The Essential Guide to Leveraging Prep n Print for Better Food Safety


With increasing regulations related to food safety and the growing pressure to meet health standards, many restaurants are finding it difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving food safety landscape. Prep n Print Flex answers this challenge by offering an automated and comprehensive approach to food safety compliance. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of its various features and functions and some helpful advice on how to leverage its capabilities best to guarantee the highest level of food safety in any restaurant.


The following features and functions make prep n print flex an essential tool for any restaurant looking to ensure food safety compliance.

Onsite Printing

With prep n print flex onsite printing capability, restaurant owners and operators can quickly and easily print food safety records and other essential documents directly from the restaurant’s point-of-sale (POS) system or other reporting software. This eliminates the need to store paper copies and simplifies food safety record-keeping, making it easier to maintain compliance with all relevant food safety regulations.

Automated Scanning


Its automated scanning feature allows restaurants to quickly and accurately scan and track incoming food items throughout their supply chain. This ensures that all food ingredients and items always comply with health standards, making inventory management easier.

Alerts and Notifications

Its alert and notification system is designed to help restaurants quickly address any potential food safety issues or other problems that may arise. This feature allows restaurants to quickly identify problems and take corrective action before they become more serious.

Reports and Analytics

Prep n print flex also provides detailed reports and analytics that allow restaurant owners to track their food safety compliance over time. This ensures that restaurant owners have the data they need to make informed decisions and that their restaurant always adheres to the highest health and safety standards.

Menu Building

Prep n print flex offers a menu-building feature that allows restaurants to quickly and easily create menus and make any necessary edits and changes. This feature helps ensure that restaurant menus are always up-to-date and compliant with food safety regulations.

HACCP & Sanitation Management

Prep n print flex also provides comprehensive Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and sanitation management capabilities. This allows restaurants to keep track of their food safety standards across all aspects of the operation, ensuring that all food safety protocols are followed at all times.

Tips on how to Best Leverage Its Capabilities

Below are tips for restaurant owners and operators looking to ensure the highest possible level of food safety and practical advice on how these prep n print flex features can ensure food safety in any restaurant.

Develop a Comprehensive Plan for Food Safety Compliance


The first step in leveraging prep n Print Flex for better food safety is developing a comprehensive plan for meeting all the necessary regulations. This should include health department guidelines and any additional rules that the restaurant may have put in place. This plan should include steps for obtaining and storing foods safely and any protocols for preparing and serving food. Additionally, this plan should establish clear and consistent communication between food handlers throughout the process.

Utilize the Automated Temperature Monitoring System

Its Automated Temperature Monitoring System ensures that food temps are held safely in the microwave, oven, or steamer and is the most comprehensive temperature monitoring system available in the industry. This system can record temps every 30 minutes and generate detailed reports on the temperatures of all cooked items, allowing for easy tracking of food-safe standards. It also eliminates manual temperature checks, saving operators time and money.

Implement Sanitation and Hygiene Protocols

It allows restaurant operators to track and document sanitation and hygiene protocols. This includes monitoring staff members’ use of gloves and other protective coverings and ensuring surfaces and equipment are cleaned and sanitized properly. By tracking and documenting these protocols, operators can quickly identify areas for improvement and ensure that their staff follows all safety guidelines.

Streamline and Optimize Food Labeling Procedures

Food labeling is an important part of food safety compliance. Prep n print flex makes it easy to streamline and optimize all food labeling activities. This includes prompting staff to add expiration and cook dates and allergen labeling to each item. Additionally, it offers an alert system that sends notifications when labels need to be updated and replaced.

Implement Food Waste Tracking Practices


A key part of food safety compliance involves tracking and managing food waste. Prep n print flex allows operators to easily streamline the process of keeping track of where food is discarded and disposed of. This ensures that all waste is disposed of responsibly and can help operators save money by recycling and reusing as much food as possible.

Utilize Quality Assurance Best Practices

Operators should utilize quality assurance best practices. This includes making and maintaining detailed records of all food items in the restaurant and organizing food storage and inventory management protocols. It helps operators to organize these records and protocols neatly and also includes built-in quality assurance reports that allow operators to easily track the quality of their food items throughout the entire process.

Create Custom Reports

Its customizable report feature lets operators quickly create comprehensive reports summarizing food safety compliance levels over time. Operators can ensure that their food safety program is on track and up to date.

Empower Employees with Training Programs

It can be used to create tailored training programs designed to teach employees the necessary food safety protocols and best practices. Additionally, an intuitive quiz feature can test employees’ knowledge and understanding of food safety. Operators can ensure their employees are fully aware of food safety procedures and regulations.


Utilize the Intuitive Interface

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for restaurant owners and operators to access their food safety data in one place quickly. This eliminates the need to search records and paperwork manually and allows operators to get an accurate and up-to-date view of their food safety compliance levels. Additionally, operators can customize the interface to their specific needs, allowing them to quickly and easily find the information they need.