Review of a Powerful Interactive Masturbator – Syncbot 


I was feeling bored and restless at home when karma came through with a generous package that caught me by surprise. I was excited, wondering what new gadget I had impulsively purchased. I ripped off the wrapping, only to reveal a black suitcase. My mind was racing, thinking maybe it’s a new gaming laptop or a tablet. But it was actually something much more…private.

When I opened the suitcase to find a very expensive masturbator, memories of my browsing history came snapping back. Yes, you heard it right: I spent $512 on a fancy self-pleasuring device. Don’t judge me, I’ve always been passionate about new technology. So, let’s dive in and see if this stroker is worth the hefty price tag.

What’s the deal with AI and jerking off?

According to the description on its website, the Syncbot is a male sex toy that creates a whole new way of enjoying porn that makes its users deeply focused and fully immersed.

What really sets it apart from a normal masturbator is its cutting-edge AI technology known as PornGPT . This impressive AI model has undergone over 3.82 million hours of training with pornography, enabling it to analyze adult videos in real time and translate sexual actions into signals. These signals are then seamlessly channeled to the masturbator, causing it to simulate the on-screen movements with precise strokes, rotations, and contractions.

Wow, that sounds incredible! The name PornGPT totally reminds me of ChatGPT. They’re both such high-end technologies, aren’t they?

Honestly, the smart brains of the stroker attracted me. After all, I am a horny bachelor who wants to try something more exciting but am too afraid to find hookups or casual sex from dating apps.

Therefore, this gadget is a perfect solution for me to physically feel every position and sensation while indulging in erotic porn. Technology really improves our lives and makes masturbation more enjoyable.

Unboxing and setting it up!


My first thought upon seeing the black suitcase was that it must have some seriously professional stuff inside. Ha! It’s actually a top-notch kit for guys who like to go solo. Inside you’ll find a stroker dock, a wireless dongle, two sleeves, eight lubes, and a small tool to separate the sleeves. It’s a terrific deal, if I do say so myself.

However, the trouble arose when I tried to use the masturbator and realized it only works on Windows. Seriously, what the heck? I paid a whopping $500+ for it, but it doesn’t support Mac? Are Mac users not allowed to masturbate? Ironically enough, I am a huge fan of Apple products. Therefore, I had to resort to borrowing my friend’s laptop, which was embarrassing. I mean, imagine having to borrow someone else’s device just to watch porn and jerk off. My bad, bro, but I promise to take good care of your computer and not spill any liquid on it.

Everything went well on my friend’s laptop. I inserted the dongle into the USB port and installed the SyncPlayer software. Then I downloaded the porn videos I wanted to watch onto the device and added them into the SyncPlayer. The software detects sexual actions from the videos and sends signals to the masturbator. The scanning speed is quick; it only took 3 minutes to analyze a 20-minute threesome video. So now everything is all set. Let’s get started!

Trying it out


First, I put one canister of lube in the masturbator, and slid it onto my penis. Then I wirelessly connected it to the Synchub. After that, I pressed Play to start my solo journey.

I have to say that this high-tech stroker is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. It feels like the sexy porn star on the screen is really riding me hard. The speed of the strokes follows the porn’s movements. You can feel the tightness and depth change, which makes it feel like a real-life fantasy come true. Additionally, you’ll experience the positions in the porn such as oral or doggy style, all in just a few minutes.

It’s not your usual solo sex, so you better be ready for the challenge. The intensity is the same as in the porn, and the full version without editing can be around two hours long. So guys, make sure you pace yourself unless you have built up your body very well.

Also, the stroker has a touch pad that lets you control the porn playback with different gestures like tapping or swiping. You can find these gestures in the toy’s instructions. I think it’s a very helpful feature. For some parts in the porn that I am really addicted to, I can just rewind and experience the hottest suctions and thrusts endlessly.

This device is smart! It can recognize almost any type of porn, which is very impressive. I’m not really into hentai but I also tried it out. The detection was spot on. At first, I was skeptical about whether this device was smart enough to pick up on the unique characteristics and sexual movements in anime, but its IQ far exceeded my expectations.

And for couples, they can film their lovemaking videos and drag them into the player to analyze the movements. Men in long-distance relationships will fall in love with this tailored solo sex experience.

To sum it up, these features impressed me. I reckon it’s all thanks to the AI model. But I was even happier to discover that another manufacturer charges around $10 per month for a similar feature on their masturbator – but it’s free on Syncbot. I feel like the money I paid was well worth it.

Let’s get back to the price again. I have to say, this toy maker didn’t take Mac user’s sex lives into account. Masturbation for Mac users also matters. If you want to charge me 500 bucks for this device, then the stroker should not only make me feel damn good but also be compatible with Macs – and any other devices.

I found an app to download on my iPhone that can control it. It at least gives iPhone users a chance to use it. The app is quite simple, with just three buttons for stroking, rotating, and contracting. You can choose the speed and use all three modes at the same time! I tried it and the combination is mind-blowing. My penis hasn’t been treated so well for years, seriously.



The Syncbot masturbator is an awesome and groundbreaking gadget for guys. Its multiple movements and functions are incredibly satisfying, and the syncing feature is just amazing. Even though I had a bit of trouble choosing the right device, I have to say, the experience was tremendous.

One final comment. This company should inform customers on their website that Syncbot is not compatible with Mac devices. This will save Mac users from having to borrow a friend’s laptop just to watch porn and jerk off. However, there is a glimmer of hope as the company plans to support more devices and introduce SyncBrowser on July 15,2023. This new tool will identify sexual movements on porn websites without having to download the content. Well, finally, some good news for me, and I hope it will be a giant leap.