6 Key Elements of a Good Resume and Tips for Writing

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Finding a job can sometimes take everything we got, and it may seem like regardless of how great our references are and how well we did on our interview that the job of our dreams has somehow slipped from our hands, once again. Now, there could be many reasons for this, and the most usual one is that someone simply had to offer much more than we, at least on paper. But that’s precisely where it all starts, as having a great resume can really save us both time and nerves when searching for a job. Yes, and if you don’t believe us, just take a look at how much professional resume writers are charging for their services and how many of them you can easily find online.

The resume is the beginning, the first time ever that our future employer will see and read something about us. Now, don’t discard this as just another piece of paper with our basic info. No, it’s much more than just that, as the resume represents an examination of our education, skills, personality, character, and overall charisma. Modern employees don’t just want another highly educated person, as the main attention, these days is about charisma and teamwork. Of course, this doesn’t mean that good education is meaningless on the contrary, but who you are and how you present yourself is also another piece of the puzzle and the one that often gets neglected. So, if you are ready to learn how to create and not just write an exemplary resume, let’s start by focusing on the key elements.

File format, format, spelling, and grammar

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Of course, it all starts from choosing the right file format, and you should look at it as a canvas on which you will create art. PDF is the most often used, and with this one, you cannot make a mistake. Now, we can focus on the essence, as the most important thing when it comes to every written work is correct spelling and grammar and simple format, and a resume is not an exemption. That means we need to proofread it before submitting it and use the spelling and grammar checkers to make sure that everything is written properly.

Probably the best idea is to find another person to proofread it after we are done because the other person can be objective and give the right assessment, and doing both checks is always better. If you are interested in hiring a professional proofreader for your resume, visit PaperTrue. When it comes to resume format, we need to keep it simple, find the most appropriate font, and make the whole resume clear and easy to read. Besides that, starting too many sentences with I is never a good idea, and it is much better to use active verbs instead of that. As for the looks, the resume needs to be easy on the eye, an easy read, but informative and engaging, and we have only crossed the first thing so far.

Our personal information

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At the very beginning of the resume, we need to write our personal information to present ourselves to the reader. Yes, this may sound like an obvious thing, but you will be surprised at how many folks forget to add the basic info. Afterward, the text should be short and concise, and we need to mention all the necessary information such as name, address, telephone number, and email address.

There is no need to write a lot in this part, try to be funny, or provide too elaborate information because mentioning these necessary data is enough to show who we are. Avoid writing the date of birth or some confidential information such as a social security number in order to remain safe.

Employment history

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It is crucial to write down all our previous experiences if we want to get the job, so mentioning employment history is something we need to add to our resume if we want to make it complete. There is no such thing as unimportant employment, and we should list all of them to prove our reliability.

Many employers search for experienced workers, and if you have experience, it is important to mention it. It is not important if our employment was paid or we were volunteers because every experience counts, which means that it is worth mentioning.

Our education

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Sometimes it is not all about experience and expertise, and we can find a job based on our education, no matter if we have experience in that field or not. Because of that, it’s always preferable to write everything about your education from elementary school to the highest achievement you got. It is always a good idea to write all the courses you attended if you have done that because everything can be useful when it comes to searching for a job.

Adding some references

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It is always a great idea to add some references if we have someone to recommend us, and it is enough to find three to five people to write a short recommendation about overall productivity and work ethic. It can be your former employer, teacher, or even someone who knows you enough to write about you.

Besides their reference, it is important to mention the relationship with them and their contact if someone wants to get in touch with them and check it.


Write several resumes

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This one is important because what many won’t tell you is that not every employer will look for the same things in a resume, and depending on the type of job, company, and even the personal preferences of the person in charge for reading resumes, a good resume could be the one with basic info, the concise and straightforward one, while some other employers will look for more engaging content.

That is why in order to get a higher chance to actually get the job, you should write several versions so that you can give or send the one that suits the goals and desires of the company you want to work for. Even if someone doesn’t have enough time or simply don’t know how to do all that, it’s good to know that there are some exemplary resume writers like the resumewritingservices.org you can find online, so if you want your resume to really stand out from all the rest, make sure to check what they have to offer.