Personal Training Vs Gym Membership -the Right One for You


We might as well hold an award ceremony over this debate. A lot of fitness enthusiasts and people like you who are new to the health and nutrition world always wonder what the right thing is for them. Should you get a personal trainer or a gym membership?

Depending on where you live, you’ll choose the most preferable option for your fitness goal. A lot of people have different reasons for choosing one over the other. Our goal in this post is to highlight the pros and cons of each and draw a comparison based on what people say about personal training and gym membership. Afterward, the ball lies in your court

While some prefer gym membership for encouragement and cost, others prefer personal training for convenience and support. It’s important that you carefully consider the pros and cons before making the final choice on what works best for you.

We love the fact that personal trainers use certain tools like personal training email templates, smartwatches, and tailored nutrition plans to cater to the needs of their clients

So much said already, let’s compare personal training and gym membership. Which one is right for you?

Personal training vs Gym membership

If you’ve ever been to a gym for the first time, you can attest to the reality of being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start or what to do first. Often, the confusion can push you into hiding or sitting in awkward positions unless someone is kind enough to drop their metal and say hi to the new kid on the block.

Likewise, getting a personal trainer can often feel weird for the first five minutes. You’ve got a lot of unlearning and adjustments to make. Some personal trainers jump right into your life with their method while others take it slow until they understand your type of person and what makes you comfortable. Above all, the goal of personal training or gym membership is either to:

  • Lose weight
  • Keep fit
  • Tone your muscles or
  • Gain weight

Whatever your reasons are, there are pros and cons to any choice you make at the end of the day. Ready to see what they are? Let’s jump right in.

Training and support


Ever wished that you had all the training and support you need to achieve your weight goal? Whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscles, or keeping fit. Gym membership and personal training are differently tailored to help you reach the zenith of your efforts.

Now, with the gym membership, you’re assured of a group input on what you should do. Maybe even have access to all the right equipment for your training. However, you are left all alone without direct support.

Nevertheless, personal trainers are experts who are ready to attend to you and help you reach your goals faster. Here’s where personal training takes the cup. Personal trainers are at your beck and call offering direct service support and training tips for your goal to come to pass.

If you need tailored training for your personal goal, personal training is your best take on this note.

Equipment and tools

While personal trainers are trained to help you achieve your weight loss goal at your convenience and regardless of your location. Whether online or offline, a personal trainer can serve your goal. In this case, gym membership assures you of wide unrestricted access to equipment and tools.

Except the personal trainer has a local gym he uses or you have one for your home workouts. Gym memberships top the list on this one. You have access to dumbbells of any size for arm workouts, treadmills for cardio, skipping ropes, and other exercise equipment you may need. They’re all covered under the membership access you pay; monthly or annually.

The only downside to gym memberships is that you’re left on your own to figure out how to use the tools, especially for a local self-service gym membership where everyone hits the treadmill for their own sake. With a personal trainer, you’re sure of someone to guide you so that you don’t hurt yourself or take the wrong posture while doing your daily exercise which might in turn cause more harm than good.

On this note, if you’re going for a gym membership, be sure that you know how to use the equipment at your disposal. If you’re a complete beginner, ask for a personal trainer or make friends who can teach you.



Experts claim that accountability is the most important consideration for anyone on a fitness journey. The point of accountability is that it raises the bar for you. Especially knowing that someone is watching you and counting on you to stay focused.

With both gym membership and personal training, you have room for accountability. Gym membership offers you group accountability from your clique if you make friends early in your fitness journey. Fitness, as we know, is often a lonely journey and if you want to last longer on the journey, you’ve got to stay accountable.

Here’s where personal training takes the award home. Personal trainers have a rare gift of making sure that you don’t slack off, that you eat properly, and exercise often.

Merely knowing that your personal trainer will ask what you had for lunch or wake you up for exercise is enough to make you stay on your feet and never give up on your fitness goal.

So, if accountability is a necessary item on the list for you, you need a personal trainer or make-up with gym buddies to help you stay accountable.


When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, some people crave convenience above anything. For them, there’s too much at risk if they have to wake up every morning running to the gym like some sort of relay race or competition is around the corner.

Yes, they want to lose weight or stay fit but all must be done at their convenience. Either in the home or at the office. Here’s the good news, You don’t have to be inconvenienced to achieve your fitness goal.

One can lose weight from the comfort of their home with the help of a personal trainer. With gym memberships, you need to visit the gym to reach your goals. While, personal training comes with home service packages for busy entrepreneurs, housewives, and people who generally prefer to sweat at home than the gym.

Nowadays, you can hire a personal trainer on the internet, sit at home, eat right and work out on your couch all from the comfort of your home. If the smell of sweat at the gym throws you off or makes you uncomfortable, you’ll love personal training packages.



A lot of people say that the cost of hiring a personal trainer is closely compared to luxury.  As the saying goes, expensive or cheap is relative. This means that depending on your budget and income, hiring a personal trainer might be too expensive or right on the budget mark for you.

Most people insist that a gym membership is less expensive than a personal trainer. This is both true and false. In some parts of the world, personal trainers are more affordable compared to gym memberships.

Also, depending on the popularity of your trainer, you might have luck running into an affordable personal trainer who is dedicated to his art and emphatic. In like manner, gym memberships are often expensive in some parts of the world.

This is to say that cost isn’t always a firm indicator when compared side by side with the values you get from the different packages.

Companionship and community

The most beautiful thing about a gym membership is the spirit of community and companionship. It gives you a welcome feeling of “aah! I’m not alone on this journey” you get to see people who are just like you and on the same goal as yours. You also get to interact with people who began where you are and achieved the goal that you dream of.

There’s always a lot to learn and be encouraged for. This is especially for people who are more community-motivated than self-motivated. On the other hand, personal fitness only offers companionship without community spirit. This is because you get to spend the most time with your personal trainer. Regardless, creating a community spirit in both cases isn’t hard as long as you’re in touch with the reason you started your journey.

The goal of hiring a personal trainer is to get someone who stirs you into action immediately and creates fun for you when you need it.



Regardless of whatever choice you make at the end of the day, it’s great that you have a firm perspective on both personal trainers and gym memberships. Each of the packages is tailored differently for different groups of people. So, depending on what class you fall into, any of the options will be great to serve your purpose and help you reach your goals.,