a former Google system administrator who died in a crash as told by William Doyle Jr. the attorney general for one of the injured passengers. Later on the case was settled down outside the court for some undisclosed amount.

After these huge incidents many car renting companies focused on the insurance coverage and many insurance laws which were not applicable in those days came into effect and companies started ensuring that the person who is renting a car has their insurance coverage before taking their services.

Risk of renting a car for someone else

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Whether you are renting a car for yourself or for someone else as a gift there are various risks involved in it technically. Why technically because you can’t rent a car in your name for someone else who is going to drive the car. This is because car rental companies now make the rental agreement on the name of the person whoever is driving that car in the legal document. You can visit here to know more.

This is done because we all know cars are too expensive and the company wants insurance for who is driving the wheels. And if your name is not on the agreement things start getting difficult for the booking to be considered valid. For the safety of the car rental company and passengers it is necessary that proper information is provided while making an agreement on renting a car.

Add the details of other passenger

By adding the details of other passengers you can easily rent a car for the person who will be driving the car. This is the easiest way and the car company also gets assurance. Although as the main driver you will have to be present there while picking-up the car and also have to do some paperwork because it will be your credit card that will be used for renting a car which means technically you will be the primary driver whether you drive or don’t want to.

Additional driver fee

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Please remember additional fees will be charged by the car rental companies for additional driver agreement. Many companies consider only primary drivers and this does not happen every time.

Fees may vary from company to company and from where you are picking-up and dropping the rental car, also the car category and more so would say that you must first research and then choose the best and suitable offer for you.

Renting car for someone else online

Nowadays the online market has grown and many renters come online to seek a rental car for friends, families, relatives or even for themselves. Car rentals companies too have come on online platforms and yes now you can rent a car online also. You will only need to fill in your details like name, address , date of birth, contact number, email id, etc.

FAQs for renting a car for someone else

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1. Can you rent a car for someone else?

No, you can’t rent a car for someone else on your name. This is the primary question every renter has while renting a car. Although you can make a reservation in your name and add a person details who will be an additional driver.

2. Can you pay a bill of rented car of someone else

You can pay the bill for the rented car of someone else online but while you are going offline, the person on whosoever name the agreement is made has to be physically present and have to present a credit limit of some security deposit on behalf of their names.

And when you choose to pay on the destination, the credit card used for the security deposit should be the same while you are settling the amount, if not it will decline the payment.

3. How can you add an additional driver?

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Yes, you can add an additional driver when you are making a reservation online or directly from an offline store such as a car rental store, but the primary driver needs to be you and the agreement will be made and signed on your name. You just have to select the “additional driver” option under the add-on option (if available) or you can ask the manager for the same.

4. Collision insurance

You will have to rely on your personal auto insurance while renting a car for your personal use or for credit card benefits to cover the insurance for damage, or accidents if any happen. And when you rent a car for someone else you must rethink this because this will increase an additional 15-2- dollars per day cost in rental of your car. By chance anything happens it will be the responsibility of the primary driver and the additional person both.


When you signed the contract with a car rental company you should then assume that whatsoever happens to the rental car it will be your responsibility. And the safest way to be safe from anything which is not presumed is to take insurance provided by these rental companies along while you are renting a car from them.