6 AC Repairs You Should Always Leave to the Professionals

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Climate change, which we have witnessed a few decades ago, is radically changing our way of life. No matter which meridian of the world map we were on, we began to share the same concerns. Drastic jumps and drops in temperature, unprecedented heat in countries with mild climates like England, winds and temperatures well below zero, hot summers in Sweden… these are all phenomena that today’s man encounters. Life in big cities, which are, in themselves, heat islands and without climate change, has become especially critical. Exhaust gases, concrete that accumulates and emits heat, lack of green areas and trees, too many vehicles and people… Hard to bear and live and work normally.

Air conditioners have become an integral part of life. Whether you live in a big or small town, in the countryside, the sea, the mountains – rarely a house does not have at least one air conditioner, depending on the size and needs. It is not only necessary to ensure optimal functioning during the summer, but also serves to heat the room during cold weather. Due to the fact that it works all year round, it happens that the AC begins to jump out of the usual regime and shows signs of deterioration. It is necessary to react in time and not allow a major malfunction to occur.

The most common problems you may face:

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  1. Filter

This is a typical and very common situation. In case you smell an unpleasant odor, you notice unusual dust or dirt falling on the furniture, it is a dirty or old filter. It should include in its routine regular annual visits by air conditioning service technicians who will professionally and quickly determine the condition of your filter and clean or replace it.

Don’t do it alone, the effect can’t be the same. You need to know that the filter is extremely important, it filters the air, retains bacteria, viruses, fungi, moisture, mites, dust… if not maintained regularly, it all comes back and you and your family breathe that unhealthy air.

  1. Thermostat

The thermostat is one of the vital parts of an air conditioner. It must be absolutely correct, because it controls both cooling and heating.

If you notice a deviation in the set temperature or some errors that appear on the display, be sure to call a service technician immediately. The device should not work with a faulty thermostat, it is a big risk. Experts will examine whether it is the thermostat itself or whether it reflects a fault in another part, which needs to be removed.

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  1. Compressor

The compressor reflects the power of one air conditioner. It compresses the gas and thanks to it Freon circulates and changes its physical state. It is necessary to work at full capacity, to have the maximum in the operation of your device. Depending on the area you are cooling, the compressor power is also selected.

If it doesn’t have enough freon, it won’t work properly. This shortens the life of your device, and the air quality will not be satisfactory. Also, electricity consumption will be much higher and therefore less profitable. One of the most expensive interventions on air conditioners is the replacement of compressors. Replenishing it with freon is not that expensive, but it is necessary. These works must be performed by an authorized service and give a guarantee that everything is done according to regulations.

  1. AC does not turn on or off

This is a common problem. It would be normal for the appliance to switch itself off when it reaches the set temperature. In case you notice that it works continuously, there is a suspicion that some parts may be defective. The reason may be a thermostat, a dirty filter, electrical wiring or a compressor.

The diagnosis here is too complex and uncertain for you to deal with on your own. It is best to leave it to the service technicians, and when they determine the exact reason, the solution will be quick and efficient. Only thing you can do while waiting for pros is to visit acservicesmaui.com and try to understand whether AC failure is minor or major.

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  1. Warm air instead of cold

In the middle of summer and heat, it is frustrating to experience that instead of pleasant, cold air, your device blows out heat waves. And that happens sometimes. It is best then, turn off the device and call the masters.

It may be that the compressor is overheated, that the filter is dirty or damaged, or that there is some obstruction or obstruction stuck in the duct that conducts the cooled air. This situation also requires diagnosis by a professional.

  1. Unusual sounds

You are probably already used to the sounds made by your air conditioner. Unusual sounds or noise are the reason for the momentary shutdown. Squeaking, vibrating, banging… can mean a malfunction in one of the vital parts.

Maybe the belt on the engine has loosened, and maybe the parts are not lubricated. Be sure not to go into independent assumptions and repairs, but call someone who has been trained to repair air conditioners.

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Reasons to always call a professional:

  • Diagnostics – The air conditioner is complex and has many different parts. Each is a story in itself, and when all is correct, they work properly and provide maximum benefit. It is not wise to do other people’s work and risk even greater failure or total collapse of the device.
  • Warranty – For all performed interventions you will receive a written and certified guarantee, so you will continue to have records when it was done on your air conditioner. This way you will be sure that the device is maintained and serviced on time.
  • Speed – Trained and experienced professionals will have no problem determining the situation in a short period of time and reacting properly. They are well-versed, they deal with this issue on a daily basis.
  • Detailed examination – Therefore, by calling an authorized service technician, in addition to repairing an acute fault, you get something else that is significant. He will carefully inspect the entire device and determine its current condition. Maybe the other parts are completely correct, and it may happen that he finds something else to repair, lubricate or replace. Checks important electrical installations, condition of engines, compressors, drainage systems, filters… So you will have a complete service and a guarantee that everything is correct and working properly


Given that the air conditioner is complex and requires expertise and experience, it is clear to you that any malfunction and deviation in the work requires a professional approach. Do not consult You Tube (possibly only for information) and with the help of neighbors and friends try to fix the problem yourself. You can complicate things even more and inadvertently ruin a vital part. Save money and nerves and service your air conditioner in the only right way – by hiring experts.