8 Tips for Understanding the Process for Re-Roofing a House

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Being a homeowner means having the great pleasure of living in, just your own space, arranged just the way you want, separated from the neighborhood that surrounds you on all sides. At your disposal a yard, you have the opportunity to explore your gardening and creative abilities, in front of your house is your own parking lot or garage. In front of you are countless opportunities to experiment with decoration, innovation and changes in the aesthetics and functionality of the house. It is an ideal living space for people who want to get involved and have opportunities.

However, there is another, not so impressive side of living in a house. Maintenance and repairs are needed, which can often be extensive and expensive. Each season, whether summer or winter, requires a certain type of engagement. One of the biggest items, both in terms of work and financial, is the renovation or installation of a new roof on the house. We will present you some important items related to these works:

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  1. Crew

The first and basic rule is, it is necessary to choose a quality and professional team that will work on your roof. Inquire in the neighborhood, with a friend, walk around the place where you live, look at the roofs of houses that are similar to yours. Do not hesitate to ring the doorbell, even if people are unknown to you, to ask them who they hired to do their roofing. Search ads on the Internet, see reviews and experiences. Depending on the size of your house and the scope of work, be based on a team that deals with such activities. Talk to several of them, consider more offers and then choose.

  1. Materials

When you agree with the contractors, they will, after inspecting the existing roof, make a preliminary plan of how much and what types of materials they will need. These include beams, metal parts (types of fittings, nails, fittings, bars), tiles or asphalt shingles, wooden boards, insulation materials, gutters. All types of necessary materials and details, buy at official warehouses, which will give invoice and guarantee, in case something is not of appropriate quality. Some warehouses are open to agreeing that you can return unused material, with a refund, which is certainly a great benefit.

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  1. Roof construction

The team you hire will first send a civil engineer to record the situation on the ground, look at the architecture, statics, age of your house and talk to you about your wishes and intentions. There they will learn about the problems due to which you are renovating or rebuilding the roof and will approach the project. It is possible that your experiences with certain roofing solutions have been negative so far, so you want something completely different. Write down in items what you want to talk about and what your questions would be to the civil engineer.

  1. New roof or repair

Since roofing, after building a house, is probably the most expensive item in house maintenance, everyone would like to repair, repair or use existing condition and materials, to reduce costs and shorten the time of work. Then various questions are asked, e.g. do over the asphalt shingles put a new layer, maybe tiles, and use it as insulation. Basically, anything is possible, but it would have to be assessed by an engineer. This increases the weight of the house and the pressure is transferred to the walls, if the house is old and its statics do not suffer, it is better not to engage in such projects. If some of the beams, tiles, gutters are preserved, you can use them to reduce costs, although it would be ideal to buy everything new, if possible. We advise you to request free quote at oahu-roofing.com and then you will know exactly what to expect.

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  1. Budget

This question should probably be mentioned as no.1, but we all know that the budget is implied. Without him, plans for roof work remain the domain of dreams and the future. So, in accordance with your capabilities and needs, when you design the look of the roof, then the costs are projected. Depending on the architecture, the age of the house, the area of ​​the house … you will receive an estimate for the material. Of course, in the beginning you will know the price of the contractor and the way you will regulate the payment. Whether by day, whether some part in advance or you will finance the material, and in the end pay people and hire machines, trucks, forklifts…

  1. Seasons for roof repair

The place where you live, the climate that prevails there and your experience with the seasons, let it be your temporary benchmark for working on the roof. You need to know that such works involve the complete discovery of the house, so that any rain, even worse storm, then wind or disaster, can lead to leaking of the entire surface, which would be extremely unfavorable. If the climate is continental and temperate, it is usually the season for such works from early spring to autumn. In any case, it is wise to look at the forecast for ten days in advance and arrange work in the period without rain. In the event of a sudden worsening of the weather, trained professionals have thick nylons, large surfaces, which will fix to the roof and thus prevent leakage, to a large extent.

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  1. Due date

Craftsmen who are experienced and constantly make roofs of all types and sizes, will be fast and efficient. They don’t need much time. When the necessary material arrives, they work hard, and a new roof rises before your eyes. Such a team needs a few days, if the house is smaller. If you have a large area, and you are working on a completely new roof with replacements of every detail, then it could take a couple of weeks. Be sure to agree on an approximate deadline. It is not possible to predict everything in detail, but the main things can, especially with versed professionals.

  1. Warranty

After such extensive work and considerable expenses, the completed work will bring relief and joy to you and your family. However, do not let the team go without giving you a written and stamped guarantee. They guarantee that the work was done according to current standards and rules, that it was done professionally and that in the coming years, even decades, you should not worry about the roof, regardless of the weather conditions. Professional and credible people will give you such a guarantee that if you do not ask for it, it is understood in their business.

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Nobody is looking forward to such large and expensive work at home, that is a fact. However, have a vision of your house, as a maintained, tidy place, where good energy reigns, for the whole family to be protected and locked in the space in which they live. Let the thought of all the weather conditions, which you will observe through the window, enjoy the scenes, autumn rains, Christmas winds, clear, sunny days… without spoiling your mood, make you happy.