Can You Cut A Car Key From The VIN Number?


Humans tend to lose things constantly, and unfortunately, that includes keys for vehicles. Car keys are lost by accident within minutes and are a great challenge to find later when required. So, if that is the case, then it is common to wonder how the lost key will get replaced.

But the fantastic news is that a quick solution can be applied to this inevitable problem. Replacement of lost vehicle ignition keys is accessible with the help of details included in the VIN code. VIN will be either on the bonnet of the vehicle or in the user manual provided during the purchase. These days, many trusted online services offer car key cutting purposes using the VIN code.

Read on further to understand the process of replacing this problem with the help of the VIN code.

Why Replace The Keys Of The Vehicle?

The main reasons for this can be the result of losing it or other factors with the functioning of the automobile. The primary cause is accidentally misplacing the keys and the requirement for new ones.

But sometimes, other factors, including internal damage to any car parts or faulty ignition cylinder, could also be a reason. Damaged car parts can also result in the situation, to acquire a new ignition key to create proper functioning in the long run.

Importance Of VIN Code


Now that the reasons for a change in keys are clear, understanding what VIN code is essential. VIN code is the Vehicle Identification Number of any vehicle. The purpose of it is the identification of any automobile.

Every single automobile has a different VIN code. It is an essential part of identifying individual vehicles without any trouble. Every car has its unique features and specifications. These details are specified, through the VIN. Further, they also track different factors that are prominent, for car owners, like insurance coverage, registrations, warranty offers, and thefts.

Therefore, in short, VIN is a necessary aspect of any vehicle. VIN code comes in 17 characters and is found in various parts of the car. Most of the time it is present under the bonnet or on the side of the driver’s door. If these places are not showing it, then there are ways like checking the user manual from the manufacturers or the dashboard if necessary.

How Is A Key Made From VIN Different?

A car key made using the VIN is no different from a lost key. It will be the replica of the original car keys that had to be replaced or lost by accident. However, if the new key made using the VIN is lost or damaged, the new key won’t be a replica of the original one.

A key gets replaced by utilizing the details and specifications mentioned in the unique VIN code of any vehicle. The task is simple and facilitated in all vehicles, especially modern ones. This means that when a situation occurs where the key is lost, the first place, to begin with, is the VIN code.

Understand that even though it gives the manufacturers and the locksmiths the details required for a new key. Often it won’t be the same as the original ignition key but will function like the original one. The cost for the key made from the VIN code is affordable and will get covered by the car insurance coverage.

Hence, it is the best deal for every car owner to get a solution for the issue within days and quickly.

Is It Possible To Cut A Car Key From The VIN Number?


Typically, losing or replacing the car keys is an inevitable task to do as a car owner. But new keys can be retained, with quick steps without facing any hassle. Locksmiths are provided with the training to do this process, and they can be experts when it comes to cutting a car key.

Therefore, these get changed faster than anyone could imagine. Contact a locksmith with years of expertise for the best outcomes. Confirm ownership by showing the necessary papers and documents along with the details regarding VIN.

These details are mandatory and given to the people who provide the service. The locksmiths hired can also facilitate the functioning of other features required in the automobile. These devices can be tracking devices that will protect the car further in the future from mishaps and other safety issues.

All these facilities can be gained, during the process of getting a new key. It is also advised to do the service when both the owner and his vehicle are present to receive better services.

Whom To Ask For Assistance?

Locksmiths are always recommended for creating a new key from VIN. Several services are available from dealerships as well. However, getting the task done by a locksmith is a much more preferable and convenient option. They are well-versed in this sort of work and will do it with excellent results.

Moreover, most of the services offered by locksmiths will be available 24 hours a day. So they are accessible at any time of the day without panicking. This way, money and time will not get wasted unnecessarily. Also, professional locksmiths offer affordable prices and have the best-proven results.

They also can provide other necessary functions and facilities required for a vehicle. Many online services are available that offer complete trustworthiness and valuable services for the invested money. Many options are there to choose from, so decide on a service that gives the best results at great prices and services for a great experience.



Losing keys to any vehicle is normal, and everyone goes through that experience in life. But, by using the VIN code of the automobile, it is possible to get new keys without any inconvenience.

Locksmiths are great for this task. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact a service with professional locksmiths. Further, even getting a local locksmith is advisable. And get the new keys without further worries and troubles.