How Long Does A Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy Last?


HBOT is a clinical treatment where 100% (unadulterated) oxygen is utilised inside a chamber called a hyperbaric chamber. For clinical purposes , a hyperbaric chamber is made with gaseous pressure higher than the atmospheric sea level.

Some ocean jumpers have to encounter a massive change in atmospheric pressure and use this methodology to reduce their possibility of developing decompression disorder. Also, HBOT is clinically suggested for patients who experience the ill effects of issues such as diabetes, foot ulcers, carbon monoxide harm, and others.

These days home HBOT chambers are accessible in different sizes. You can check out which is intended to assist individuals

of any age with keeping up with well-being and stimulating any torment away. They likewise prevent insignificant upkeep costs, allowing you to amplify the worth of every treatment session while simultaneously conveying incredible outcomes rapidly.

What Is The Importance Of Hyperbaric Therapy?


Human body requires 5-6 ml of oxygen each minute for tissues to work appropriately. Here hyperbaric treatment helps the body by giving an adequate measure of oxygen. Blood conveys more oxygen because of treatment, which consequently helps in working on the safe framework of the immune system and fastening the healing process of wounds.

Various clinical issues have profited from more oxygen in the tissues with HBOT treatment. It conceivably helps in

  • Increasing WBC’s count .
  • Boosting the impacts of medications used in treating medical issues.
  • Enhancing the body’s tissue’s oxygen level .
  • Working on blood pressure level.
  • Lowering the torment and swelling.

It generally takes an hour and a half for oxygen to get to all body parts per session. The oxygen level regulated during this period usually is higher than the patient’s average oxygen level.

The Efficiency Of Therapy

The treatment of hyperbaric chambers relies upon the condition being treated, its type, the patient’s health, and the clinical record. Furthermore, based on it, the treatment stays for somewhere in the range of 8 months or upto a year.

Types Of HBOT

Two types of hyperbaric chambers are utilized for treatment: Monoplace and Multiplace.

  1. Multiplace HBOT-
  • Multiplace chambers are enormous and can deal with the treatment of various patients at a single time.
  • They are often utilized in medical care offices where medical staff can go anytime, depending on the situation.

While the whole Chamber has the same oxygen pressure, the patients are instructed to wear a head protector and mask to cover themselves and ensure that inhaled oxygen is free of contamination or infection.

  1. Monoplace HBOT
  • A monoplace chamber made of clear acrylic that obliges each patient at a time.
  • Without a hood or veil, the patient typically inhales inside the compressed, 100 percent oxygen-filled chamber.
  • While the patient is inside the Chamber, a guaranteed expert looks at them using a camera.
  • No materials or PDAs are permitted inside the monoplane area.
  • Depending upon how much pressure is utilized during treatment, it further includes two sorts of chambers.
  • Hard Monoplace Chamber: It utilizes a pressure of three atmospheres.
  • Soft monoplace Chamber: works at 1.3 atmospheres of pressure. Utilized most often for acute clinical issues like altitude sickness.

The monoplane chamber is favored more when contrasted with the multiplace chamber since you get modified treatment according to your health issues. The patient receives more consideration and management than in the latter option.

Conditions Treated by HBOT


Various clinical issues are believed to improve from HBOT treatment, which is the fundamental reason individuals decide to get this treatment. The following are some of the circumstances that HBOT can assist with ease .

  • Air Embolism-The air that can escape from the lungs into the veins or nitrogen air pockets can be in the veins
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning because of breathing poisonous exhaust.
  • Cyanide poisonousness in the body
  • Explicit non-healing wound types, including diabetic injuries
  • Gangrenous gas-Spreading gangrene in contaminated injuries that release gas.
  • Intracranial disease starts from ear contamination, sinus disease, or another essential wellspring of contamination.
  • The impacts of radiation therapy on tissue
  • Osteomyelitis-long haul irritation of bone or bone marrow) (long haul aggravation of bone or bone marrow.
  • deficient skin folds or transfers
  • Low blood count causing outrageous iron deficiency
  • Serious cerebrum illnesses
  • Burns on the skin
  • A few horrible injuries
  • obtuse deafness
  • An untitled loss of vision

Patients History

  1. The physician recommends eliminating particular medications before the treatment.
  • Recent exposure to Bleomycin can cause interstitial pneumonitis.
  • Cisplatin and sulfamoyl slow the healing of wounds.
  • Superoxide dismutase, which protects against oxygen toxicity, is blocked by disulfiram.
  • Maintaining good health for at least a few weeks before your HBOT therapy.
  • Before HBOT, one should stay away from alcohol and smoking for at least four weeks.

Side effect

A patient’s specific oxygen needs should be considered before giving a treatment dose. Since high measures of oxygen can actuate specific issues and symptoms adverse consequences. Some of them can be

  • lung and sinus disintegration
  • Middle ear enlargement and rupturing because of liquid development
  • Visibility issues that outcome in nearsightedness or astigmatism
  • Oxygen poisoning , which can bring about lung disorder, pneumonic liquid development, or seizures

When a patient gets treatment for a more extended period (more prominent than two hours) and at a higher pneumatic pressure ( not multiple times the normal air pressure), incidental effects can create.

Precaution Before Taking Therapy

  • Legitimate precautionary measures ought to be taken before therapy. One is favoring real, authorized, and experienced clinical workers, which is the best strategy to forestall HBOT side effects and disorders.
  • This treatment isn’t the best suited to everybody. It should not be utilized by individuals who have had a recent operation, a cold or fever, or specific lung sickness.

Bottom Line

In this manner, there can be a requirement for more than one session of hyperbaric oxygen treatment to encounter its advantages. Your ailment will decide the number of meetings that are needed. Treatment for certain diseases, for example, carbon monoxide poisoning, may require more visits when contrasted with acute ailments like mountain infection.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a standard part of a thorough therapy plan that involves different treatments and prescriptions customized to your particular requirements to perceive the clinical issue correctly.