Significance of High-Tech PVC Panels for Covering the Marine Paneling Needs 


Maintaining marine infrastructure is a nerve-racking job. You must persistently inspect the infrastructure to ensure no contamination occurs.

If you are having difficulty taking care of your marine business, install vinyl panels over FRP panels for marinas. Vinyl panels are the new-age ceiling and wall cladding materials that keep your marine infrastructure in a pristine condition. They are sparkly clean, pristine-white PVC panels that enhance the look and feel of marine infrastructure. Comprehend to learn the importance of setting up PVC wall and ceiling panels.

PVC Panels are Waterproof- Stop the Moisture Growth Easily


Marine infrastructure is extremely prone to moisture. If not controlled, it gradually leads to a steep rise in humidity. One of the effective ways to cure this problem is to install vinyl wall and ceiling panels. PVC cladding materials provide the most effective waterproofing paneling solutions. However, PVC panels do not contain the pre-installed backer below. As a result, these panels do not soak moisture inside their panels.

In addition, PVC panels have an antibacterial coating compared to FRP panels. Due to this, no bacteria, mold, or mildew stay inside the PVC wall and ceiling panels.

Impeccable Durability

PVC wall and ceiling panels will never disappoint you regarding longevity. PVC wall and ceiling panels have a spectacular lifespan of around 40-45 years. Such panels do not go through frequent replacement, repairs, and refinishing issues.

Little Installation Time

PVC ceiling and wall panels won’t annoy during the installation. PVC wall and ceiling panels are incorporated with an innovative tongue and groove interlocking system. As a result, these panels can easily append to the studs in short time. An experienced contractor can install the PVC wall and ceiling cladding material in less than 10 hours.

Are you looking for top-graded PVC cladding materials for your marine infrastructure? Prefer Duramax PVC Wall Panels take pride in providing you with eco-friendly, durable, and waterproof PVC panels. PVC panels are a bit more costly than FRP panels. However, you can considerably save labor and material costs post-installation. Over the years, Duramax has designed modern-age PVC panels for various commercial spaces, including marine infrastructure, hospitals, breweries, etc.



Marine infrastructures are one of the most sensitive commercial areas. Many marine businesses often undergo serious consequences due to improper maintenance. In addition, the lack of proper inspection leads to the filthiness of the commercial warehouse as they are situated near the sea. If you are working as a contractor and working on the paneling of a warehouse, you should consider PVC marine wall panels. Designed with 100% pure vinyl, PVC panels are robust and long-lasting PVC wall and ceiling panels.