5 Tips for Increasing Your Mythic+ Score Faster in WoW Shadowlands  

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The worldwide famous game World of Warcraft: Shadowlands always comes up with new and exciting features in every major update. This is also the reason for the massive active daily players of this game. The competitive modes and features of this game make it more interesting than ever. After completion of each mode and accomplishing new achievements, you are rewarded with exciting rewards.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands have included a new ranking system i.e. Mythic+ rating in their latest update. This feature provides you with an optimised ranking system during PVE modes. Players are given ratings based on their performance while running Mythic+ dungeons.

Third-party websites like Raider.IO allow you to check your detailed rankings. Ratings are based on the dungeons you have completed depending on the key level and total time taken. The higher key level allows you to get higher ratings that will help you to increase your Mythic+ scores faster in the game.

In this article, you will get insights into some useful tips that will help you to earn more scores from Mythic+ dungeons.

How Mythic+ score is calculated in WoW Shadowlands?

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Mythic+ score is calculated based on your performance after completing keystone and dungeons. Overall scores are earned based on the following factors:

  • You will receive 35.7 points straight on completion of Mythic+ dungeon.
  • Every keystone level will add 7.5 points extra to your overall score. Higher the key level the more rating you can accumulate throughout the game.
  • Furthermore, every affix provides an extra 7.5 points that add to your total rating. You can also earn 15 points from Seasonal affix, Tormented, etc.
  • Lastly, if you want to earn bonus rating points then you must aim for completing the dungeons faster. You can get a time bonus or plenty based on how much time you take to complete the keystone. Try to complete it 40% faster than the dungeon timer to receive 7.5 rating points.

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Tips for scoring more rating points after completing Mythic+ dungeons

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1. Use the voice chat tool

To earn higher points your main focus must be on completing the dungeons faster before the timer runs out. You can use the voice chat tool to coordinate with your teammates and play together so you can complete the dungeons much faster.

Playing strategically you can complete higher levels easily and increase your overall score faster. It can be quite uncomfortable talking with players you don’t know but not using the voice chat tool will make it more difficult.

2. Make your groups

If you want to clear higher levels you should focus on making your group and build team synergy so it becomes easier for you to complete dungeons and earn more points at higher keystone levels.

Avoid playing with random groups because everyone is always following a different strategy and without communication, it will be impossible to move ahead to the higher key levels. Try to look for good players or ask your friends or guild members to play together and increase Mythic+ score faster. You can also join a group where players are better than you and build your synergy with them.

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3. Level up to a higher rank

You must have a higher rank to play Mythic+ dungeons. Play other modes and rank up higher at least to level 350. Ensure that you are fully geared up and you are in proper communication with your teammates. Also, your teammates need to have a higher rank so they can provide enough support so you can complete higher keystones within the specified time.

Higher rank players in your team will be more beneficial in completing mythic dungeons faster. If you are unable to complete a higher key level then rank up by playing other modes and try again with your team.

4. Good attitude is essential

Clearing these Mythic+ dungeons is not possible without an exceptional team. If you are making your team/group then ensure that you are teaming up with players having a good attitude during the game. You will find players not cooperating with teammates and blaming other team members for their bad performance.

Have players in your team with a calm mindset in the heat of the moment. Also, if you are looking for groups ensure that they are friendly, humble and motivating you positively on your bad performance.

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5. Few other notable tips

Some tips to increase your overall Mythic+ score faster.

  • Don’t miss the timer if you don’t want to get a penalty or deduct an overall score of 15 points by completing it 40% slower than the specified timer.
  • Follow walkthroughs or guides before entering a higher keystone level. It will help you to be aware of the intricate and complex of each dungeon allowing you to complete difficult keystones before the countdown ends.
  • Try to complete new key levels instead of completing a key that is already timed. You should aim for higher-level keys to earn more Mythic+ scores.
  • Don’t hesitate to create your group. Avoid playing with random players who are not coordinating through voice chats.

The Bottom-line

Completing Mythic+ keystone levels in WoW: Shadowlands can be difficult. It might take longer if you don’t have a permanent team or you have a low rank. You must consider all the factors that are essential to achieve a good rating and increase your score faster.

The primary factor is time and the keystone level. Aim for completing keystone levels as early as possible and play in teams with players better than you having impressive skills and a positive attitude. These were some useful tips that will allow you to clear Mythic+ keystone levels and achieve a higher rating throughout the game.