Mage Tower Challenge tips for World of Warcraft beginners

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If you haven’t noticed by now WoW or World of Warcraft is a big game with an enormous fan base. What is interesting is the fact that it is continually growing and expanding.

There are numerous things that you can do in this game and there is no doubt about that. New content new expansions are being added in regularly. Subtle changes that are calling you to return and game more, the developers are doing an awesome job with this MMORPG. These are just some of the reasons for its huge popularity. Others include a great fan base, great content, interesting gameplay and a way to earn money within and outside the game.

There are people out there that have dedicated their lives to making money from this game, and the way to do that is by levelling up your account and helping others do the same or selling your hard-earned stuff in the game to those who need it more. In this game being a beginner isn’t that hard if you have a little bit of skill, but it is a lot easier if you have money to pay for tutors, carriers, or items in-game.

For all those that are new and want to progress a bit faster through the ranks we have decided to do this article, but we also wanted to attract your attention to which is a place where you can buy boosts for you, so check them out.

So, if you are just starting out and if you are heading for the Mage Tower Challenge this is the best way to do it!


If you are going to tackle the Mage Tower successfully you will need goof gear for that task. This is the first thing you should consider and thanks to this article you will find out what exactly you need with you. Generally speaking, all you need is some Shadowlands gear that has some decent secondary stats geared with sockets that tend to scale a little bit better with this type of content.

There will be moments where you will have trouble with some of the bosses where you do not meet the DPS requirements, but we are here to help you squeeze everything you can. Having secondary stats is good but primaries like Intellect, Strength and Agility are going to give you the biggest DPS gains all around. Those who played Battle for Azeroth probably have some Azeroth gear in the bag already and if you use theme here you will tap into their source of good primary stats, but it will cost you your secondaries. What you also can do is pick up some socketed gear, but choose those that can come with double or triple the sockets so you can attach more things to it so you can bolster your character even more.


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When you have all the gear you need and the sockets free you should focus on choosing which gems you are going to slot to which socket. If you go to Stormwind or Agramar and if you check with a PvP vendor you can easily buy base three primary stat gems for one mark of honour. These are not the best ones but they are surely the easiest to get.

The best ones you are going to use are those gems that you can craft like Cataclysm gems that will give you four primary stats, but they can be pretty expensive depending on your auction house and take a long time crafting if you are trying to do it yourself. If you are an intellect user you can pick up some heroic gems from the Dungeon of Black Morass in TBC. Keep in mind that this instance isn’t heroic so it is on a daily lockout.


Like gear, some weapons will give you extra effects that will help you fight this challenge. A ton of success in the Mage Tower can be acquired by using Heirloom gear. These are fantastic because they come with the raw secondary stats like staffs that just have all haste or two-handed axes that have all critical damage.

A good thing to do is put enchants on your weapons which will increase your chances and better your weapons, but they will be expensive, especially if you use old enchants. A lot of those older enchants scale well inside the Mage Tower but buying a lot of these to put on the different socketed weapons means you will be hurting financially. Heirlooms help you bypass this by enchanting the weapons with certain enchants and then you can send heirloom across your old characters keeping the enchant on that weapon.


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We did some research and some testing and we are happy to report that we found some of the strongest ones out there. For any strength user’s crusader enchant is incredibly strong. It already got nerfed for the Mage Tower but it still offers 46 extra strength which is quite a lot, but it also gives a slight bit of healing which is amazing. Casters should use Machinist’s Brilliance and it will be some of the best intellect that you can get, while for agility users force multiplier is incredibly consistent. If you want to apply some of these enchantments on your weapons you have to know that they have an item level requirement so pay close attention to this. Heirloom weapons are the best for this because they scale according to who is holding them, so have that in mind. There are enchants for primary stats like spell power and attack power it will highly depend on what kind of gear you are wearing.

So, after all, you have read you can easily deduce what is the easiest path for you. Either you try this by yourself with the bits of advice and tips we provided, and see what luck has in store for you, or your head down to that boost shop and pay for the easier in and out of that Mage Tower. Whatever path you choose make sure that you have a lot of fun along the way because that is the entire meaning of the game.