Last-Minute Tips for Hiring a DJ for Your Party or Event

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A successful event is all about the details. It doesn’t really matter if you plan on organizing something small and intimate or big and extravagant. Everyone will talk about your party for weeks to come, which is why you should be prepared the best you can and with all the details falling into place.

This is why the organization is key. And when it comes to music you can ”set the tone” and mood with a proper DJ! Want to know how to hire one and what to look for? Keep on reading and find out all there’s to it.

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  1. Your own personal list with must-haves

The first step is to create a list of must-haves for your event, as well as some of your favorite classical must-do hits. Find a DJ who can meet your preferred notes. Not only that but also think about your budget, location, and time.

How doable is it to get a DJ in that specific spot? Will they have enough space to move around and create? If your preferred artist can’t meet your requirements or the list itself ask them if they have any recommendations from other professionals.

  1. Do your research

You can browse through a lot of different people and artists online. They either have their official site, Instagram profile, or LinkedIn that you can browse through. So, check out their website or portfolio to see if they’ve done similar events before that can meet your style, budget, and preference.

Scroll through their pictures or read reviews on social media to get the best insight into who they are. Get in touch through a message or email button to discuss other details and to get your questions answered.

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  1. Ask around for referrals

Ask around and see if someone that you know of has had a good, positive and pleasant experience with a DJ. Talk to your friends and family, or ask your neighbors. With their help, you will get first-hand feedback. Narrow down your selection or at least figure out where you should turn and start with.

PS: It’s also crucial to communicate your vision for the event to the DJ so they can properly plan their set. If they aren’t the perfect fit switch to online searching.

  1. Be clear and upfront

You don’t want to lose track during your own party, right? This is why you should be clear and upfront with all of your requirements from the get-go. So, do you want a DJ that will focus on the music and talk very little, or is it more important to have a DJ who specializes in audience interaction?

Do you want something formal and straight to business or a person who is all about parties and games? Figuring out their character and mashing them up with yours is important to do. A really good DJ can adapt to most situations and requests anyways, but be clear with them for best results.

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  1. Do you want lighting with your event

Will your DJ provide a high-quality sound system and suitable lighting? Are these your must-haves and top requirements? If so, ask if they will charge more money for it, or if the service is included in the price point.

If you are really intrigued by this light show attraction discuss your options A really good quality PA system will allow the DJ to play music loud enough for people to enjoy it without hurting their ears. Is this something that they can vouch for? Avoid harsh transitions as well for everyone’s satisfaction. With proper communication, you will get exactly what’s on your mind and within your price range.

  1. Can your guests be a part of the show

When it comes to taking on a stage or singing with a full heart, how will your DJ feel about it and approach the situation? Oftentimes people want to be included and a part of the event the most they can.

They will try to give a speech or sing while being drunk while getting on the stage and grabbing a microphone. Most singers or DJs aren’t okay with others ”taking over”. After all, this is their space to create and leave their own trademark. It is best to get it clear prior to the event to what extent the DJ will allow other people to use his/her equipment.

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  1. Experience over price

What is your budget for this event, and is it somewhat flexible? Although it’s tempting to look for a cheaper local DJ – don’t underestimate how crucial the quality of the DJ has to be in order for you to be fully happy and satisfied, along with your guests.

Their role is to provide you with amusement and make everyone happy while keeping your positivity and energy levels high up there. Although some might have a good price point, do you really want to gamble your big event? Always choose quality over cheap pricing or newbies for your own safety. You will be thanking yourself as the moment arrives.

Where to find a DJ?

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