Unraveling The History Behind Saint Hubert Medals

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For centuries, hunters have revered the Saint Hubert medal as a good luck charm How did it come to be associated with hunting, and what does it represent for Christians today? In this blog post, we’ll explore the origins of the Saint Hubert medal and its meaning for those who wear it. You can check out Saint Hubert Medals.

Who is Saint Hubert?

Saint Hubert was a Christian saint who lived in the 8th century and was the patron saint of hunters. According to legend, Hubert was not always a devout man. He often preferred to hunt than to attend Mass. However, his mother was a religious Catholic who left quite an impression on Hubert.

This impression was further deepened after his marriage to Floribonne, who was another devout Catholic. She helped Hubert rekindle his faith. However, when she passed during childbirth, Hubert was struck with grief. Feeling anger and confusion towards the Lord, he abandoned his faith and pursued a life that was dedicated to hunting.

One Good Friday, while all devout Christians were praying to the Lord, he went out to hunt. However, while out hunting, he had a divine experience that changed the course of his life.

As the story goes, Hubert was chasing a stag through the forest when the animal stopped and turned towards him, revealing a crucifix between its antlers. Hubert heard a voice telling him to turn towards the Lord and live a holy life. This experience so moved Hubert that he immediately renounced his old ways and dedicated himself to the Lord.

Hubert became a bishop under the spiritual guidance of Bishop Lambert and worked tirelessly to spread the gospel. He is known for his devotion to the Lord and his love of hunting, and as a result, he is often depicted with a stag or hunting horn.

The popularity of Saint Hubert as a patron saint of hunters can be traced back to the Middle Ages when hunting was a common pastime among the nobility. Saint Hubert’s association with hunting likely stems from his own love of the sport and his belief that it could be a way to connect with the Lord and nature.

Hubert’s Journey to Priesthood

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St. Hubert’s interaction with the stag resulted in him leaving for Maastricht immediately in order to seek Lambert, as instructed by the voice he had heard. The Lambert that the voice mentioned was none other than Saint Lambert of Maastricht, who received him warmly, taught him to pray, and became his spiritual guide.

Under his guidance, Hubert renounced all of his worldly possessions and started studying to become a priest. His efforts paid off, as he was soon ordained as one. He soon became a chief associate of Saint Lambert. He was known for his sermons, where he used his skill with a bow and arrow to draw crowds. Christians who heard his sermon experienced a newfound dedication toward their faith. At the same time, people who worshiped pagan gods often renounced them and instead converted to Christianity, embracing the Lord and his teachings instead.

The Meaning Behind Saint Hubert Medals

Saint Hubert medals are a popular symbol among hunters and those who love the outdoors. Saint Hubert medals often depict the saint with a stag or hunting horn and are popular among hunters as good luck charms and symbols of their faith. Some hunters wear these medals as a reminder to practice ethical hunting behavior and to respect the natural world. Others wear it to remind themselves to be mindful of their faith.

In addition to being worn as a good luck charm, Saint Hubert medals are also a popular choice for collectors and those interested in the history and symbolism of religious artifacts. The enduring popularity of these medals is a testament to the enduring influence of Saint Hubert and his message of devotion to the Lord and respect for the natural world.

Saint Hubert’s Day Is Celebrated on November 3

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Saint Hubert’s story is a reminder of the transformative power of faith and the importance of living a life dedicated to the Lord. His legacy lives on through the many churches, schools, and organizations that bear his name. November 3 is considered to be St. Hubert’s feast day. It also marks the official beginning of the hunting season. Some places on this day will organize a special Mass, where organ music is replaced with hunting horns.

Hubert Has Influenced Modern Day Hunting Ethics

Saint Hubert’s love for animals and his dedication to hunting made him set some ethical guidelines for hunting animals. Despite living more than a thousand years ago, Hubert’s influence can still be felt today in the hunting community and beyond.

One way that St. Hubert has influenced modern day practices is through the widespread use of his image and symbols as good luck charms and reminders to practice ethical hunting behavior. Saint Hubert medals, which depict the saint with a stag or hunting horn, are popular among hunters and serve as a reminder to respect the natural world and follow fair chase rules. Hunters are encouraged to euthanize any sick animals they may come across. They are also told not to shoot animals with young ones in tow in order to make sure that the young animal can reach maturity and be led towards a whole life.

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Saint Hubert’s life and legacy inspire Christians to have faith in the Lord. His enduring influence and the enduring popularity of his image and symbols speak to the enduring power of his message and the lasting impact he has had on the world. Saint Hubert remains an important figure in the history of Christianity and an inspiration to those who seek to live a life dedicated to the Lord and to the natural world.