How to Get Professional Greek Transcription & Translation Services


Regarding transcription and translation, it is advisable to choose service providers with native translators and transcribers. This is critical as languages tend to have intricacies well understood only by native speakers. Unfortunately, getting such professionals is not easy. One must thoroughly vet potential service providers to ascertain their effectiveness in quality and fluency.

Identifying the Best Greek Translation and Transcription Service Providers

If you have been planning to get transcription and translation services for your business, you cannot hire any company found on the internet willy-nilly. In fact, you cannot trust most parties with your company’s information.

Additionally, if you want your Greek texts to be translated or videos and audio describing your organization to be transcribed, upholding proper security measures is paramount. This means that you need to identify an organization that offers the services at reasonable prices and, most importantly, maintains higher standards in terms of privacy and efficiency. The following guide will outline some tips you can deploy to identify the proper provider for such services.

Check Turnaround Times


Speed is a quality that defines an excellent transcription and translation service provider. Therefore, vendors offering Greek transcription services ought to be sensitive to deadlines. The perfect company should commit to providing results within a week, less when dealing with small projects. This timeframe allows bandwidth to make necessary amendments on aspects missed out during the translation or transcription process.

Ensure the Quality of Transcripts

Quality is one of the sensitive requirements when it comes to any transcription and translation project. Therefore, if you are after quality results, it is good to consider providers such as GoTranscript that work with humans rather than automated tools. Manual transcribers and translators tend to be more sensitive in terms of fluency and produce the highest quality of transcripts.

A good company should take all your transcription and translation projects through at least three stages to ascertain their quality. In other words, the company ought to have transcribers, reviewers, proofreaders, and quality check officers to ensure that it provides transcripts that are more than 99% accurate.

Verify the Confidentiality Agreement

It is wise to select a company that will guarantee the confidentiality of your company’s information. In most cases, employees working for professional transcription and translation companies sign a confidentiality agreement before working on any project. Their identities are verified, and some firms also subject them to background checks. This measure prevents the leakage of sensitive information to hackers or competitors. Working with such providers is critical as you will retain ownership of your texts or videos.

Additionally, go for a company that breaks your audio or video files into smaller ones. Aside from faster delivery, this additional step ensures that your content doesn’t go to just one transcriber or translator. Thus, you’re gaining higher confidentiality for your data.

Consider Flexibility


Rigidity is a great enemy of quality transcription and translation. In other words, a good service provider must be flexible in managing different customer needs. This means that if you have a template that needs to be followed, the professional should be able to work with it to the letter. Good companies follow their clients’ guidelines and make them a priority.

Look at the Pricing Tiers

As you sign an agreement to start working with any transcription and translation company, it is wise to consider its rates. Ensure that the provider’s prices are affordable and within your budget. In addition, you should check whether there are special tiers associated with long-term contracts.

Before signing up with any company, you must thoroughly discuss the transcription and translation pricing in detail as you seek clarification of potential additional charges. However, it would be best to avoid prioritizing cheaper pricing over quality. Do take note that transcription rates will rise if your file has multiple speakers, distorted audio, or accents.

Consider the Skills of the Transcribers

Although it might be challenging to review the profiles of all the professionals working in a particular transcription and translation company, you at least need to know if they have the qualifications. In most cases, professional firms such as GoTranscript provide their services using a team of expert transcribers, qualified editors, skilled analysts, and proofreaders.

In addition, such companies hire experts with high vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation skills. They are masters of slang, dialects, colloquialisms, as well as any other cultural nuances that might affect the quality of the results you receive. Choosing such a provider will add value to your translation and transcription projects. Your aim is to find skilled personnel that will meet all your expectations.

Gauge the Responsiveness

A good transcription and translation company should be timely in terms of responding to all your concerns. If you need to clarify a few issues about your project, the company should have an active customer service department that answers your queries without delay.

The experts working on your project should be reachable in case you need something revised or have concerns that need addressing. Additionally, in terms of big projects, receiving timely updates on their progress is more fulfilling, as you’ll be able to deliver feedback as necessary.

Read the Testimonials


A good translation and transcription company will have the backing of satisfied clients. You can start by checking out the provider’s website; if it’s done a good job, you’ll see reviews plastered on the homepage itself. However, that might not be enough. Go the extra mile by going on sites like G2 or TrustPilot. There, you’ll read honest feedback and references.

Additionally, if you’re in a niche industry, pay attention to testimonials from clients in similar fields. Doing so will give you an idea of whether the provider can deliver quality work.

Final Words

You need to work with an effective transcription and translation company to maintain the quality of your transcripts and translations. In addition, if Greek is not your native language, you need to hire professionals that will identify all the colloquialisms, slang, dialects, and Greek-related cultural nuances that might affect the quality of your results.

Pricing is also vital, as you cannot hire a company that will force you to work beyond your budget. Lastly, it goes without saying that human-based services trump AI tools when it comes to Greek translation and transcription.