How to Pick the Perfect Book Binding Option?


Good binding can organize sheets in a book and enhance its appearance. With content, it is necessary to take care of the booklet presentation to attract more customers. Many binding options are available that you can pick to keep all the sheets together in an organized way.

Initially, you must decide on the book cover and check which binding option will be perfect. If you are compromising the quality of paper and ink for printing, you must not forget binding. This write-up will determine all the binding options available for your book.

But you need to choose anyone that looks the best. Without compromising the quality, you must prefer the appropriate option. Indeed, many people will judge your book by its cover and appearance. It matters a lot because you can sell more copies only when customers are attracted to it. Therefore, choose the option wisely.

1.  Saddle Stitch


It is the perfect choice if anyone is searching for an affordable binding option. Sheets are well-folded and stapled from there. Generally, two staple pins can bind many pages together. You can prepare a booklet of a maximum of 64 pages. You must be wondering why the sheets are not stitched as the name says, but it is stapled.

A saddle apparatus is used for draping and folding sheets. After that, the use of wire staples is done to hold the sheets together. You must know that the sheet count must be the four multiples because the sheets are well-folded. It helps in maintaining the design and layout of the booklet. If you do not take care of the four-multiple factor, you will bind more blank pages.

You can go for it if a booklet is based on news, advertisements, magazines, etc. It is an amazing and cost-effective choice that can easily bind any paper type. It will give a classy finish to the copy. Ensure not to print any image on the folding side as it will move inside the fold. You must visit to get the best online printing services at a reasonable price.

2.  Spiral


It is a perfect and popular option for binding your projects and books. It is widely used by people who need to bind their pages cost-effectively. This option is perfect for keeping a few pages together, but you must choose an attractive cover page to get your customers’ attention.

You can also call it coil binding because it includes a spiral that helps hold the cover page and other project sheets. After organizing the sheets, a simple machine punches the holes, and a spiral is properly threaded in the holes. The punching is done from one side, which is called the spinal edge.

After inserting the coil completely, the ends get crimped to avoid unraveling. You can get a coil in any color that matches its cover. The spiral is available in many diameters; hence, it is possible to bind a heavy booklet.

If you keep adding more pages, you require a big-diameter spiral. It is quite easy to bind an oversized book, and your customer can also turn the pages easily. It is quite a famous option in the professional world. Generally, you can bind cooking booklets, manuals, guides, calendars, etc.

3.  Wire-O


Another wire option is comparatively more durable and preferable for catalogs, professional documents, and books. The technique of holding sheets is quite similar to the spiral one. But instead of opting for the spiral coil that you use to insert in the holes at one side, separated coils are used in this option.

Simultaneously, the separated coil will fill two holes. Your book will appear flat whenever you open and read the book pages. You can choose a wire of any color that suits its cover page. But the wire will remain sturdy, and you can move it like a spiral.

You can open all the pages to 360 degrees. The wire loops come with minimal resistance that helps you turn every page without spine tension. These looks are available in different sizes; hence, you can bind as many pages as you desire. Even if your book includes thick paper, it can easily keep them together.

4.  Perfect Bound


With the help of an adhesive, bind all the sheets in your book. The good-quality adhesive is used over the spine for holding the booklet intact. All the pages are pasted together; cutting is done for the perfect edge. You can expect to be a perfect option in case you attach a soft cover page.

But if it is heavy, you must spend more to enhance durability and enhance its appearance. You can consider it as a cost-effective option that gives a great professional feel. It is the perfect choice for binding manuals, magazines, reports, etc.

5.  PUR


It is another professional binding way, including a soft page on the cover. The proper cutting is done after using the adhesive to get proper edges. It is durable and comes with excellent shelf life.

The standard glue is used through which your book will hold all the pages tightly and durably. You can keep the sheet count high as the adhesive can easily hold them together. Your book will remain flat, but the spine will not easily break.

6.  Hardcover


This option is perfect for premium books requiring customers’ particular attention. It involves lamination and high-quality adhesive to hold a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 400 pages. The glue is perfectly used in this option for robust binding and holding the spine well.

The cover will be a rigid board that is well-printed in bright colors. It is an expensive binding option but also perfect for premium books. With better appearance, you can attract your customers and sell more copies.

Final Thoughts

As per your bookbinding requirements, you can pick any option you can afford and attract your customers. Sometimes, it can be a challenging decision, but you must go ahead to invest in a good option. Picking the right binding option will attract more customers, and you can quickly sell more copies.